Saturday, December 4, 2010

hues n blues

hihihi.. happy sunday uols.. hihihi.. overjoyed sendiri since i am extremely bored at this moment. need to loosen up a lil bit. yeah! yeah! ke kiri dan ke kanan.. ok stop.

this entry i want to story morry a lil bit pasal our wedding theme color!! yay!! finally, ade jgak yg dh tercapai dek akal ku. sebelum ni mcm2 pk. especially regarding the preps yg i sendiri xtau from where to start. so since dh ade wane tema yg rasenye, "yes, ini final. sgt final. xmo tuka2 lagi", dh bole la start collecting stuffs. wehoo! i can feel the time passing by sbb hari tu dh final dgn date. skrg dh final dgn warna plak. mayb later final dgn concept, followed by photographers, venue, wedding packages, bla bla bla.. n, the day pun tibe. fewhh..

as u guys can see on the previous entry, i've posted some hues that i want for my wedding. kalo tgk kt situ gambar mentah2, xde pun tulis2. actually time tu cume nk kasi kaklin tgk je. since she cant get through the web address, i've to make an alternative for her so that she can access. so, yupp.. those are the hues im thinking of. its started when me n azam start to discussed about it otw dari drive-thru McD. to start the conversation, i purposely suggest warne2 yg macho2, kut2 die suke. well, tunang i kan lelaki sejati lg tulin. mesti la start suggest dgn warne keras2. mcm2 la i sebut. silver, brown, dark green, blue. black? no way.. xmungkin ade warne gelap tu dihari bahagia ku. to tell u honestly, i have no favorite color. anything nice will do. all i know is that i like it simple n... nice. hehe.. so, borak punye borak. ckp punye ckp. suddenly azam ckp, "y dont kite gune wane sampin yg u (i la tu) pnah bg kt i (azam la tu) ari tu". i was like, oh! that seriously is nice. that sampin was actually bought by su. konon to b given as hantaran tunang kitorang ari tu. but last2, xgune pun. so, i pun bg je la kt azam. sampin tu wane gold, light blue n pink.

so i google through the internet to find sources yg dh blend warne tu for me to use it as reference. found this cool blog from texas which already help b2b like me to choose colors. there are various type of colors to go with you n your partner personality. i dont really found the one that i want. u can mix it up (by using ur imagination) to see what kind of color hues that i'd like to use for my wedding day.

these blue n gold are totally, totally the colors that im talking about. only the pink is missing. so have to use another hues below so maybe u guys can get what im trying to say here. hurm.. i hope bole. just ignore the green n the creme, try to move the pink to the picture above n poof! u'll see it exactly like how i see it. tehehe..

so bile dh blend2 :

this is the nearest hues i managed to found from the internet. the combination is just nice except for the blue, its too pale.

anyone yg maybe dh nk start to dream of warna-warna tema pilihan anda dihari bahagia, bole pilih2 kat dua source ni cz this is where i found mine.

"so, till we meet again n happy weekend!"

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