Saturday, December 11, 2010

movie : harry potter

ok, mayb its a little late to blog about this since actually dah lame dah tgk. just perasan yg normally i'll straight away blog about the movie i just watched but not this one. seriously this is azam's request. so tgk je la. not a big fan, really. tried to but nahh.. 

officially this is the first HP i watched in a cinema. kalo xbefore this i just watched it kt hbo je. walaupun tgk kt hbo still xpnah habis. i can only stay in front of the screen the longest mayb 15mins. lepas tu mesti tuka channel lain or pgi tempat lain terus. n since i live with no choice, kne tgk jgak hp7 hari tu. tgk je la sampai abis. well, not as bad as i tot but xla awesome sgt mcm yg stgh org ckp. yeah, i understand the whole story but it almost bore me to death. 1st hour tu ok. acceptable. all thanks to ron weasley yg klaka. tp lepas tu i pun mule gelisah. knp la cerite ni lame sgt. mujur bekalan makanan agak byk. yg pade mulenye dianggap tamak akhirnya habis menjadi peneman.

star rating

*huh.. huduh btol menatang ni. nasib baik dh mati. mmg xmo la tgk die lg*

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