Saturday, November 6, 2010

bunnies, engagement, takers, new shoes, bridal carnival, work n more.. (part 2)

n finally we watched takers! (actually only im the one who watched it cause azam end up tdo dlm cinema cz mayb kekenyangan kenny rogers) one word for takers : sa-tis-fac-tion! hish.. bebaloi2 drooling tgk billboard kt nkve everytime nk pgi o.u or heading to damansara. the movie was awesome. the actors were to die for n believe it or not, this is the kind of movie that can prove u why most women can always get crazy over bad boys. in this movie, i cant even choose nk sokong sape. should i be on the cops' side cause of cz they are cops n jay hernandez or should i be on the criminals' side cause T.I n Hayden Christensen are soo jatuh mati gorgeous. azam is soo must buy the dvd.

to me this movie sgt easy n simple to understand. its just balance. not too many action yet too many drama. have been reading few comments about this movie. but its not as bad as one of the comment. katenye, chris brown was kinda stiff in this movie. T.I doesnt showed up good. n i was like.. in which scene? everything looks fine to me. well, yeah T.I accent sounds abit weird. havent heard any american sounds like that before. mayb because i am not american or simply because he's a rapper eyh.. he can sound like that if he want. in fact, its not soo weird. never heard, yes. never heard or wtv, its still sounds good to me. its unique in its own way. interesting to listen to n at least its different. well, he is the antagonist character in this movie. so why cant he sound like.. well, bad. another thing that i like so much about this movie is that, women are not the major factor. ok, there's one scene where Paul Walker dip into the pool, naked n with 2girls, flirting. but thats it. just to spice up alil bit mayb. as a woman 18 y/o n above myself, im cool. as u can see in the poster, its dominated by male. isnt there any female characters in this movie? actually, it is.. Zoe Zaldana play as lily. hurm.. she's too easy. i can be lily. others, are just to support n compliment the characters. its like, in this movie it tells that no matter how bad u are to others, u will still have at least one very precious love ones that u will always take good care of. at least, one.

*while in the club poster*

*T.I as Ghost. a convict who wanted to pay revenge the first day he was released from the prison. as part of the takers, he feel betrayed n isolated by his group. kesian..*

*Hayden Christensen as A.J. a man in a hat with soft spoken charm n a quiet pianist. died in a shooting scene with russian n left untold. what tha...??*

*Jay Hernandez as Eddie. the family guy cop who died in a scene. caught on camera for purposely released one of the criminals free n took the money for his family*

New shoes
mean while, me n azam have a round trip of O.U as always. n since azam suddenly wanted to wear nabil (his nephew) 's bulky n hideous shoes, so i figure he must get a new pair immediately so that he dont have to wear that child-like shoes anymore (lucky he notice it too). so, we took a walk around O.U to find him a nice new pair of shoes. we entered Pull n Bear, Zara, Parkson n nothing seems nice n making sense (i dont believe in only expensive shoes look nice) so, i took him to Pedro. I knew there must be something nice n affordable there. something more like, azam. n bam! there are alot of shoes, azam's style. so, he end up buying this pair of strap shoes that only cost him for RM249. well, for man's shoes, thats cheap unless u go buy at Xes Studio =P

n of cz u wont see me with happy face if i dont get a pair of mine too. azam knew it very well, so.. yay! i too got myself n nice pair of wedges from vincci. weee...

*azam's hideous shoes*

*my new sexy wedges =)*

To be continue..

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