Saturday, November 6, 2010

bunnies, engagement, takers, new shoes, bridal carnival, work n more.. (part 1)

Here come the first weekend of november. n im nearly broke! thank lord, i'll get my service point pay at the middle of the month. its been a while since i hvnt updated this blog. so, ever since life as we know it, few things happened n most of it were awesome. yay! (since i only remember happy things)

30th October 2010
Its a nite to remember for my luvly cousin, syaira. finally, she's engaged to abg ali! woot2! unfortunately i was too tired to enjoy myself that nite. imagine this, no off day for the whole week, doing overtime almost 4hours for the past 2-3days, start working as early as 7am on the day, got home at 3 something (itu pun after begging n kneeing to my supervisor) straight to the cousin's hse n of cz everyone were on excited mode for that nite. i felt soo sorry for my sis cousin cz i cant all out on her special day. i was like damn exhausted. but if only she knew how happy i am for her. if not only because of this whole SELPEX thing going on at my place, i would definitely be one of the busiest among the others (except for her mother, cik dah, my super cool aunty) however, the ceremony was so darn merry hokayh! its beautiful, its sweet, romantic mode : on, me n azam even feel like having our engagement day, twice. lucky the ceremony happened at nite so i can just adjust my time but that could also be one of the reason why i was extremely tired. =( so, as far as i remember, cume dpt snap one pic je dgn that very lucky girl, syaira. tu pun tah turn out macamane tah. n basically i just fell in love for the whole thing. the baju, the color, the decorations, the make up, the pelamin, the hantarans. gosh.. n this is just engagement ceremony? kawin, nikah nnt msti gonna be more awesome than these. lucky u , syaira! envy! hehehe... xsabar nk tggu hari tu which according to plan, Insyaallah will happen to be on next june. time tu, im not gonna let anyone stop me to be there for my cousin. that's her wedding n im soo gonna be mak cik kiah for her, like it or not, I WILL!

so, here's some pics from my poor camera phone:

 *pelamin yg simple but sweet sgt*

 *hantarans, 9 : 7*

 *hantarans: fruits, 'halwa', GUCCI wallet n perfume set, Raoul shirts (which the colors n designs are soo abg ali), chocolates, Quran, cake n sireh*

 *mummy mimi, mimi n me!*

 *flower girl - to - be*
  *kak lin n i with the best aunty in the world!*

*syaira in the making*

*syaira after? nnt i curik dari fb die. ngeee...*
tropicana twister? tropicana golf n country club? hurm.. tropicana are actually names we gave to my family's new baby bunnies which we just adopted a nite before syaira's engagement. the male one is tropi n the female one is cana. it cost over rm100 to adopt them at first. we bought 'em at uptown section 24, n we just must have 'em the moment we saw them n now they are happy at home eating carrot (alot of of carrot) if only azam will let me take their picture, i will immediately do. but because of this i dont know where he got this believe, he says that u will kill the animal if u took their picture. i was like come on, byk je org amik gamba pet diorg tp xmati pun. but i dont know why it happened to prove him right. most of kittens that captured in our pictures or videos end up died n lost. even tho i tend to think that its only a coincidence, yet i try to avoid taking their picture cause i just dont want to lose anymore pet. sobs!

to be continue..

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