Sunday, April 10, 2011

weekend activities

*tarik nafas pjg* 

alhamdulillah, sgt lega bile minggu pertama april dh berakhir. its so bloody tiring tau.. but yeah.. its one beautiful experience too. so, lemme just share with u on my activities. well, got nothing to do with my preps pun. but i dont care. nk share jgak. =)

last saturday, as always i pgi kje, keras tatau nk buat kje ape. blk abt 1sumthing pm. waiting for adik2 n azam to siap n headed to klcc to give some hand to my beautiful ex-boss. its klcc @live 2011. one huge free concert show. the line up sgt cool but i xjoin the concert cz sgt cramp. tp, dok luar je pun dh ok. =)

above tu sume pics2 mase kat sane. anyway, thnks to pn. shue for the opportunity. really2 appreciate it!

so on sunday.. nothing much. i woke up about 12 something pm tu pun cz mak tepon kejutkan suh bgn. one of my aunty, cik dah took us for lunch at kelab shah alam. so, yeah.. we went there and had a good lunch. thanks cik dah! i dont know abt you but semalam semacam sgt mendung n sejuk n hari yg sgt perfect utk dibuat tdo. but i didnt get the chance to.. well, nvm.. at least dpt chance lepak golek2 dgn family which thats even lebih susah nk dpt. lepak golek2? bkn kt kelab. we all went straight back to cik dah's house and guest what.. my soon-to-be-bride cuzie give me this!

hehehe.. syaira sgt sweet, she made all her bridesmaids these cute paperbags with kain in it. i got mine in yellowish rasenye. lupe nk amik gmba kain. but anyway, its inspire me to lose weight. its not even a baju yet but i really dont feel good wearing it with too many excess fat around my tummy. huhuhu.. so, yesterday i di proposed to be one of syaira's bridesmaid at grand dorsett, subang. well, cuzie.. im more than honor to be part of it. thanks!

so, there goes another week of miss fira's. this week im gonna make it more productive "for me". have discussed with azam yg i need alot of meeting with his side. n of cz, its about the baju thingy. 

the designers, kaw tim already. they are all very kind n helpful n friendly. cam xcaye je for that kinda name in fashion industry ble layan i baik2. hehehe.. im expecting the devil wears prada. but nahh.. they are all such an angel. price, reasonable, negotiable. especially when F.M.I.L nk contribute on the material. tell u, i can afford it. pk2, kalo hantar tailor i'll be paying the cost of the risk. xbole nk demand design mcm2. so, yeah.. thats always my argument on designers vs. tailors. tp, im yet to make any decision. ngeee...


Hidayati Farhan said...

sapekah designer itu? huuu, i tempah baju bulan 6 nnt. x tau nk anta kat sape

fira. said...

hidayati : designers tu mmg biase b2b's pakai. rasenye no wonder la ramai b2b suke amik diorg cz diorg sume friendly. huhu.. if u nk start tmpah baju on june i rase u better start asking now. kalo i, i takut clash dgn org buat baju utk raye. =P