Monday, January 17, 2011

Help needed

catering? anyone? ade idea yg awesome or recommendation yg best? im almost there to confirm on my hall so the next step must be how to fill the hall with of cz, foooood. pleaseeee.. drop a comment if u have any caterer u'd like to suggest. those with tables n chairs' package would b real good. mucho gracias in advance! *flying kisses!*


Renee Meow said...

heyya dear.... try UBE catering (012-6954846) or kak ros from Sri Payung Enterprise(03-92822523).. my elder bro's wedding caterer was kakros, she was super friendly n rates are not dat expensive compared to other caterers. seriously mmg recommended. i dah experienced n rase food from both,dorang mmg superb...svc pun best.. my family when it comes to food mmg fussy, but these two caterers dpt thumbs up from them.. gudluck~


ZAFIRA said...

hi renee, many thanks for the info. makanan sedap sgt la menjadi kepentingan so i dh save this contacts in my diary. mak abah gonna do the deal.. anythng kite share lg kayh.. thanks!