Friday, July 22, 2011

5 months until our wedding day

its another 23rd of the the month. rase mcm baru lepas update pasal 23, 23, 23 ni.. yeah.. 23 is like the most special number in both me n azam's life. 

azam was born on the 23rd of august
we first met as a couple on 23rd november
we officially engaged on 23rd january
even azam's dad n my lil brother pun born on 23rd december
owh, adik i lagi satu plak born on 23rd october

n yes, that is the ultimate reason why we are gonna get married on 23rd december as well..

so now that today is the 23rd of july we have sharp2 5more months to go until our wedding day. the progress, so far so good. 

hari ni sabtu, im working half day.. half day xhalf day sgt.. its almost 2pm n im still in my office. waiting for things to be ready pastu baru bole proceed kerja. mcm ngantok sgt pun ye.. i've even planned to settle few things dgn azam. i better do something with my work before azam bertukar angin. mamat tu bkn bole layan sgt. pagi td excited nk kesana kesini, tp kalo suruh tunggu aku kjap je pun bole langsung xjd pgi. isk.. antara cita dan cinta.

but by 2.30pm i berazam nk blk. *padahal tadi dh ckp gak berazam nk balik pkul 1.30pm. tp... *tett*

xpela, menanti saje dgn pnuh sabar. 

azam, wait for me!!! 5 more months, baby!!! 5 more months!!!


amy fahmi said...

23rd pun my fav num
i, dady n adik lahir on 23rd. hehe

Linda Yusoff said...

gulp : at 2pm still in office?
* pengsan*

babe, jangan kerja rajin2 sangat. kita kene ingat hal wedding jugak. muahahahaha.

fira. said...

amy : owh.. eh? hehehe.. david beckham pun pnah pakai baju no. 23. hehehe.. (???)

linda : hahaha.. ingat je.. xbole lupe part tu.. =P