Wednesday, January 26, 2011

LED light BB yg annoying..

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since 2weeks ago, mate ni terase sgt sensitive dgn kelipan yg dikeluarkan oleh LED light BB. motive, i wish it blinks for some email notification. normally BB will blink for how many reason eh, 1. FB notification 2. new sms 3. new bbm notification 4. any misscall notification 5. my company personal email 6. my boss' email and last but not least 7. my own personal email. ok, yg last tu sgt2 menerujakan. as per previous entry, [LINK] i did mentioned yg i already sent the letter to the hall im about rent. ok, part tu yg terpaling dinanti2. katenye kalo everything dh ok, ble proceed byr deposit. to b honest, selagi belum letak deposit, hati ni xsenang. xsenang nk claim yg yupp, my wedding will b held there. sbb tu, kat blog ni pun xde mention pun name hall mane.  but insyallah, kalo sumenye berjalan lancar, i will announce n share all the info yg saye ade.

if im not mistaken, i sent the letter about a week ago. on a day before thaipusam. since so far the hall management sgt prompt in replying all my emails, i pun letak kan quite a high hope to receive their response the soonest. so, i waited. friday, nope. mungkin sbb diorg sedang go through my letter or they should give it to the more appropriate authority, i dont know. so, fine. monday, nope, not on monday. mayb still under consideration. but i did sent them fax on monday. kut la diorg xprasan my email. called them to ask them if they have received n asking for it status. menurut kate that one lady, they have received n r processing it. die kate die tgh buat surat semule utk respond to my letter. great! so, yesterday i waited. tgk2 xdpt gak. tp dpt bende lain plak. n sgt menggembirakan jugak. tp it wont b too menggembirakan if i still cant confirm on my hall. smlm, i decided to just wait n see. tp hari ni, curiousity membuak2 n i really need to know the status. bole ke xbole nk pakai hall tu? hurm.. so, siang td i try call lg. time tu about hujung2 lunch hour. nobody pick up the phone. ok, terpause sebentar disitu. i dont want to b sound like im too pushy. tp xble, i need to know. so i sent them another email. kali ni dgn ayat yg lebih berlapik.

i asked :

"salam, just nk tanye sikit. abt my booking on 24th dec, bile agaknye bole bayar deposit eh?"
(chewah, terus tanye deposit tu. xtanye dh bole ke xbole. dpt ke xdpt)

n to my surprise, sepantas kilat diorg reply (gebang je, actually ade la 15mins later)

"salam, surat cik baru je kami pos. deposit bayar next week pun boleh"

apakah makna semuanya ini? byr next week pun bole? dh pos? so... dpt ke? mcm dpt je.. owh, seakan xpercaya (xpercaya pulak) huhuhu.. kalo ditafsir2 reply encik dewan kite ni td, tidur mlm ku hampir lena la mcm ni. xde nye setiap kali terjage dari tdo, terbelek2 kelipan cahaya LED BB. konon nk check if there's any email. pstu xpasal2 terlayan fb n it took me about 10-15mins utk tdo smule. cheit!

btw, lagi satu email yg sgt mengembirakan yg i just mentioned td ialah berkenaan dgn quotation. rase nye mcm dh nk faham, kalo ko mintak quotation WP hari2 weekend, mmg "confirm" la diorg reply secepat mungkin. dh tentu WP yg kau tanye tu awesome so, mestila diorg "xde kje nk melayan email ko time org ramai sibuk2 nk kawin". tp xpela, adik baru blaja kak. hehehe.. tp kan, tgh mlm smlm, i received an email from one of my favorite n dream WP. ikut kan dlm byk2, i cume ade 3favorites je. nampaknye satu dh reply. the price BELOW MY BUDGET! ok, mmg terase mcm nk reply kt kakak tu, "ok kak, cun.. kite proceed je. saye nk yg mcm ni, mcm tu, wane ni, wane tu" but hold a sec. xmo tergopoh2 walaupun hakikatnye sgt teruja to the max. i've give myself a proper program. tunggu lg 2WP tu reply tgk mcmane. 2nd week of February ni plak ade bridal carnival lg kt tpt aku keje. br td die buat vendor briefing. ikut kan nk je join sekaki kepochi nk tau vendor mane yg join. but nahhh... sabar itu separuh drpd iman. tggu je la nnt. kalo ade offer yg menarik, i'll grab. but kalo xde, i gegar2 butik WP2 idaman. owh, im getting bz now.. kuang kuang kuang..

**in one of these days dh kne byr balance deposit utk my videographer. nway, when should be the best time utk discuss dgn mereka abt how i actually want them to cover my wedding eh? on this 1st deposit mcm terlalu awal cz my wedding pun will by end of this year. any idea?

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