Friday, April 29, 2011

checklist : april

today is the last day of april. checklist i masih xcomplete. sebab, ade bnde yg diluar bidang kuasa i n keterbatasan dari segi financial. as u all know, part baju nikah yg i patut hantar ke tailor/designer bulan dpn dh di-advance kan ke bulan ni. patut this month beli kain gune allocation frm my FMIL. sebab, saje ngade2 gatal xreti nk sabo, i dh booked the designer to make it for me. mode : happy!!

nway, there are nothing much in my checklist selain kerja2 meng-check2 it out. as this month im gonna be totally broke for my sis' trip to UK *kakak aku yg gi aku yg broke. camne?*, so check2 it out adalah sesuatu yg paling menjimatkan cost. hehehe.. actually, i kirim few things from my sister. n its our brg hantaran. of cz its not going to be anything fancy like marc jacobs or DVF or even alexander mcqueen, but yeah.. its something from UK. just thinking of having something special n different. thats all.

jd begini ye kawan2,

confirm MUA for nikah - DONE
actually on march. yg namanya neng fira dasar mmg ngak bisa sabarr. 

shop for kain nikah - consider DONE
last monday. the designer will buy the material skali. 60% of the fees paid so he must be working on it now.

confirm caterer - in process
well, this is something beyond my control. have gave mak abah azam full right to choose. yet xde khabar berita lg. hopefully they'll get it at least by next month.

confirm invitation card's design - in process
there are few designs i really like. thank god azam pun dh mule to agree with me. but one thing for sure, its going to be a one piece card with no folded2. 

scout tailor/designer for nikah - DONE
of cz this is done. i cant stop talking about it dont u see. *grins*

scout khemah for function @home - in process
forget about the transparent canopy. im not that rich to simply throw money on things with similar function with anything cheaper *chewah, cite mcm aku terer tahan nafsu je* hakikatnye, i mmg xde budget utk tu. perhaps one canopy with underlayer will be good enough. scout? rase mak abah dh ade regular canopy provider kut sbb bile kenduri je asik gune abg canopy yg same je.

so kwn2, out of 6 items on my list cume 3 je yg dh settle. yg lain still pending. sobs.. this month i would have to consider myself as FAILED!

yg invitation card tu i mmg tgh nk clear kan cepat2. yes, aku ade 7 bulan lg dh beriye pasal invitation card. well, kalo bukan sebab 7 bulan mane nk jd 6 bulan atau 5 bulan atau 4 bulan. lgpun budget i utk invitation card cume yg murah2 saje. kalo bende nye dh ade cpt should there be any DIY touch up needed, i can just work it out. mintak mahap, pandangan i mmg sentiasa maju kehadapan. 

so, thats it on my checklist update for the month of April. again i repeat, bulan ni i FAILED!! isk isk.. *teresak2* harap bole bawak bersabar n tidak terjadi lagi dibulan hadapan. as weekend kali ni pun agak panjang, i xde plan byk sgt just nk try kerjakan DIY tutu skirt for my lil princesses.

ckp psl princesses, congrats to kate middleton. nope, u're not a lucky girl. i dont see any luck u have. what? marrying william? yes, he could be one hell of prince charming but i dont wanna marry him. u can take him. but being an in-law to the world most influential royal family is something not many will get the chance. so u're just one in a million. pandai2 la kau nk idop ye..

to kate and william, congrats on your wedding!

to the guests of honor, what a hideous hat u put on ur head. jeez, i maybe ordinary but ur hat?! where's your sense of style. stylist uols mogok ke??

just look at them. dh mcm gi wedding lady gaga dah. especially those princesses of york.

ok, thats all i got to say about this whole royal wedding thingy. im excited at first but tgk kate pakai baju ala2 grace kelly je, hurm.. nothing surprising. charles' n diana's wow-ed me even more. but except for the hats, that catches my attention all the time. i just couldnt hate it less..


Alia.A said...

bestnye ade sister pegi uk and boleh kirim brg. u save a lot more! cut the tax lg. best2.

fira. said...

alia : tu la.. hopefully my sister bole jumpe something worth it kat sane nnt. =)