Friday, December 17, 2010

work : new job!!

its been a week since i havent blog. n within this short week, many things happen to me that might bring changes to my life. last monday, i started to change my work station as asked by my GM on days before. daripada keje mengadap org lalu lalang, skrg dh dpt tpt baru yg cume org tertentu je bole masuk. pendek kate, i now have my own room! (bkn cubicle tau. room!) but still, kalo nk ke bilik GM kne la lalu bilik saye dulu. hehehe.. alhamdulillah to the max! thank u Allah! xtau cemane lagi nk express this feeling. (kne lebih rajin sembahyang mungkin) nway, im now an executive to **cc GM's office. xofficial lagi cz belom dpt appointment letter. but the GM hv said so, so ok la tu kn. tggl tggu je since HR pegi kahwin. hurm..

nway, this new job is not rare to me at all. sebelum ni mmg pernah berjinak2 cz while the former exec, my good friend, parveen was not in, i yg kne replace kn die. and nampak gayenye melekat la plak post ni pade diri saye since parveen now has got a better offer from jpa (which i think it has been most of the girls i know dreams) so, congrat parveen! 

long story short, im still trying to getting use to the room, files, and the people related. hopefully it'll b ok since im soo new with this. will use parveen's word of wisdom wisely. insyallah.. so, last thursday, me n my colleagues went out for a farewell dinner to celebrate parveen. actually tu first time i keluar beramai2 bersame rakan2 sekerja. it was fun. harus lah lepas ni keluar dgn diorg lagi.

*girls of sacc*

*me n veen. gonna miss u much, darl*

*with besties, ilah faliq*

n now, my responsibility to **cc dh makin berat. kne focus pade kerja n mayb makin kurang la mase utk saye blog kecuali pada waktu2 weekend mcm ni. duit pun mesti mau save lagi maa.. dh xbrape lame je lagi. yaiks!!
n owh, wish me luck tau!

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