Friday, August 3, 2012

15th Ramadan

a quick update while waiting for husband to pick me up from work.

happy 15th ramadan everyone!

today is saturday n im curently at work. kerja half day, jgn harap la i rajin dan bersungguh2 utk siap kan ape2 kerja. so, now i've decided to write an entry.

on day 13th of Ramadan or 2nd August, last thursday, one of our good friend lisa dh selamat lahir kan baby girl yg super cute.. she's very small i dont dare to dukung. but she is very very cute.. kami semua yg melawat adalah tersangat geram kan beliau..

but overall, i am more interested utk mendalami kesakitan yg dilalui oleh lisa. ohhh syukur lisa dpt deliver normal after a very i can say quite a long wait. but alhamdulillah semuanya selamat. so, congratulations to both lisa & KR. and to hannah nur aisya or lisa like to call her own daughter hannah banananana or hannah konah, welcome to the world, sayang.. be a good daughter!

ok, selain daripada kisah best lisa yg skrg dh bergelar ibu/mak/mummy/mama/mother or wtv she would prefer hannah to call her, i also in the midst of preparing myself to be one to my little DD.

at week 26, DD is moving aggressively and im glad she's doing that. even azam can feel it too n he is overjoyed everytime when he put his ears on my tummy, the baby is sort of kicking him back. danggg.. thats the best feeling. watching ur husband smiling over your daughter's movements (in your belly).

my belly is getting obvious now. i am proud to take it with me where ever i go. but i do have problem with maternity wear. so, i rotate the blouses that i have over and over again or else, i'll be wearing azam's tshirts instead (thank god he's an XL size husband). 

errr... i guess thats it for the short update. nnt pape kite sambung lagi ye.. enjoy your weekend everyone!


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cha said...

anak lisa comel sgt kan. pipi bambam putih bibir mongel je. tak lama lg turn u plak :D