Friday, April 29, 2011

checklist : april

today is the last day of april. checklist i masih xcomplete. sebab, ade bnde yg diluar bidang kuasa i n keterbatasan dari segi financial. as u all know, part baju nikah yg i patut hantar ke tailor/designer bulan dpn dh di-advance kan ke bulan ni. patut this month beli kain gune allocation frm my FMIL. sebab, saje ngade2 gatal xreti nk sabo, i dh booked the designer to make it for me. mode : happy!!

nway, there are nothing much in my checklist selain kerja2 meng-check2 it out. as this month im gonna be totally broke for my sis' trip to UK *kakak aku yg gi aku yg broke. camne?*, so check2 it out adalah sesuatu yg paling menjimatkan cost. hehehe.. actually, i kirim few things from my sister. n its our brg hantaran. of cz its not going to be anything fancy like marc jacobs or DVF or even alexander mcqueen, but yeah.. its something from UK. just thinking of having something special n different. thats all.

jd begini ye kawan2,

confirm MUA for nikah - DONE
actually on march. yg namanya neng fira dasar mmg ngak bisa sabarr. 

shop for kain nikah - consider DONE
last monday. the designer will buy the material skali. 60% of the fees paid so he must be working on it now.

confirm caterer - in process
well, this is something beyond my control. have gave mak abah azam full right to choose. yet xde khabar berita lg. hopefully they'll get it at least by next month.

confirm invitation card's design - in process
there are few designs i really like. thank god azam pun dh mule to agree with me. but one thing for sure, its going to be a one piece card with no folded2. 

scout tailor/designer for nikah - DONE
of cz this is done. i cant stop talking about it dont u see. *grins*

scout khemah for function @home - in process
forget about the transparent canopy. im not that rich to simply throw money on things with similar function with anything cheaper *chewah, cite mcm aku terer tahan nafsu je* hakikatnye, i mmg xde budget utk tu. perhaps one canopy with underlayer will be good enough. scout? rase mak abah dh ade regular canopy provider kut sbb bile kenduri je asik gune abg canopy yg same je.

so kwn2, out of 6 items on my list cume 3 je yg dh settle. yg lain still pending. sobs.. this month i would have to consider myself as FAILED!

yg invitation card tu i mmg tgh nk clear kan cepat2. yes, aku ade 7 bulan lg dh beriye pasal invitation card. well, kalo bukan sebab 7 bulan mane nk jd 6 bulan atau 5 bulan atau 4 bulan. lgpun budget i utk invitation card cume yg murah2 saje. kalo bende nye dh ade cpt should there be any DIY touch up needed, i can just work it out. mintak mahap, pandangan i mmg sentiasa maju kehadapan. 

so, thats it on my checklist update for the month of April. again i repeat, bulan ni i FAILED!! isk isk.. *teresak2* harap bole bawak bersabar n tidak terjadi lagi dibulan hadapan. as weekend kali ni pun agak panjang, i xde plan byk sgt just nk try kerjakan DIY tutu skirt for my lil princesses.

ckp psl princesses, congrats to kate middleton. nope, u're not a lucky girl. i dont see any luck u have. what? marrying william? yes, he could be one hell of prince charming but i dont wanna marry him. u can take him. but being an in-law to the world most influential royal family is something not many will get the chance. so u're just one in a million. pandai2 la kau nk idop ye..

to kate and william, congrats on your wedding!

to the guests of honor, what a hideous hat u put on ur head. jeez, i maybe ordinary but ur hat?! where's your sense of style. stylist uols mogok ke??

just look at them. dh mcm gi wedding lady gaga dah. especially those princesses of york.

ok, thats all i got to say about this whole royal wedding thingy. im excited at first but tgk kate pakai baju ala2 grace kelly je, hurm.. nothing surprising. charles' n diana's wow-ed me even more. but except for the hats, that catches my attention all the time. i just couldnt hate it less..

Thursday, April 28, 2011

tutu skirts for my flower girls

what are wedding without cute flower girls. as for me, i've no problem since azam n i ade anak2 buah yg  mencukupi n sumenye super adorable belaka. so we have :

eika (azam's first niece)

aimi (azam's 2nd niece)

mia (azam's 3rd niece)

n mimi (my only niece)

the only problem is mimi. she's friendly, suke berkawan but by the time of my wedding day die baru umur 2tahun lebih. mintak2 la by the time die dh bole paham bahase skit. jgn kang cranky plak budak tu.

xpe, i'll be around n i rase as eika is the eldest she may have to walk with mimi.

So, thats it. i have a big task for them which is to just be cute.

n as kaklin will fly to uk this may, die ade tanye nk the flower girls tu pakai baju warna ape. i rase pink would be sweet. but smlm as i was reading intrend, i terselak page yg ade review about this tutu workshop blog. n dgn segera i rase mcm i nk my flower girls to wear tutu skirt. dont u think its cute?!

 awww... adorable nye..

haih anak2 buah ku.. kalo la cik fi reti menjahit, dh cik fi buat kan korg sorg satu. tp ni angan2 je lagi. xtau la relevan ke x. ni blom cite dgn mak2 diorg lg ni. hurm.. dh kne pk baju anak2 buah la plak. isk..

source : fb2 mak diorg n google

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the complement

*peringatan : entry ini panjang*

so i've my nikah dress in the making. but xkan la on that day i nk pakai baju semata2 kan. as the complement, i dh google dari mlm td lagi. from top to toe. dari rambut yg bakal di buat oleh MUA, veil yg akan dibuat skali oleh encik designer, kasut yg saya rase nk tempah xlama lagi n also hand bouquet yg akan dibuat kan oleh decorator saye skali nnt.

so on my solemnization nnt, i dont think i'll wear tudung cz actually mmg i xpakai tudung pun. lgpun since buat kt rumah so i rase i'll let my MUA to style up my hair n pakai veil yg dari en. nik kite tu saje. memule i was thinking of letting my hair to fall down free. but pk2 blk xke ghimeh (rimas) nnt.

so i google to find a simple yet sweet hairstyle yg bole dibuat jd reference. i was inspired by those hollywood actresses on the runway yg anggun2 belaka. contohnye mcm ni:

side bun mcm ni sgt ayu. i like lauren's hair. xtau cane die belit bt sweet sgt. lindsay's sgt elegant. n isla fisher, hehehe.. baju die pun ade drape mcm i jgak la!

besides rambut, i pun ade gak tgk2 veil2 yg cantik2 jgak. n sgt la jatuh cinta dgn spanish veil yg sgt simple. ok, i nk text nik suh die buat veil i jadi spanish veil skrg jgak. =P

as for the hand bouquet yg bakal dibuat oleh ren-da belleza, i nk request die buat kan i hand bouquet yg contra warnanya dgn nikah dress i. n agak2, bole ke eh i nk pakai hand bouquet yg same utk nikah n reception nnt? kalo xbole xpela. lgpun gile cheapskate kan. but kalo bole ape salahnye jadi cheapskate. hehehe..

i'll still go for something blue-ish sbb my theme pun mmg blue-ish2. since i pun mmg xpilih lg baju reception, so i xtau la kalo it can go jgak or xdgn warne baju reception i nnt.

on the shoes part i rase i xnk susah2 carik. i decided nk tempah je dari YMS cz harge diorg reasonable n since i ni leceh nk carik kasut yg wedges belake n kalo bole nk yg tinggi2 saje so i rase might as well i tempah je. in fact harga pun xla mahal mane. i really like this design cz xboring.

the color, msti la xmcm tu. n depan die kalo bole i nk request buat peep toe mcm ni..

hehehe.. there are more than 7months to go n i dh ade sume2 jadah ni. mmg gelojoh btol la ko ni fira. but of all the things cume kasut je i blom settle kan lg. mayb i'll start to tempah next kalo ikut kan YMS bole siapkan within 2-3weeks je. so, xde mslh kut.

memandangkan i've been communicating with nik theses few days, langsung i dh berangan nk buat baju sanding skali dgn die mcm ni.

alamak, kau ni dh kronik ni fira. ok, relax... layan gamba baju butik pengantin yg dh byr deposit tu dulu.. suri butik pun mmg ade baju lawa2 ume kau je xpilih lagi kan fira? pheww.. rileks2.. bwk bertenang. hurm. masalah la kan kalo obses sgt dgn wedding ni. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

baju melayu johor for nikah

so yesterday as we meet nik erwan for our baju nikah thingy, to my surprise nik erwan offer us to buat skali baju melayu azam dgn die jgak. to me, why not! in fact lg bgs kut. at least xla byk kerja nk kne carik kain azam n carik pulak tailor lain. n of cz nk bgtau, the price is super affordable. well, i rase of cz la the pricing is up to your design jgak. xkan la budget 10sen tp material nk yg stock 10ringgit. agak2 la kan.

so as we speak, azam bgtau yg die nk buat baju nikah die berdesign kurung johor. u know, org johor panggil baju melayu pun baju kurung jgak. n azam mmg pun actually org johor. bak kate mak, johor murtad. honestly mase tu i rase sgt la xbest azam yg nk mengakad nikah tu berbaju melayu johor. sgt xformal. xgagah. xseperti lelaki melayu terakhir. but mase tu i just ckp ok. suke hati u. u yg nk pakai. but still dlm hati mcm xpuas hati. tp nik pun ok je. alasan azam baju cekak musang panas. hurm.. relevan.  measurement pun dh amik. so, baju kurung johor it is.

nk bg sedap hati, i google carik kut ade org pnah akad nikah pakai baju kurung johor. xtau knp i rase mcm janggal sgt. padahal i pk2 blk its biase je. in fact since kitorg plan nk buat nikah on the evening i rase sesuai kut cz its more casual n relax n actually quite cute too. =)

source : google

aww... aren't they cute? especially harith n jezamine. so now im fine with azam n his baju kurung johor. in fact im happy with his choice. all im imagining is a nice, beautiful, sweet n intimate nikah ceremony happening in my parent's lovely house. besides nik, ren-da belleza also will have to play an important role to create that kinda mood for us. ok, skrg i rase xsabar to december. =P

mad about my nikah dress

yes, this whole nikah dress thingy drives me crazy. i dh la kalo super excited susah nk berenti. n guess what, punye la happy tgk baju nikah design tersendiri smpai termimpi2 lalu terletak2 kt wall pc. dlm hati ade gak ckp, "ape dh gile ke aku ni?"

but guess im just too excited about it. td i dh complete kan depo payment to nik. he even informed me that die dh gi tgk2 kain pagi td.  so skrg, bole la nik memulakan operasi menyiapkan baju sorg client die yg bername fira ni. jeez.. i really counting on u nik. did i ever mention that the first fitting will be on september? followed by october n then november n siap on december? that is like 4months to go until the first fitting. its actually lame lagi n i cant go crazy about it all the time. i cant even push nik to get it done early. i see no point to it. nmpk gaye i have to find something else to go gaga about beside this whole baju thing.

dulu kate nye nk DIY the details sendiri but since i will have this baju from nik n it is specially design n made for me i dont think i want to add anything. nik mentioned on patching on laces on the baju. that will be wow enough for me. in fact i dont even think of having patching lace on my baju nikah. thought of just a simple one. kalo tgk sketch its like macam major n grand n everything. thats because i just cant say no to it. its nice. nik strike it just on his first sketch. i xtau if i yg xfussy atau nik mmg terer. 

nmpk gaya this will be the last month utk i berexcited sakan until further notice. major things for my nikah n reception dh settle2 pun. tggl carik caterer, door gifts n invitation card je lagi. next month as duit xbyk i akan buat kerja2 meng-survey2 saje. caterer, mak abah azam is working through it i rase. mayb will have some meeting on it later. k la, nk blk kerja n berangan2 lg..  later!!

just want to share on a different angle plak.

Monday, April 25, 2011

wedding preps #5 - finally, the BAJU's!!!!

mari memangkah!!!!!

bukan pangkah undi ye. tp pangkah checklist. xexcited? menipu besau namenye tu.. so, dgn lafaz bismillahirrahmanirrahim,

bride's dress

grooms' baju melayu

for nikah dh settle!!

kalo nk tau, pjg sgt cerita die sebenarnye. remember my last post i ckp nk gi jumpe designer ni on saturday? guess what? it did not happen as planned. serious berdarah hati ni cz terpakse cancel kan appointment tu semata2 sbb meeting kat opis yg endless tu. mase msg designer tu mmg dh redha dh. die msti fed up ni dgn aku. msti die ingat aku ni main2. alaa.. mcm back out buyer kt online shopping tu.

tu baru dgn designer. blom kire malu dgn FMIL n FSIL's yg dh bersiap2 nk gi pkul 3pm tu. gile malu tau.. i kut yg plan konon2 nk gi sekian2 tp last2 i yg xshow up. sobs..

but anyway, yg sudah tu sudah la. biarkan la ia berlalu kerana setiap yg berlaku tu ade hikmah ye. chewah.. nasib baik la designer tu reply msg i ari tu. kalo xmau i putus harapan. so we rearranged the meeting to 6pm today. yupp.. today (as to date 25th april 2011). i pun dgn xbersalah langsung keluar office about 5.45pm. tu pun smpai rumah designer tu about 6.30pm. mcm la office i dgn rumah die jauh sgt. tp sbb nk isi minyak la.. traffic light yg pjg n sgt lame la.. carik rumah die la.. tu yg jd lame tu.

btw, i gi dgn azam. kami disambut dgn sgt warm skali. we started talking n the session begin.describe punye describe, langsung i tunjuk kan blog i terus utk bgtau die whats my inspiration in [this entry]. scroll punye scroll, langsung jgak die suke design one of my pilihan which is yg ni,

i tgk tgn die laju je die sketch. memule tu tebangang jgak i ape bnde die nk buat ni. even sketch die dh siap pun i still xpaham lagi ape bnde senanye tu. pstu i tanye punye tanye smpai la last2 i fhm. huhuhu. lembap jgak i ptg td. lepas dh fhm sume baru la i rase sgt puas hati dgn design die. yes, its greek goddess inspired + baju kurung modern melayu kite jgak. maka jadi la die mcm ni..

*kalo xnmpk klik je la utk besar kan eh.. =)*

tadaaaa.. ni sketch baju nikah i tau. i repeat, baju nikah i. norzafira punye. xde amik2 dr google ke boogle ke koogle ke. seriously i cant wait for the outcome. cantik x? kalo korg kate xcantik pun i xkisah. sbb pade i cantik. heee.. i hope by giving him ample time it will turn out good. i dh pesan dh kt the designer supaye no rush buat baju ni. n ade lagi satu surprise. guess what, xpasal2 azam pun akan buat baju melayu nikah die pun dgn designer i ni!!! hahaha.. sungguh xdisangka2 btol.

so far, i sgt berpuas hati dgn design n harga yg ditawarkan. hopefully hasilnye pun membanggakan. kat bawah ni gmbar i dgn azam diukur oleh en. designer yg sgt baik. tp i dh inform die dh yg figure die measure skrg ni tentative je. hahaha.. kurus!! cpt kurus!! nk beli jusmate 5 la.. berkesan xeh? =P

alalala azam.. suke la tu dpt baju jgak. hehehe. padahal i pun suke gak!

 n this is me. gemok nye.. rambut serabai tension meeting pun ade lagi. xpe, tggu la i groom nnt. bole jadi cantik tau.. tgk la.. tgk la.. *menyedapkan hati padahal dlm perut tu ade ice lemon tea, ayam goreng, ayam goreng n ayam goreng*

so, should i reveal siapakah gerangan designer pilihan hati? hahaha.. sudah terang lagikan bersuluh. i pun dh mintak permission en. designer ni utk post kan gmbr ni kt my blog. to those yg xtau n xknal muke beliau, beliau ni la [nik erwan roseli] .. he's also one of the member of the 5tars, the collaboration of 5big names in fashion industry. they are young, super creative n talented too..

tp, jgn sangka 5tars designers offer harga mahal2 je tau. like nik erwan, he offered me harga yg sgt2 reasonable. b2b on budget, korg gi la tanye mintak quotation. jgn jadi cm i dulu. bodoh, sombong plak tu. malu nk tanye so konon nk buat kat tailor je. padahal i rase harga pun xla jauh mane. n lagi la gamble baju tu tah nnt jadi mcmane. i xnk la nnt bermuncung2 bile tgk baju tu dh siap.  xpasal2 last minute nk buat baju lain. azam ade cousin yg mcm tu n last2 terpaksa my FSIL bersilat siap kan baju nikah die on time. mujur die pandai jahit. tp pape pun, kan dh membazir namenye tu. again, i seriously hope yg nik can pull off this dress like yg kite dh discuss tu eh nik? *macam la die bace blog aku*

so i guess, thats all about it. secara xlangsung i dh berjaya meng-cross list bulan may skali since sepatutnye part confirm2 designer ni i buat next month. n as usual i dh terbuat dibulan sebelumnye. typical me. maka, melopong lg la i bulan dpn dh xtau ape nk buat. i've paid the deposit. so nik dh bole start kerja kan baju i.  first fitting will be on september but kalo ade pape nnt nik will keep in touch with me.hehehe.. xsabar nye!! xsabar nye!! =)

Friday, April 22, 2011

weekend highlights

designer : appointment set!
olla b2b dearies!! hehe.. tergood mood plak. mayb sbb dh free. cume nk tggu the meeting je at 8pm. oleh maka yg demikian ntah pkul bape la i dpt blk ni nnt. but anyway, im just the very the happy cz smlm the designer dh confirmkan the time n date for our meeting! perasaan : teruja!

so, tomorrow it is.. me n my entourage are going to see him at his house. hikhik.. siap bwk entourage kau.. actually bukan entourage ape. its just my sister-in-laws. i dont know why but i really want their involvement in this. nak2 plak bakal kakak2 ipar saye sume stylista2 belaka. =)

excited ade, nervous ade, suke gembire ade, takut ade.. mcm2 plak feeling ni. excited cz finally im working on my baju nikah. huhuhu.. baju nikah wey!! baju nikah!! nervous sbb i takut if the baju nikah wont turn out good *mintak simpang mintak jauh*. suke gembire sbb mcm xcaye je. "ya Allah, bakal merasa jgak kau ye zafira. kau ingat lagi kau dulu kecik2 selekeh mcmane? kau ingat lg dulu kau sekolah duit belanje bape posen je? n skrg kau nk tempah baju nikah kau dgn designer dh? tahniah la fira eh.. merasa gak kau. berkat titik peluh sendiri." takut sebab skali tetibe org tu kate, "kau ni kan, budget ciput ade hati nk buat dgn aku. sgt xclass la kau ni!" 


tp, akan i gagahi jgak semate2 utk mengadakan hari yg paling bermakna dlm hidup i ini. =P tp serious i tatau ape nk ckp dgn designer tu nnt. mcmane nk explain ape yg i nk? i ni dh la kalo gugup ayat putar2 lebih putar lagi dari bahase sanskrit mahupun urdhu. harap kau bertahan la ye designer. nk bawak pic as reference mcm xbagus je. kalo chef la, mahu di maki huma nye org yg cobe nk ngajar die masak *top chefs of cz*. i xtau designer mcmane plak. i hope he really can get what i mean. insyallah.. but to be honest kalo bole bawak reference pun i xjumpe lg baju yg sebijik mcm yg i nk. well, kalo stakat suh copy 100% baik suh tailor je buat. n i also hope this designer can come out with fresh design. exclusively n the first of it kind for me. *fira, kau ni mmg perasan yg kau ni anak menteri kan. dh la budget kau duit gaji sendiri yg taik2 gigi tu je. ade hati..*

but anyway, we'll see.. hopefully it'll turn out good. and kalo everything went well, i dgn xsegan silu akan share hasil nye dgn geng2 sume. jgn bimbang jgn takut. i xreview bende mahal cz senanye i pun xmampu. ape yg i tunjuk sume budget2 pekerja am saje. so insyallah kite semua bole afford. 

ngeee.. xsabar nk tgk die sketch baju saye nnt!!!

to the expo
no more eye-ing on "things" lg lps ni. dh xperlu berleher angsa lagi kalo ke pameran/expo/karnival pengantin. hakikatnya vendor2 sume i dh settle kan except for one thing. CATERER. kalo ikut pade checklist i bulan ni, to confirm caterer is part of the item. so far cume survey2 mcm tu je. no inquiry made yet. nk tanye tp takut the maks n the abahs  plak mcmane cz this is suppose to be on them. so, i try kaw tim dgn my FSIL utk ajak the FPIL to the expo this weekend. actually mereka are sooo not into this expo2 thingy (i rase la). but i just nk stress kan yg actually byk benefit yg kite dpt kalo kite dpt book caterer kat expo2 ni. 1. sbb the harga can sometime b cheaper than their normal price. 2. kekadang diorg ni byk offer special gifts mase2 mcm ni. byk freebies. 3. harga booking yg rendah. of which kalo normal diorg akan mintak beberapa percent of payment utk secure kan date while mase expo ni bayar bape ratus je dulu dh bole secure date. so with this little prayer i have in heart n finger cross, semoga mereka nk la hendaknye ke expo ni esok lepas jumpe designer tu sekali gus mencapai sesuatu dan melengkapkan checklist saye.. =D

Thursday, April 21, 2011


quick entry

motif : nk lepas gian ni. i supposed to make my nikah dress homework now. major hate this job.

today adalah super extremely bz sambil hati super excited for tomorrow. i really have to get all this thing done before esok 3pm. lajuuuuu... lajuuuu... i also need to so some preparations for tomorrow but due to this super massive workload i have here sume nye terpaksa dibantut kan. 

ps. next week aku nk update puas2.

*too bz smpai nk amik mood pun xbole*

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

hall layout

yellop uols!! lame sungguh rasenye i update blog cinta hati i ni. but anyway, im at work now n hari ni adalah time bomb. im gonna be extremely bz lps je sesuatu telah didecide oleh para bosses. so, before i jd robot super hebat bekerja tanpa henti dgn kelajuan maximum lepas ni, i nk rilex2 smbil mencoret ape yg terpendam dihati. =P *hopefully, the bomb wont explode, not until i finish writing*

these few days, i asik2 terpandang hall i yg besar gajah tu je. its too big it can fit up to hundred gajah i rase. or bole jadi lebih. hahaha.. its been part of our concern that the hall may look too spacious since we'll not going to fill the hall with only tables n chairs. kalo ikutkan the hall can fit 180tables to fit 1800people. but nope, kitorg xkan isi hall kitorg dgn tables and chairs sebanyak tu. we were thinking max 80 tables je. so, what do we do now??

ok, dont panic, i dh pk panjang pasal ni hopefully it'll work out just fine. insyallah..

so basically, this is the aerial view of half of the hall.
source : [here]

ni plak view drpd stage or pelamin. nmpk pendek tp cube bilang bape banyak deretan meja tu?
source : [here]

i was thinking of dividing the hall into 4. kitorg mmg akan buat sebelah kiri : my guests and sebelah kanan : azam's guests. and apart from that, kt tgh2 tu will try to have the carpet jd + (plus) n one side nk buat tpt mkn beradab n kat another end nk buat tpt potong kek. u see, we dont really like the idea of mkn btol2 kt depan stage/pelamin. nnt xbest la pengantin nk naik pelamin kne corner2 baring. sgt x symmetrical. n kalo kitorg buat bentuk T mcm yg kt 1st pic tu takut nnt xfair plak guests sebelah pihak je yg dpt tgk kitorg dekat2.

i kinda like the idea since i rase i sgt suke dgn latest design from our WP. i nk mintak die buat a very simple pelamin without panel lebih kurang mcm ni..

erk.. ini mmg bkn pelamin. but this is their latest design yg diorg debut mase kt midvalley hari tu.

sgt suke dgn pasu tinggi tu. the bunga2, flawless. i can imagine my dream pelamin now. it look sweet n exclusive effortlessly. we'll see the hasil by this december *cant wait!*

cake cutting area i nk buat mcm yg kat atas. wahh... ref. i arma ok. fira, kau ni mmg xnk kalah. xsedar diri ke yg kau tu budget? isk... xpe, i'll work it out somehow. bismillah..

now, give me ur opinion, kalo i nk buat seperti idea diatas, dh tentu2 la pengantin kne berjalan hampir keseluruh pelusuk hall *i gune hyperbola je*. i dont know if i'll be penat berjalan perlahan2 or what. but basically thats the plan n what say u?

im yet to go to the hall n check on it officially. i sgt2 xde mase utk itu. so skrg i just picture everything i want based on photos yg ade kat fb diorg or any photo tagged to them. i also nk check with them jgak to see if is it possible for me to implement the tips from puan [ liyana SCR : change your reception time ; literally! ]. masalah nye lagi, hall i tu bukan setakat besar tp bertingkap2 pule. pakai lampu ke xpakai lampu ke msti terang gak jadi nye. hurm.. i mmg perlu buat lawatan rasmi kesane.

so, ini lah yg i dok fikir2 kan sepanjang 2-3hari ni. mase yg paling byk dpt ilham adalah mase mandi *???* so far azam xde objection. n since the color we chose are light pink n soft blue, i was thinking of having a "cute garden-ish" wedding theme for our special day.

ps. theme subject to date *mane la tau kang rase nk tukar theme lg =P *

Monday, April 18, 2011

You, Me & Shoes

what about shoes? kalo tanye i, my answer msti la sebab kasut je yg bole kasi i tinggi. then baru la rase confident skit. hehe.. in fact kasut tu sgt penting supaye i bole jalan tanpa perlu cover2. i ni jenis kalo kasut i xcomfortable, abis la steps i kemane, control ayu nye kemane. so papehal pun, msti nk kne carik kasut yg betol2 selesa, cantik n of cz tinggi.

hari tu jln2 kat c&k. ade la kasut yg eligible buat jadi kasut kawen. tp, heels la pulok. i xbole ok jln pakai heels. azam kate kne start practice dr skrg. aduhh.. pakai wedges pun i still bole terpelecok lg. ini kan heels. risau tapak patah je kang.

i byk bace blog b2b lain cerite pasal gavy. honestly, i xtau pape pun pasal gavy. so, i browse pasal diorg kat [sini] owh.. cine buat kasut ke? hurm.. ok la. custom made shoes kan.. bole la request nk letak ribbon ke, lace ke, bling2 ke. cool kan? suke ati kite nk buat kasut mcmane. cz kalo nk buat pencarian lebih2 lagi disaat akhir mmg la nangis xberlagu. tu pun kalo ade rezeki ok la jumpe. kalo xde camne? saba je la..

but anyway, on tonite's entry i just nk share on another shoe maker. i xtau if korg pnah dgr but i rase die ni quite "underground" or "indie" skit in this business. who knows suatu hari nnt die bole jadi famous sefamous gavy jgak or perhaps jimmy choo. haaaa..


source : YMS' FB

they not just sell shoes, but they also make shoes! for men and also women. i dh tanye diorg if they can do shoes for weddings n diorg kate bole! awesome kan? i also asked them how much is their average price n they said its only about rm150++. murah dont u think? *but i dont know about gavy* the color, design, material or even height is all up to u. n of cz the price are subject to ur design jgak. jeez.. kalo banding dgn kasut2 c&k ke, shoes shoes shoes ke, or even vincci plus mmg susah nk dpt harge tu. ape tah lagi nine west or aldo. yikes..

besides their cool design, i rase maybe we should support them as well. kalo bkn kite sape lagi kan? so to dearest b2b out there yg still tercari2 kasut, maybe u can ask them on ur preferred n dream wedding shoes. happy hunting! nite2..

ps. besides their FB, feel free to check out their [blog] as well. =)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Miu Miu Meow

headnote : Renee, i bkn panggil u

saye diserang penyakit sakit tulang dada bile tgk handbags Miu Miu. why God?? why?? why should it be so darn expensive? n why dont i have that amount of money to buy those bags?? why?? why did u allow that bloody pretty things to even exist?? isk.. sakit dado den nengok. now i berjangkit penyakit meroyan si lisa lisut. dang!!

ok, berhenti menggelabah. tuhan is not the one to be blamed. i berazam to own at least one of the bag dlm sepanjang hidup i. persetankan coach. persetankan lv. persetankan gucci or prada. but kalo miu miu or lanvin ke, DVF ke i on. grrrrr...

ok, i dh gigil. n i xpuas ati meroyan sorg2. nk share gak ngan korg kasi korg pun meroyan same. muahahahaha!!!

Miu Miu


Diane Von Furstenberg

source : xmo tulis. malas. tension tgk..


of baju sanding lelaki - pulak?

hello uols.. hows sunday? mine, awesome. syok to the max dpt meleser2 dirumah sendiri tanpa perlu concern about ape2. as usual, weekend ni tgh bln so i xgi mane2 n xbeli ape2. rilex je..

mlm td tertengok majalah 3 skit. ade segment yg cite pasal videography. cst mmg awesome. tahniah kepada yg berjaya menghire mereka. i x. i cume dpt hire lain production company. but yet, alhamdulillah. bile tgk montage2 org, mcm xcaye je yg nnt by the end of this year i'll have my own too. berkat buat preparation awal. n mayb jgak berkat tunang lame2. =P

but anyway, i senanye nk cite pasal baju sanding lelaki yakni baju sanding bakal suami ku yakni baju sanding tunang kekasih hati ku yakni si azam la, siape lagi. last time mase i gi boutique wp i, ade gak cite pasal baju. on my part, no problem pun. but azam.. hurm.. he really need to work on his new treadmill *tp i pun nk pinjam jgak nnt tau!!*

sebelum ni, kitorg sehati sejiwa nk the groom to wear baju melayu "pahlawan". alaa... yg ade jacket tu. wp ckp cntu i pun ckp la cntu.

 source :[here]

tp i takut nnt azam rimas. hehehe.. i plak yg ngade nk tolong rimas kan. nway, i tetibe plak tersuke kalo die cukup berbaju melayu saje. baju melayu bukan sebarang baju melayu tau. baju melayu kawin ni xbole buat raye.

love the 2nd pic *tgk baju groom tu*. the details on the shoulder mmg lain dari yg lain. sgt modern. but i still xtau what kinda fabric is this. to friends who know, pls share with me. baju groom elyana pun cantik. ade pleat kat tepi. kacak2..

source : zery zamry

source : google, made by Hatta Dolmat

baju shuib nikah pun ade pleat. but this one maybe inspired by tuxedo shirt  i've suggested azam utk pakai suit ke, tuxedo ke ape tp die xnak. my family pun mcm xagree je dgn idea tu. so, nmpk gaye kite tempah je la eh azam baju awak ni.

but mohon jasa baik uols kalo ade suggestion tailor lelaki yg bole dipercayai. 

ps. mmg org perempuan slalu mcm ni kan. smpai ke groom2 punye hal pun die nk discover jgak.