Sunday, January 16, 2011

Im moving slow!

hurm.. *mengeluh yg paling pjg skali*. as u can see, my wedding preps are moving as slow as a fat snail climbing up hill. honestly, everything stoped since hal dewan xdpt di settle kan lagi. the progress, doubted to proceed with dewan banquet mbsa cz i really want to avoid having function at night. other options yg sedang di work out adalah lagi satu calon dewan di shah alam n dewan raja muda musa at kompleks belia dan kebudayaan negeri selangor. thank god i have a very concern aunty to help me out. she'll settle the other hall while im gonna call dewan raja muda musa (DRMM) for confirmation on my date availability tomorrow.

actually, last week i met my future P.I.L as we need to clarify on certain things. on date, to double confirm n i seriously nak it to be on 23rd december. it gonna falls on friday n we'll have the reception after that. as they were asking, nk buat skali ke? frankly, its no problem with me. in fact it might save some cost instead of hiring 2pelamins, kite hire satu je. for once n all done. but as we discussed it further, it really need to depends on the venue. will try to find out on DRMM sbb hall tu je yg bole accommodate up to 1800pax. hall lain, mayb xbole tampung capacity both of my guests n azam's.

i estimated my guests to b not more than 700pax. kalo takat 500pax tu pun dh kire will do. kalo according to the listed halls i have, sume tu seems like having no problem. tp kalo nk begabung buat skali, i need to find bigger halls. kat shah alam ni rase nye xbyk hall yg besar. n kitorg pun kalo bole xmo la tgk our guests kuar masuk. much prefer if they can stay sit at one time n kite sume mkn same2. so, nmpak gayenye perlu la saya bertungkus lumus meng-confirm-kan dgn DRMM kalo2 diorg still available. otherwise terpaksa la buat dua kenduri.

selain pada mslh venue yg xconfirm2, kitorg kne gak get ready to pay deposit to by the end of this month. next week, dh plan utk outing bersama su ke tpt2 yg menarik utk survey2 brg. pendek kate nk window shop skit. hopefully, ade la skit dpt membuahkan hasil. insyallah.. cant wait to write on the next progress. kadang2 ade terase mcm sikit desperate berbuat begitu apabila melihat seperti telah byk ketinggalan.. sobs!

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