Saturday, November 13, 2010

my favorite!!

the moment i posted this entry, i was still in the office, waiting for the function to finish. feww... so since im free, i browse through several things that really2 captured my interest. so, here's what i found. ngeeee..

Kerja Kahwin Design & Collection
OMG, seronoknye jumpe blog ni. i've gone through their pictures n all look so prettayh!! tergoda + terinspired by the pelamins, hantarans, decorations n hand bouquets yg diorg buat. name je sikit kodi to those yg xexplore (hehehe) but however good job to the owner. im definitely gonna ask their quotation for my wedding nnt. definitely!

 *these are some of the pictures of their awesome job*
*300x thumbs up!*
to those yg rase mcm nk try jgak tgk blog ni, simply click here n tgk la her creativity on making every girls dream of having beautiful wedding come true. however, she didnt state any price there. maybe its all depend upon ur request. can always contact her through email or just call her for any inquiries.

Mazda 2
as i read the newspaper, ter-wow la plak dgn mazda2. price RM77,000 je. well, thats pretty cheap for a nice international sedan. i mean honda city n kia forte pun above rm80,000. kt depan ni ade satu mazda2 tgh bertenggek xtau siape tuannye. its silver n very cute. so, i start googling about it as soon as i saw the ad on the newspaper.

according to,  the otr price plus insurance for mazda2 1.5 sedan 1498cc is RM77,000 (VS Spec), V Spec is RM82,+++. n owh, its auto too. ade jgak browse kt, ade tu yg jual for as low as RM74,+++!! hish.. musti beli ni. i like the solid design n edgy interiors. (imagining myself driving it. ooh la la..)

*cantik kan? tgk dlm die. gear kt bwh radio so tgh2 tu bole letak handbag. bagusnye!*

but for further n complete info bole la check kt website diorg yg awesome which is this. insyaallah, kalo ade rezeki bole la beli. itu pun kalo azam agree cz ingat nk beli triton n we both bole gune. honestly triton pun cool tp im a lady la. duk tepi lawa la but to drive mcm skit awkward. but if this car, msti cun!! hehe..

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