Wednesday, April 13, 2011

captura contest!

another contest n this time the prize is goood. real goood.. its good sbb the pictures are dead awesome. huhuhu.. but pape pun, thanks to renee meow sbb shout this contest. frankly speaking, xrase ble menang pun. tgk je la number yg like elle nordin punye pic. xmampu den nk kejar. huhuhu.. but anyway, its just for fun. all the best to all contestant!

ps. gambar captura ni superb ok. cair den nengok..

sape yg belum join, can do so by "like" their fb page [here]. upload ur pics with ur loves one. make sure u pick yg paling sweet. then let people judge by "like" ur pics plak (max ble upload, 2photos. i rase xcukup. mcm nk upload lg je. =P ) as far as i concern, they'll judge 20% for the best pic n another 80% by the vote (tu yg confirm aku kalah tu)

btw, i hntr 2pics ni..

to vote : click [here]

to vote : click [here]

idk if u guys dont see it sweet or wtv, but dua2 ni means alot to me. the first one mase kitorg attend kak lang's solemnization kat masjid wilayah. seriously we kinda get the feel. huhuhu.. the second one is the one yg kitorg amik kt pangkor. we had a blast! the place is beautiful. we walked by the beach, side by side, hand in hand. laugh2, kejar2 je x. owh, if only azam n i were married.. =P 

so, kalo u guys nk join, pls do.. jgn malu2. i cume confuse cz address captura ni kt kedah. erk, sanggup nye diorg nk travel ke shah alam amik gamba i. huhuhu.. poyo je confident. nway, kt wall diorg byk lagi pics2 couple yg sweet2. can always vote those yg u rase u suke. kalo yg mane dh join n nk exchange vote dgn i pun bole. sharing is caring. 

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fira. said...

xdpt byg kan kalo i menang.. =)