Tuesday, April 12, 2011


this is a quick entry

here goes the story, we at tut tut convention centre are blessed with superb bosses. so last night, one of the dato's took us to dinner at a place called rahsia (thats the rahsia anyway). the foods were crazy. there are nothing yg u bole kate xsedap. seriously.. the ambience mmg sgt best. its actually a bungalow which have been converted to a restaurant. a nice one. n another rahsia, non of us yg bole percaye at first that the restaurant is belong to that dato' himself. so, he's the boss, the owner of rahsia n the cook. kacak lelaki ni. yes, thats all me and my colleagues can say about him. but serious kami xtgk muke. he's kacak only once we knew that he cooks. tehehe..

my favorite, the soup! yumsy! bole terase2 lagi smpai skrg. btw, to those of you yg nk date kt tpt2 cosy n private mcm ni, bole la ke rahsia. tell u the foods are marvellous. n its not pricey anyway. bole la kalo nk candle light dinner smbil tgk bulan bintang kat luar (n the tips of klcc). while mkn they also play romantic n cute songs smpai me n my colleagues just cant stop talking about it. btw, cheers n long live to dato fauzi!

btw, for more info on this beautiful restaurant, kindly visit [here]

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