Friday, April 1, 2011

guests wishes idea

yellop! today, i just nk share some findings yg i jumpe xlain dan xbukan dr search engine yg sgt baik n ramah, google.

now, ape yg slalu kite nmpk when it comes to guests' wishes area? wish tree? guest book? wish bowl? wish flags? tell u what.. pusing2 mane pun idea nye die jadi mcm tu gak. its all up to ur creativity n how meaningful u want it to be. some people may like it on the guest book cz sometimes kalo ade extra polaroid camera bole terus tepek gambar kat situ. wish tree, it require the guest to put some effort on making the tree pretty. wish flag, of cz guest will have to complete it sampai penuh. 

senanye cite pjg2 ni sbb nk kongsi lagi satu idea. i ni senanye peminat super setia desperate housewives. u know bree? housewife yg plg terer masak n gile neat? u guys prasan mane die letak all her recipes? well, tu yg i nk share. the recipe box look something like this :

get the idea? i rase i nk try gune idea ni. simple je. lepas abis bole terus tutup n simpan smpai bile2. xpayah nk petik2 dr pokok or susun blk dari mangkuk. 

ok. dh excited. tgk je la bile i mule working on this. i'll definitely cat2, lukis2 n tampal2 the box with pretty things. silap2 ade gak org bertukang apply kemahiran hidup blk kt mende ni nnt. =P

till next time! happy weekend!


veesakura said...

best2! different from others and neat.. i likeeee

fira. said...

hehehe.. neat kan? nnt i dh buat i review lg.. =)

poyaty said...

owhh, sgt kreatif fira. like like. i sume serah kat Wed decorator saja. hehe