Monday, November 8, 2010

bunnies, engagement, takers, new shoes, bridal carnival, work n more.. (part 3)

Bridal Carnival
Just about yesterday, Orange Vision had organized a 3days bridal carnival at our place. as usual, alot of love birds n bride n groom-to-be seen holding hands, with smile on their face walking around our building. mayb because its weekend + deepavali, so the crowd is quite overwhelming. well, who dont want a beautiful wedding, no? dh name pun bridal carnival, of cz la there's alot of wedding stuff inside this carnival. complete from the garments, invitation cards, halls, photographers, n even bedroom sets, u name it.. for me, the wedding freak, no way im not going. me n azam were like the earliest to go to the carnival n its not just us two. mak, kak lin, abg faiz n mimi pun ikut. weee.. the best thing about going to this kinda places with kak lin is that she always know whats best to ask to the person. while im more like the shy2 cat. *menyampah*

As we go around the carnival, me n azam were like holding close to each other. well, its important to let him know what i like n what i dont. in this matter i really have to make sure that me n azam will both get what we like n what we want. thank god we agree on most of the things. yay! the booth that catch my attention straight away is Suri Boutique. the pelamin is so gorgeous. now thats the kind of pelamin i want. Insyallah.. what i like so much abt it was the flowers used. they dont use fresh flowers n artifial can too make a lovely impact. kalau la dpt snap pic sekeping dua, bole share kan kan.. but xpela, will godek in the banquet pics if in case they snap my favorite pelamin. hurm... pusing2 lg, theres alot of things. to me, it does help couples who want to get married soon to get what they should for their preparation. but as for me n azam, its still too early to decide. wonder when can we start to be serious in this whole thing. physically n mentally, im ready. but its just too soon. dont want anything to be out of date the moment we are getting married later. haish.. mayb 23rd Jan 2011 ni dh bole serious. cz then we've engaged for 1year. wohoo!!

Hasil curik pics banquet :
 *cume ade ni je pic dari Suri Boutique. its the right one. dpt tgk cushion purple pun jd la*

*aerial view*

*Lynda Rahim Kuala Lumpur*

Btw, based on all flyers n brochures received, here are some links that mayb u guys ble tgk if nk tau sape la yg join carnival ni (just to name a few) enjoyce...

The Caterers

Bridal Boutique

Photographers, Videographers, Cards, n etc

For the past few days n weeks, work have been crazy. ade satu mggu tu langsung xoff. all thanks to lack of work force n unwise management. well, its kinda bugging me when i have to do things which im not assigned to. well, ok, i am free at the moment. but watching people who suppose to do it laughing n hu-hi-ing free is soo menggeramkan. i dont mind helping. but im just helping ok. not putting all my heart n soul to it. n anyway, when u asking me for hand, pls ask it nicely. its the word PLEASE u have to use n stop commanding me like u're my boss!lucky i have all my good friends around. so, nak marah2 n sumpah seranah pun xjd. hehehe..

Mention about work, xtau la bape lame akan bertahan disini. if there's any good offer will straight away go without any second thoughts. *pray for me..!*

N this is me chilling out with my girl of SACC :
*cik anum hottie*

*cik ilah comey*

N owh, time free, kitorg main cat2 kuku jugak. weee... :
*my masterpiece (la sgt) on liyana - on SELPEX*

*my masterpiece (la sgt) on liyana - on Bridal Carnival*

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