Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pullman Putrajaya

as mention earlier on the previous entry, last maal hijrah, my family n i (to be specific, mak, kaklin n family, adik2, wan (my grans), su (lovely aunty as usual), maklong (the most excellence cooker) n cuzie imin) went to Pullman Putrajaya. a superb 5stars hotel with a beautiful n thousands times thumbs up all the way dari la mule masuk building, hingga ke lobby, hingga ke view, bilik, pool n sebagainye.

now, let me let the pictures to do the talking for me yeah..

 let us start with the view

*im extremely impress with how they used the kobis n turn it to a beautiful centrepieces*

n now to our room (2rooms apartment)
*the hall*

*the hall lg*

*the kitchen (with su mengemas)*

*the 2nd bedroom*

*the 2nd bedroom lg*

*the master bedroom*

*n this just to show u the bathroom cum the wardrobe cum the dressing table (on the right -->)*

last but not least. of course, orang2nya serta aktiviti2nya
*the reception. meja die mmg besar tu je. tp ade 3ketul*

*while waiting. me n kaklin pun mcm ni*

*welcome drinks*

*tah borak ape tah mase ni*

*star of the day*

*pengembaraan bermule*

*wow tu, wow ni*

*jumpe sampan, terus naik sampan*

*mesyuarat ibu2*

*aktiviti xsihat. posing je dgn beskal*

*mimi yg hendaknye jd la perenang harapan bangsa bile dh besar nnt*

*our breakfast*

so, basically, tu la ape yg kitorg buat kt sane. bgs jugak sbb die ade wii room, game's room, kids club n very nice views to be enjoy. the services pun mmg bagus. pendek kate ia mmg sebuah hotel yg canggih. but too bad mase we all stayed there, ade pulak rombongan dari india (mungkin jutawan besi atau penerbit filem bollywood) membuat perkahwinan disitu. hoh, agak semak jd nye on the 2nd day tu. well, mane kan tidak. the indian bride n groom chatered the whole airplane to fly all their 400guest all the way from india to here. n of all 4blocks of the hotel, only 1open for the public which pade hari tu pun dh fully book. afterall, it was a very pleasant stay. worth every penny. the only turn off? the bathroom. which only have sliding door n no lock. attached with wardrobe yg xberpintu. owh.. thats so annoying untuk para2 melayu seperti saye. nk berkerja pun susah. =)

thanks for reading!

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