Friday, November 14, 2014

Baju murah- which crazy women do not like?

Haaaa.. gitu skali tajuk aku kali ni.

Nak memberitahu yg ade ke pompan yg xsuke baju murah? Ade ke? Ade ke? Xmungkin ade. Even if u would spend on designer clothes pon, u would be jumping-jack kalo the price offered to u is cheaper than it should be. Its like, rezeki jgn ditolak, maut jgn dicari. Why buy one, if u can actually get 2 or more with the same price. Kalo barang (baju/bag/tudung/kasuttttt) berjenama time sale hujung tahun, lagi la mata terbeliak, jiwa bagai nak gila. Bak kata bidalan, "women n cheap clothes are inseparable", fira - 2014.

Fyi, im a woman who've been in many phases in life. Well, mase jaman muda mudi dulu aku jahiliah, free hair. Suke bersuka ria n time tu cara pemakaian harus la up to date. To be frank, im not the type who dress alot. Cukup la sekadar rilek, sempoi n selesa. So back then when i was a teenager, i would prefer to wear tshirts n jeans. To me, less is more. N when u are comfortable, the inner beauty will prevail naturally (cough2)

If only online shopping back then was as havoc as it is today, i would definitely have millions of clothes to wear. Dulu bkn la xde online shopping tp mase dulu aku mcm takut2 nk pecaya dgn blogshop masa era tu. Well u know, dh la student, duit pon xbyk so kalo dibuat nye kne tipu or brg yg dpt xmemuaskan hati, sape yg rugi? Aku jugakkkk..

So as i was scrolling on this one website, i was mesmerized with the clothes they sell n the prices they offered. If only i could turn back the time, i must've been so stylish n chic with those bajus that only cost me RM19 for a cool boyfriend tshirt.

Ok, stop talking nonsense about the pass. Pass is passed. Now hidup harus diterus kan n masa skrg n masa depan pon perlu pakai baju jgak kan. So, sambung scroll carik baju yg lebih sopan n muslimah friendly. Again, tshirts make it to the top of the list as it is very simple n comfortable to wear (especially when u are a mother). Honestly, i envy the model for being perfectly slim n slender. Pakai ape pon lawa. But i've marked few designs which im confident can fit me well n at the same time fulfilling the syariah compliances that a muslim should obey (cough2, ustazah in the house yaw)

See, cantik kan? Harga die lg la jgn ckp. Thats super cheap! Bole beli semua color kalo mcm ni. Ok, got to set a goal, nnt lps bersalin adik dian, aku kne jd hot mom. Pakai baju mcm kat atas ni kompom bole jd hot mom. Provided, body kne maintain. But no worries, breastfeeding is the number one slimming solution, i believe.

Who says a hijabista (eh, tetibe claim diri sendiri hijabista. Kehkeh.. eskusmi pls) dont wear leggings? Tolong skit eh.. i still wear leggings tau. Xpakai leggings rase xselesa. Especially bile pakai jubah or any dress. Xbole la kalo pengudaraan terlalu direct ni. If bkn sbb nk pakai dlm, i will wear leggings time malam or time duduk kt rumah. Even though xla pakai utk keluar tp i still need leggings quality n nice leggings to complete my day.

Still at the same site, saje la konon nk tgk2 seluar. Sekali nmpk leggings warna warni yg sgt menarik n yg plg penting, cheap!!!! Haih la zalora, thanks for feasting my eyes with such colorful options. Lps ni dh bole pakai matching leggings with dress or jubah. Hehehe..

Last but not least, sementara mata ni masih segar merewang, window shop online, i try to look for cardis as aku ni mmg kurang pakai cardigan. Ntah la knp dulu rase xselesa pakai cardigan. Rasa macam panas. Mayb sbb dulu free hair so kesedaran tu kurang. Kehkehkeh.. skrg ni rase nye mcm perlu beli cardi byk2. Senang nk mix n match. Modest pon modest. Well, skrg kan dh bertudung. Kne la lebih sopan. So wearing cardi will nvr go wrong. Since zalora ni ade mcm2 jenis baju, aku xyah ssh2 carik kt website lain. Just tukar je keyword search, nahhhh.. terpampang pilihan cardi yg lawo2.

Sudah terang lg kan bersuluh. Semua yg dibebel kan ade kt zalora malaysia. Love the fact that they has this policy of cash on delivery, return policy n byk lg policy2 lain yg bg privilege kt kite. Method of payment pon pelbagai. Ikut selesa kite mcmane. Agak2 ade sindrom mcm aku yg takut brg xsmpai, bole opt for c.o.d method. Agak2 mcm ketaq sgt xsabar nk tggu gaji nk beli, bole gune cc or xpyh ssh2, online transfer je. brg yg dijual insyallah, memuaskan hati. well, they must have set their own standard before posting it to their web kan.

to those of you who share the same interest of mine (suke online window shopping lepas tu berangan), bole la try jenguk cheap clothes. mane tau terbeli sehelai dua. hihihi.. selamat menjamu mata!

Monday, November 10, 2014

my two years old kakak dian medina

Last week, on 5th november 2014 marks another history in our life n specifically to our one n only daughter (as to date) as she is turning two years old (dah seminggu br nk update). unlike the previous year, the celebration this year was rather simple. but as long as dian is happy we are happy. she's not really hard to pleased. she lovessss being around her cousins. playing, making jokes.. haihhh.. seronoknye jadi budak 2tahun. stress free!!!

so xmo membebel lebih2 pasal the celebration, i just want to share dian's milestone so far.

being a 2 years old toddler, dian ni mmg byk kerenah nye. tuittt.. its not kerenah. its akal. byk akal budak ni. dh pandai macam2. pandai amik ati, pandai buat lawak, pandai gelak on funny things even on tv, pandai marah, pandai merajuk n the list goes on n on n on n on..

kalo pasal ckp, dian currently speaks in her language. pelat, so u can hardly understand. funny things about her language are like : o-pen (it can be upin ipin or aeroplane), bad (it can be bird or boat) and byk lg la yg xbrape nk faham. but as a parent tah mcmane kitorg buat2 paham la dgn bahasa anak tu. end up we managed to understand her points (or sometimes we dont). xpela, no hurry to hear her speak. let her learn through experience. let her have fun mumbling. No einstein baby is required here.

kalo part menyusu plak, im hapy to say that dian as at today dah wean off. nk kate totally wean off aku masih xberani jamin. but im trying my best to distract her from direct feeding. alhamdulillah, its not that very hard. no minyak, asam jawa, sos, sirap, crying n yelling involved so far. errrr.. ade la skit pertempuran during the beginning, but it was under control. skrg dian can sleep without having to 'nenen' n she will sleep through the night. dulu kitorg beli kan dian susu cap dugro flavor coklat n strawberry. n then we found out that she keeps on pooping. ade la satu hari almost 5 kali. kesian bontot die. nk cebok pon fobia. so we decided to change her susu. we tried dutch lady 123 chocolate flavor jgak (since dian will reject white milk). alhamdulillah so far so good.

in terms of eating, dian is not really a picky eater. mak dian je picky. sampai kadang2 mak dian yg pick kan food for dian (poor dian). she loves rice. kalau ade sup, lagi la laju bak magic die makan. actually its not just soup, she likes it with gravy, so be it, soup ke, masak lemak ke n even curry, slurrp slurrp dian makan. btw, forgot to mention that dian ni kuat pedas skit. kudos dian! bole geng ayah. pape gi makan dgn ayah ye. mak lebih prefer kentang.

dian's favorite..... sadly i dont think she has any. if cartoon, she definitely likes to watch upin ipin (tell me which baby/kid dont), timmy time, sometimes sopia the pes n well of course, frozen. hahaha..  dian suke swimming. she has no fear with water. die redah je smpai aku yg naik takut. favorite toy ke baju ke budak ni xde. die tibai je pape. one thing about dian, she is soooo manageable. alhamdulillah die ikut ape je ape yg aku suruh die pakai. suruh die melaram pon die redha. mane la aku xnaik gile menggaya kan die. hihihi.. thanks dian.

dian is totally a bff type. just do good to her n she will be your best friend forever. or at least, my best friend forever.

so since she is my bff, guess she have got to help me with handling her adik later. i know i can count on her. look forward for that. its really really nice having you, dian. love u, eternity! Happy birthday!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

family trip - bali 2014 (part 3)

Hi everyone..

Happy weekend n happy november. Pejam celik pejam celik dh nk habis tahun 2014. Its been an amazing year kan. Ok la, nak sambung psl bali yg xberkesudahan tu. Here we go.....

On my previous post, i stopped at day 2 when we were in bali. So now let me continue with what had happened and places we went on day 3.

Day 3 was very tiring for us. Most of us were exhausted yg xdpt dibendung. On the day before, kami pulang ke hotel lebih kurang pkul 9/10 mlm kut. Bare in mind that malaysian time n bali's are not much different cume beza nya timing matahari terbit n terbenam di bali lebih cpt. Contoh, waktu subuh di bali lebih kurang pkul 5. The early 5am. Maghrib pulak dlm pkul 6. The early 6pm. Tu la jgak sbb knp kami missed sunset di jimbaran. Sudah la travel jauh, macet sane sini. Amat menduga jiwa.

So, on the 3rd day masing2 lemau. Xcukup tdo. Xcukup mkn pon ye. Alhamdulillah the kids were both being very nice n manageable. Kalo ade yg buat prangai cranky mmg ade yg kne tggl duduk dgn patung gajah kt hotel.

Since the excitement were mostly gone due to the tiredness and body ache, what happened on day 3 aku mcm lupe2 ayam sikit. Lps belek2 gallery br ingat. On day 3 ni kami byk pgi tempat2 iconic bali. Antara nya tasik di bedugul n tanah lot.

Distance dr kuta ke bedugul rase nye mcm 2-3jam perjalanan. Penat bak anggg.. mayb sbb location bedugul yg terletak ditanah tinggi so of course la tempat tu the very the sejuk (but not la very sgt). Basically bedugul has just got that temple on the lake. Nothing much. So cume sightseeing,  bergambor n just "enjoy" the scenery. Its a nice place, cuma aku je bkn jenis org yg menikmati keindahan sgt. Cume sudahnye keras xtau nk buat ape je. Luckily mase kitorg jln2 di taman kt area temple tu kitorg nmpk ade tempat org bela haiwan2 exotic. Bayar skit pstu bole amik gambo dgn haiwan2 die. Memandangkan kami pelancong, guessed why not give it a shot. Dian pon seronok tgk mcm2 haiwan ade. Ade burung helang, burung hantu, kelawar, iguana, ular, burung kakak tua, haaa.. haiwan2 mcm tu.

Lps sightseeing, windu bwk kitorg mkn. Of all the bali restaurant we went, rase nye restaurant kt bedugul makanan die plg acceptable skali. So aku bantai pulun mkn satay ikan dgn goreng pisang die. Goreng pisang bali mmg sedap. Tu je yg layak dipuji. Yg lain, xyah heran pon xpe. Err thats what i think abt the food la. Later, windu bwk kitorg pgi ladang strawberry plak. Neither i or azam gile kan strawberry. So acara memetik strawberry hanya la sekadar mengisi masa lapang. Ohhh btw, aftr lunch td, windu ade drop by kt satu masjid besar di bedugul (they said bedugul is where most muslim in bali live) tp nk naik ke masjid kne panjat tangga semacam di batu caves. So kami batal kan hasrat. Utk trip kali ni, kami allergic tangga skit. So places with crazy numbers of anak tangga was a major no no.

Next, kami menuju ke arah bandar semula (bedugul was a bit to the ceruk2 bali), this time kitorg nk try catch sunset di tanah lot. Tanah lot was a fun place to be. Got to admit, i looove the market area. Tp aku xshopping byk pon. Konon2 nk shopping "sakan" kt krishna. So kami straight saje ke pinggir pantai. That evening, air laut surut. Aku dgn azam sgt gigih angkut stroller meredah batu-batuan tanpa hala tuju. Hasil di tanah lot cume gambo2 sbg kenang kenangan.

Aftr tanah lot, its dinner time. Kali ni mkn mknan yg familiar skit kt tekak masing2. Windu bwk kitorg ke wong solo as promised. Xpayah order pape sbb sume windu dh arranged as it was part of our package, remember? So kami mkn ayam bakar with some sotong goreng tepung and sayur. I enjoyed the food. Kenyang jgak la. But azam mmg bkn fan wong solo. Its too dry to his liking so die masih bersedih. Dian siap melabur2 di wong solo. So semua aktiviti cucian dibuat di wong solo. Wong solo bali yg terletak dikuta ni convenient skit. Its the very the muslim friendly. Ade mussola.

Lps wong solo, kami ke krishna. Kemain krishna siap ade bas2 lagi dtg bwk rombongan agaknye. Tp rupenye shopping di krishna xbest sgt!!!! Waaaa.. menyesal xbeli brg kt tirta empul or tanah lot td. Kt sana market dorg lg byk brg artsy fartsy yg lawa n harga bole tawar. Kalo krishna harga dh fixed n aku rase pilihan pon xbyk. Eh btw lupe nk ckp. Kt tanah lot td, aku sempat rembat telekung bali utk mak n mak mertua aku. Telekung bali fancy2. Printed kauuu.. mcm menyesal xbeli yg tie die utk diri sndiri. Harga nya aku lupe tp xla mahal. So sbb kn agak duka cita dgn hasil penemuan di krishna, aku xbeli brg byk. Sedih sgt. Esok dh la dh nk blk. Ole2 utk keluarga pon xbrape beli lg. Sobssss..

Selesai di krishna kami pulang semula ke hotel. Masing2 dh kepenatan. N husband of course kelaparan. So kitorg order mknan through the room service. Aku pon xmo kalah nk order gak mknan kasi puas perut. Azam konon rindu mknan mesia so he ordered nasi lemak. Tp as i expected, bkn bole same pon nasi lemak mesia dgn nasi lemak bali. So husband masih hampa. End up burger aku jgak yg sedap die mkn.

That night aku mule packing ape2 yg patut. Esok nk blk dh. Tp jln xabis ni. Betapa punye besar daaa bali ni. Mcm2 tempat kne pgi. Tu po we've skipped a few. So the last part of this trip akan menyusul kemudian. Insyallah bile free n in mood, aku sambung celoteh psl trip to bali ni ye.. tata..