Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Love Story

23.11.2004 - 23.11.frvr

Officially, we have been together for 6 years now (seronoknye tgk daisypath!). i mentioned it to azam but he doesnt seems excited at first.  i truly understand that. we've been through alot of ups n downs, ons n offs smpai xperasan when were we actually start to seriously want to take it this far. but still i remind him, this is the date we first want to start having relationship with each other. this is the date where he first fetched me from home with his silver Perdana (which skrg dh jd hitam). this is the date kitorg first time declare to be each other's boyfriend girlfriend n this is the date where everything about fira n azam start n begin. it all happened so fast i even can still remember every single things like it all just happened yesterday.

All thanks to mamak, my ex a.k.a his friend a.k.a his neighbor, the one that responsible to matchmade us. huhuhu.. i remember it was on bulan puasa n suddenly i kept receiving this funny call from a public phone. sikit2 putus. sikit2 putus. until my ex call n said, once i answer the next call, no matter what happen, dont hang up. so, i did. smpai la dgr suara azam. seriously its beyond my crazy mind that he would want to call me. i sgt annoyed dgn die dulu ok. dtg lepak maisha naik kembara pasang lagu kuat2, baju fubu bagak besar, rambut berkarat, rantai berpendant mcm fifty cent. owh.. puhlease.. i plak time tu lepak dgn boyfie  yg  bijak pandai. tp xla sepandai nk segak bergaya (my ass) mcm die (mase tu). skuter v100 je. with his friends n mine yg sgt low profile. 

So, we chitty chatty la spjg mlm tu. kn bln puasa, so smbil borak ade la dgr dentuman mercun roket, thunder clap, mercun padi, mercun ketupat, bola dan sbgnya. yupp, the oldies were true. xknal maka xcinta. but i didnt say that i fall in love with him sejurus terime phone call pertama. agree to go out with him pun cz he drive a car.. hehe.. mase tu agak jahil. al maklum baru habis pmr. ade boyfie yg bwk kereta consider as a big hit. hahaha.. so, we went out. he took me to a place yg sgt privacy until he make me fall in love with him. "janji jgn tggl kan kite", owh.. numb kejap dgr die ckp mcm tu. seriously, belum pernah org bercinta monyet selame ni yg pernah ckp mcm tu. so, itu la cerita how we start. alhamdulillah it last until now. despite all that bad things happened to us. all the shout n yell, we are both grateful sbb we manage to pull out all the egos n smpai la sekarang.. wee..

*us back then. mcm2 pesen*


smlm, tanpa dirancang we went out for dinner. seriuos xplan. i just ckp yg i want to make him cupcakes. tp die plak yg ajak kite gi dinner. hihihi.. ade gak sense of romance kt bakal laki aku ni. yay!! so, sementare die yg ajak, dgn harus dan pantas la aku on n set. google kt internet kt mane tpt mkn best. cz the msg yg die nk we both mkn kt tpt yg fine, cosy n fancy restaurant tu di transmit ke otak dgn sgt jelas. mcm2 restaurant jumpe (kt internet la) tp xtau nk gi mane.

prefer somewhere near cz the time constraint. blk rmh, kaklin suggest to try concorde. bkn xnk. almost there pun but tetibe azam ingat membe die pnah cite yg situ mkn tpt kotor. ouch.. so die pun kate, "ari tu tringin nk gi chilis. kite gi chilis je la." hurm.. nk xnk tepakse akur. the nearest, empire gallery subang. tapiii... smpai kt sane, since saye xnk senanye gi mkn kt chilis sbb hey! ini anniversary la! saye pun dgn sengaje terstop kt dpn ole2 bali. hihihi.. nk mkn sini? i asked him. he said "u nk mkn ape sini?" well, tgk je la kt menu kn? so, we went in n chill ourselves at one of the table. yay..

first impression mkn kt situ sgt teruja. cantik. cosy.. romantic? very.. ade candle light lg. perfect la kn utk kami yg sedang melamun cinta spjg 6thn ni. borak2, i told him, "patut i nk melamar u mlm ni. tp xde cincin. all at sudden sgt" hehehe.. die pun cm phm "cheh, so nk i lamar u mlm ni la ni" hehehe.. ape la aku ni. but we finally reach the verdict. as my plan nk our wedding to be on next yrs 23rd of december. die pun agree. rupe2nye date tu mencomplete kn sequence cinta kami. well, first met on 23rd november. married on 23rd december. engaged on 23rd january. three 23rd in a row. cool la kn? nnt kumpul2 lg kut2 ade yg lain. hehehe.. so, jz to share with readers (if any) below are the pictures of us last nite. sgt happy kayh..
 *ole2 bali*

 *my mr hubby-to-be!*

 *cumi2 goreng*

 *azam's steak*

 *my chicken n fish combo*


 *posing skit*

 *crazy in love!*

"And when the rain begins to fall,
You ride my rainbow in the sky,
And I will catch you if you fall,
You never have to ask me why,
And when the rain begins to fall,
I'll be the sunshine in your life,
You know that we could have it all,
And everything will be alright.."

-Papa bear, When the Rain Begins To Fall-


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