Sunday, June 19, 2011

paper fan flowers

afternoon uols.. alhamdulillah puasa setakat ini berjalan dgn lancar.. i berjaya buat diri i busy. actually, since last night i karang entry ni. konon nk wish abah n future abah, happy fathers day but kalo nk post kt sini im one day late. xpela, i've wished them personally smlm.

nway, since i've visited my hall berpuluh ribu kali (hahaha..) so i asik2 dpt idea on how to decorate the place according to my taste. i always wanted to have a guest wishes area n a photobooth. but since the foyer of the hall is quite small yet very useful so the things will be done at the foyer saje..

this is the foyer n i was thinking of doing the guest wishes area and the photobooth thingy at the place where i stood to take this picture. i budget nk decorate sendiri with some assistant of my cuzens n super creative friends. before this kalo kat hall lame die mcm susah skit cz nk kne letak panels n everything but this new hall i found it super easy cause the ceiling is low n the dinding is reachable. bole la setakat nk tampal2.. =)

smlm i google2 n i found this..

erm.. too messy, no? well i actually lebih suke dgn hasil ren-da belleza ni..

its sweeter, nicer n sleeker kut.. since im hiring them for my mini dais at home so i dont think i want them to make me these paper flowers dais. nope.. i saw them making yg lebih cantik lg. so i'll do the paper fan flowers ni kt tempat lain.

again, as the foyer is a bit small so i rase its more menjimatkan ruang if i just do a photobooth corner. serious xjumpe kt google but its all in my head now. =P

so rasenye sume org tau how sweet this paper flowers thingy kan? xkisah la versi kipas ke, versi ros mawar ke, versi bola ke but its cantik just the way it is. to me, the easiest is this fan la.. cantik pun cantik. comel pun ye..

aww.. byknye!! geram dow..

so, i cube buat while org lain gi lunch n ini la hasil nye...

hihihi.. gile curi tulang aku kt office. but excited ni nk cube. habis brochure org sume aku gune. fira2.. so, i ingat nnt nk cube buat besar skit punye n i ingat nk tampal kan kt wall dewan yg masih suci murni tu saje mcm ni..

well, kalo xde aral melintang insyallah i'll make happen. ni sume baru berangan-angan je.. but seriously its simple n cm rugi je kalo xbuat nnt. hehehe.. sukeee!! =D


lovelyadibah said...

owh..cantik!!!chaiyok2 fira:)hehe

LisaLisut said...

i bole buat kipas kertas yg biasa mcm main2 i dont know how to make it round?and ade button kt tgh?how to attach?huhu..semgt lak tgk u buat bendalah ni sbb cntikkk.i nk tlg u buat pls?(pdhal nk nyendeng smbil buat smbil dpt guna skali?) hahaha.joking babe. :P

fira. said...

lovelyadibah - terimaksih daun keladi.. =D

lisa - check kt tutorial. kalo dh reti buat kipas lipat2 tu dah pandai sgt la tu..

Miss Sunshine said...

Eh, cantiknya... fira, cmner nak buat..? ajar sikit.. ^_^

fira. said...

owh.. senang je la miss sunshine. u just google paper fan flowers turorial n nnt keluar byk sgt tutorial. ikut la yg mane u fhm. kalo i ikut yg ni je -->