Tuesday, May 3, 2011

to love what you have in front of you

despite my lovely, adorable wedding ring that i cant wait for the moment of azam to put it on my finger, this weekend n holiday is actually also one of the toughest moment my family n i have to faced. syukur alhamdulillah, God did not even a sec leaves our side n if it has to happen again, maybe its because Allah knew this is actually whats best for us. to You know who You are, i redha with all Your plans.

nway, xsyok la cite bende xbest kat sini kan. but still i want everyone to know how lucky i am to have a companion like azam. no way im this strong without this man standing right on my back.

i love my wedding ring
berbalik kpd cerita cincin, seriously i xbenti lagi excited. huhuhu.. told you kalo i dh excited i susah nk benti. to be honest, its not my love on the first sight. its nice but its a bit small even though actually it fits my finger beautifully. before this i was thinking of having wedding ring slight bigger than my current engagement ring. motive : makin nk kawin makin besar la kan. tp mujur i bermuhasabah diri n xikutkan nafsu. seriously the one we bought adalah sgt cantik. it shines through my finger effortlessly. *chewah* so yeah, i love my wedding ring even more after we bought it.

i love my wedding planner
i've once said that my WP was a bit disappointing earlier on. but that was then. i agreed to have them as my WP pun sbb the package was then affordable n they are the most ok WP we managed to find mase kt pameran pengantin mase tu. situation time tu ala2 paksa rela. but afterall, lepas sekian lame melihat progress diorg kt fb i start to feel confident. sgt happy with their latest design on their dais'.but on baju part, i wish they have more new designs n collections by the time of my big day nnt.

source : [here]

i love my OV
OV is actually the first thing yg i dgn azam booked during our whole preps. ini pun kitorg booked mase kitorg gi pameran pengantin early this year. thinking of that is so far the cheapest rate *konon*, so kitorg cpt2 book. mase kt booth diorg, we're kinda impress with the whole terbang2 scenes they had. tu msti pakai equipment baik punye. but once i straight google mereka on their website n fb i rase mcm xbyk la plak vids2 yg awesome. of all *mase tu*, i cume suke satu je. sobs.. but same gak mcm WP, they started to impress me slowly. insyallah, by our big day nnt they'll be even better than what they are now. btw, kudos LHmedia, u guys did great on the kerabat selangor's vids!

*u guys can check on one of their vid which is also my latest favorite. sorry as i dont know mcmane nk share vimeo. i cume tau gune youtube. *sigh* so, just try to click on this [link] n happy viewing =)*

i love my OP
on OP part, i just couldnt love them less. they're affordable n super2 creative. seriously up to my liking big time. yg ni i mmg xsalah pilih (i hope). i mmg xsabar nk suh diorg amik gambar i kawin cz i love every touch of their pictures very much. 

source : [here]

i love my decorator (??)
erkk.. theres nothing much i can say about my decorator. nampak mcm diorg xupdate any latest creation. well, im a bit dissapointed sbb nmpk mcm diorg dh xberape nk active lagi. previously their designs are quite impressive. but since xde yg baru so, i dont know what to say. hopefully they'll update lagi byk2 kasi convince skit client2 die yg mcm i ni..

the rest sume ok je. mmg btol i hire ape yg i dh hired based on their price first. pastu baru pk diorg ni buat cantik ke xcantik. im on budget remember. i byk gune psychology. i hire dulu baru i jatuh cinta. so far, most of them really did a superb job. not that i've not seen anything better than them but hey, aku dpt murah je kut. n diorg xla buat burok2. cantik ape. pstu i pun xshop around lagi since i dh hire what i've hired tu. i sgt takut nk tanye quotation lagi. i mmg xble nk terime fact ape yg i tanye tu lagi murah dari ape yg i dh ade. ye la, i pun xmungkin la nk tanye anything yg xup to my liking kan. so since money is the major factor, i rather stick on what i have n focus nk membayar mereka saje. so the conclusion is, yes, i love what i have in front of me especially my superhero, azam which he is the most precious i have ever2 have. =)


Hidayati Farhan said...

hai fira, same here. memula pon mcm sesal2 gak bila dah pilih mcm byk je yg lg best kan. tp, pk balik ehh, yg kita pilih tu la yg terbaik utk kita.


i pn mcm u excited bila da dpt ring for engagement. pastu asik x saba nk pkai. the feeling is different kan. haha

Alia.A said...

lets pray your decorator and my nikah's dais will do her best during our day. die busy kot since she's a part time wedding decorator. huhuhu.

fira. said...

hidayati : agree!! nmpk gaye cume b2b yg paham perasaan b2b. sobs..

alia : yeah.. lets pray for the best. mungkin la she's too bz. but xpela, insyaallah xde pape tu. ok je kan.. =)

anaztasias nora aira said...

dear... i also love lampu studio tp dah book yg lain dulu..sob sob sob

fira. said...

nora : xpe.. yg u dh booked tu pun mesti meletup. dont worry.. dah2, jgn tgk fb lampustudio lagi pasni. gi tgk fb OP u tu je. =)