Monday, November 10, 2014

my two years old kakak dian medina

Last week, on 5th november 2014 marks another history in our life n specifically to our one n only daughter (as to date) as she is turning two years old (dah seminggu br nk update). unlike the previous year, the celebration this year was rather simple. but as long as dian is happy we are happy. she's not really hard to pleased. she lovessss being around her cousins. playing, making jokes.. haihhh.. seronoknye jadi budak 2tahun. stress free!!!

so xmo membebel lebih2 pasal the celebration, i just want to share dian's milestone so far.

being a 2 years old toddler, dian ni mmg byk kerenah nye. tuittt.. its not kerenah. its akal. byk akal budak ni. dh pandai macam2. pandai amik ati, pandai buat lawak, pandai gelak on funny things even on tv, pandai marah, pandai merajuk n the list goes on n on n on n on..

kalo pasal ckp, dian currently speaks in her language. pelat, so u can hardly understand. funny things about her language are like : o-pen (it can be upin ipin or aeroplane), bad (it can be bird or boat) and byk lg la yg xbrape nk faham. but as a parent tah mcmane kitorg buat2 paham la dgn bahasa anak tu. end up we managed to understand her points (or sometimes we dont). xpela, no hurry to hear her speak. let her learn through experience. let her have fun mumbling. No einstein baby is required here.

kalo part menyusu plak, im hapy to say that dian as at today dah wean off. nk kate totally wean off aku masih xberani jamin. but im trying my best to distract her from direct feeding. alhamdulillah, its not that very hard. no minyak, asam jawa, sos, sirap, crying n yelling involved so far. errrr.. ade la skit pertempuran during the beginning, but it was under control. skrg dian can sleep without having to 'nenen' n she will sleep through the night. dulu kitorg beli kan dian susu cap dugro flavor coklat n strawberry. n then we found out that she keeps on pooping. ade la satu hari almost 5 kali. kesian bontot die. nk cebok pon fobia. so we decided to change her susu. we tried dutch lady 123 chocolate flavor jgak (since dian will reject white milk). alhamdulillah so far so good.

in terms of eating, dian is not really a picky eater. mak dian je picky. sampai kadang2 mak dian yg pick kan food for dian (poor dian). she loves rice. kalau ade sup, lagi la laju bak magic die makan. actually its not just soup, she likes it with gravy, so be it, soup ke, masak lemak ke n even curry, slurrp slurrp dian makan. btw, forgot to mention that dian ni kuat pedas skit. kudos dian! bole geng ayah. pape gi makan dgn ayah ye. mak lebih prefer kentang.

dian's favorite..... sadly i dont think she has any. if cartoon, she definitely likes to watch upin ipin (tell me which baby/kid dont), timmy time, sometimes sopia the pes n well of course, frozen. hahaha..  dian suke swimming. she has no fear with water. die redah je smpai aku yg naik takut. favorite toy ke baju ke budak ni xde. die tibai je pape. one thing about dian, she is soooo manageable. alhamdulillah die ikut ape je ape yg aku suruh die pakai. suruh die melaram pon die redha. mane la aku xnaik gile menggaya kan die. hihihi.. thanks dian.

dian is totally a bff type. just do good to her n she will be your best friend forever. or at least, my best friend forever.

so since she is my bff, guess she have got to help me with handling her adik later. i know i can count on her. look forward for that. its really really nice having you, dian. love u, eternity! Happy birthday!!!!

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