Thursday, August 30, 2012

3D/4D scan experience with jezzelyn


its thursday n its merdeka eve! woot!!! nothing much abt merdeka day that im excited about. im just thrill that tomorrow is going to be another holiday. esok jadual penuh dgn aktiviti. as the matter of fact, the whole weekend i'll be fully occupied. esok majlis nikah my eldest cousin (finally), lepas tu kne rush blk rumah husband pulak sbb family die buat open house. grrr.. mampu kah aku? we'll see..

anyway, i would like to share the experience that i had mase buat 3D/4D scan last sunday. from the bottom of my heart, i feel much closer to baby DD after we did the scan. i was beyond happy n seriously, i cant wait to push her out. 

ok, lets do the recap.

about few days before raya, i kept on opening their FB for the schedule. excited bukan kepalang bila jadual utk lepas raya dikeluar kan. i pray hard supaya diorg xcuti raya lama2. mase tu dh nekad, no matter what, i must do the appointment on the first available date they have after raya. 1st or 2nd raya pun i xkisah. hehehe.. tp yg kat shah alam la. luckily, they will be at shah alam on the 26th of sept which was the 8th of syawal. 

i quickly entered the website to get my slot secured. tp mule2 buat tu xbole nk set appointment lagi sbb according to them, they will only open for appointment bookings 1week earlier. so meaning, all appointments are available to be booked within monday to sunday of the preferred day. mase tu, i sgt2 takut kalo i terlambat. takut slot habis. dh la mase raya. so, everyday try bukak website die kut2 dh bole buat appointment n guess what, rasenye dlm 2-3hari before raya tu, i berjaya get a slot! hahaha.. berkat xputus asa.

so there goes my slot to be on 26th september, 10am.

on the day

woke up normally. excited? biase2 lagi. arrived Klinik UMRA (at shoplots facing the shah alam stadium's main entrance and same row with the kedai kain) about 9.45am. registered and patiently waited for my name to be called.

xlame lepas duduk2 n observed the surroundings, nurse tu called my name. azam beria i ajak ikut. padahal nk amik berat, bp n urine je. hehehe.. xpela, die bole pegangkan bag. berat, 62kg. bp, normal. urine pun ok. sambung duduk blk. about 10.30am i was called again by a young chinese lady. yes!!! so this is the infamous jezz huh?

we were brought to this quite a dark room. i was asked to lie on the bed. i was nervous. she started with the normal ultrasound scan. die kate perut kcik. i cuak dan hampa sedikit disitu. when she started the 3d/4d scan die kate baby kt tepi n DD was blocking her face with her leg and hand. iskkk.. skali lg, i feel sad. 

jezz tried to pujuk DD supaya die boleh alih kan kaki die and let us see her face. she asked me to talk to the baby too. tp.. errr... mase tu rase segan sgt. xterpanggil nama DD or even name sebenarnye. i cume pggl baby2 je. i said "baby, jgn tdo. alih kaki kjap. nk tgk muke.." hahaha.. serious, that WAS an awkward moment. about 5mins later, she started to respond. jezz kate xla respond sgt but still, we get to see her face! yay!!!!

so, meet DD. i tatau how azam was reacting when he first saw her face because i was facing the wall since DD's head was at my pinggang kanan. he was silent too so, i didnt get to see his reaction. 

DD is a baby full with expression. mase tgk die tu, she was pouting, smiling, grinning.. hehehe.. ade satu part, she even licked her tali pusat and opened her eyes! even jezz cant tell if she looks more like me or azam. subhanallah, magic sgt bile nampak kaki die gerak and in the same time i can feel her moves in my stomach.

as a mom, im just glad to know that my baby is physically doing ok inside. lebih syukur bile jezz ckp berat die ok, her growth also ok, the uri is ok n air ketuban pon ok. semua develop according to her growth walaupun perut mak die nampak kcik. cume kepala je besar skit dari umur minggu die yg sepatutnye. hehehe.. budak bijak ni.

done with the scan session, we have to wait outside. i was called again to see another doctor which i think its not really necessary. tp may be necessary to those yg ade kes or complication kut. the doctor, rase nye cam org arab. she speaks english but quite hard to understand. i pon mcm ade mslh komunikasi plak dgn die. hahaha.. so, nahhhh... dr. mazita kt demc tu lg best! done with the short consultation, we settled the bill (which was rm100 only), singgah mkn roti canai at al-rafi bistro n drive home. excited tunjuk gambar n video kt family members. my family siap sambung laptop to tv screen supaya ramai2 bole tgk. adik2 pon excited nk sambut niece baru. teruja nye semua tidak terhingga! 

the mak (me) and the abah (azam) ape tah lagi.. ptg nye kami ke OU utk tgk the expandable 2 (will be reviewed later) and semestinya singgah dikedai2 baby. akhirnya, kami purchased a shoes and a set of shirts, mittens n booties and towel at mum's care and more mittens and booties at parkson.

too adorable isnt it?

so here's more DD's for your viewing pleasure.. =P

her pout | licking her umbilical cord

from this view, we think that she looks more like me

and this when we see she looks more like her daddy

no other word can describe how i feel and how amazing it is. subhanallah.. He is so great! so to those m2b, sila kan rasai pengalaman ini sendiri. i believe that all first time mommy will be eager to do this. tp nnt anak2 yg seterusnya tatau la plak mcmane kan. but to me, its a worth experience n insyallah, i will never forget.

for you to get more info on the 3d/4d scan, u can visit the address below..

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

all in one entry (so many things to share, so little time)


would like to take this opportunity of syawal the 11th to apologize to all readers kut2 ade ayat dlm blog yg terkasar, tersentuh issue2 sensitiviti mahupun xenak utk dikongsi, maaf zahir batin ye.. =)

gosh, look at the sawang! haha.. lame sgt xhapdate blog kan. maklum la, seminggu cuti beraya. xde mase lapang nk mengadap dan menaip ape tah lagi membaca2 blog. rasenye, semua first year wife pun mcm tu kan? excited beraya dgn suami baru (ehh?) n xlupe ade yg beraya dgn family baru, baby baru, "perut" baru selain baju2 baru.. 

my raya? best sgt!!!!! the whole week we spent with the family. raya kelima, birthday husband plak tu. raya kelapan, kitorg jumpe baby DD! baby's stuff, bertambah, of course. so all and all, we love everything that we did. blessed!

errr.. since byk sgt bende nak share, malas plak nk tulis description nye. mahap la ye.. tepek gambo je..

raya pertama
xde istilah baju kne matching. hubby xbeli baju melayu, neither do i. but my maternity baju kurung on the 1st day of raya was sewn by SIL. its oh so comfy!

raya kedua
family konvoi balik kampung!

raya kelima
hubs birthday. special celebration at empire hotel.

raya kelapan
meet DD! 3d 4d scan at UMRA. special update coming up! =)

Monday, August 13, 2012

oh well, hello 3rd trimester!!!

its monday n im 28weeks pregnant.

alhamdulillah, dah 24 hari puasa n insyallah, puasa thn ni xkan ade hari yg lubang. syukur!!! xpyh pening nk ganti puasa thn dpn. overall, lapar tu mmg lapar. tp standard puasa la kan. plus, doctor kate my baby weight is normal n even though im fasting, baby still mkn the whatever reserved food yg i dh mkn during buka or sahur. syukur baby xcranky. ade la few days where she get to be over active. sampai penat gak la perut ni bergelombang. but as long as she's fine, gelombang tsunami pun mak sanggup, nak..

so, im entering my 7th months now. n hello to 3rd trimester, let see how it goes. alhamdulillah, spjg puasa ni perut xbuat hal. timing tdo pun masih btol (walaupun suami ade tegur yg i tdo berbunyik like mengeluh setiap kali i change my position). hehehe.. but i xperasan so i dont bother (sudah nye sian laki aku). mkn pun ok. xde mual2 ke ape. so far so good. im enjoying 2nd trimester n sedang bersiap sedia utk menghadapi 3rd trimester.

preparation raya... *bunyik cengkerik*

MIL been super nice when she asked my SIL to sew me 3maternity kurung. errr.. i do look super pregnant in it but it is super comfy, trust me! kasut raya, 1pump and 1sandal, checked! tudung, smlm dah collect skit. maternity blouse... errr, xmaternity sgt. dh ngandung 7bulan baru nk beli baju maternity? so pakai in between 3months je? xpayah la... handbag, the one that hubby bought for my birthday saje.

but, of all the things that i've bought last weekend.. brg DD gak yg xtinggal n yg paling best!!!!

a towel, hand clotes, 3 rompers n 3 sleepsuits!!! comel gilakkk!!!

n, just nk share my cute niece who just turn 3 last week.. she'll now be a "kakak" in the family but will always remain the princess of the family..

happy birthday mimi. i will always, always, always love u!!!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

15th Ramadan

a quick update while waiting for husband to pick me up from work.

happy 15th ramadan everyone!

today is saturday n im curently at work. kerja half day, jgn harap la i rajin dan bersungguh2 utk siap kan ape2 kerja. so, now i've decided to write an entry.

on day 13th of Ramadan or 2nd August, last thursday, one of our good friend lisa dh selamat lahir kan baby girl yg super cute.. she's very small i dont dare to dukung. but she is very very cute.. kami semua yg melawat adalah tersangat geram kan beliau..

but overall, i am more interested utk mendalami kesakitan yg dilalui oleh lisa. ohhh syukur lisa dpt deliver normal after a very i can say quite a long wait. but alhamdulillah semuanya selamat. so, congratulations to both lisa & KR. and to hannah nur aisya or lisa like to call her own daughter hannah banananana or hannah konah, welcome to the world, sayang.. be a good daughter!

ok, selain daripada kisah best lisa yg skrg dh bergelar ibu/mak/mummy/mama/mother or wtv she would prefer hannah to call her, i also in the midst of preparing myself to be one to my little DD.

at week 26, DD is moving aggressively and im glad she's doing that. even azam can feel it too n he is overjoyed everytime when he put his ears on my tummy, the baby is sort of kicking him back. danggg.. thats the best feeling. watching ur husband smiling over your daughter's movements (in your belly).

my belly is getting obvious now. i am proud to take it with me where ever i go. but i do have problem with maternity wear. so, i rotate the blouses that i have over and over again or else, i'll be wearing azam's tshirts instead (thank god he's an XL size husband). 

errr... i guess thats it for the short update. nnt pape kite sambung lagi ye.. enjoy your weekend everyone!