Thursday, May 5, 2011

finally - THOR

jeez.. gile lame xbuat movie review. itu menandakan berapa lame i xtgk movie. mase time free xstress xpulak gi tgk movie. tp bile time tension2 baru gi tgk. tah pape la kan. but anyway, the movie that we watched the other day sgt la memuaskan hati. we arrived OU about 7.30pm. as always we parked our car at B2. favorite parking area kitorg n thank lord misi pencarian parking is soo easy breazy. =)

so straight to GSC n thank lord skali lagi the queue line was.. alamak, pendek kenot je. about 5mins kitorg dh jumpe counter. xsempat nk decide pun nk tgk cite ape *oleh kerana lama xke panggung, we hardly decide which movie to watch* on screen the next show yg paling soonest skali were red riding hood n thor. kalo bole xnk la yg lewat2 sgt. i pon xnk miss Desperate Housewives. so we decided to watch thor. mujur mase beli ticket tu i tanye that personnel show ape yg tunjuk kat hall bawah (2 & 3 cz thats our favorite hall). n he said its thor n it just started. so dgn segera kami membeli ticket dan sedikit jajan utk menonton movie tersebut.

we entered the hall quite late. so, we kinda missed some part. tp im sure kitorg xmiss byk. sampai2 je thor dh nk ditabalkan jd raja but it was rather not happening cause something menceroboh kingdom asgard. wahhh.. dh 2hari lepas tgk i still ingat.

overall cerite ni mmg awesome. part perang mmg sgt mendebarkan. in fact perang die pun sgt comel n best. this movie is full with excitement n laughter. i must say, even tho me n azam missed this movie part a bit but we both really enjoyed this movie so much. any bad comments, nahhh.. the movie's fine. cume GSC OU je. why la.. why la u always dont have the mashed potato. kalo machine tu rosak bagi i je la i repair buat mashed potato sendiri kat rumah. ish.. heartbreaking tau!

owh.. the casts!! thor himself, well.. yes, chris hemsworth is cute, handsome but i xla sampai jatuh hati dgn die. natalie portman (as jane) pun ok je. but i tell u.. jaimie alexander (as Sif) mmg awesome. cantik sgt die. she's actually my favorite character in this whole movie.

so to rate you how much i love this movie, i must give 5/5. i mmg suke sgt cite ni. i hope there will be more thor after this. conclusion : RECOMMENDED!!


Alia.A said...

best ke? ramai org ckp best. i cant wait to watch it too but dh lame tak date tgk wayang. uhu.

veesakura said...

i pon dah tengok wiken lepas.memang superb!!!

fira. said...

alia : you should go. me n azam keep looking on each other cz nk bgtau yg cite ni sgt cool. every scene is a thrill. its like, who says only romantic movie can give u romantic date. ngee..

vee : yes2.. thats the word. superb. =)