Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Finally, movie! : Life as We Know It

recommendation : very must watch!

This will always be me n azam favorite movie of all time. ade funny, sad, romantic.. jeez... its just a perfect movie for every couple. i almost cry when messer wanted to leave holly n sophie for phoenix which it has always be his dream to direct his own sports game. n its also cracked me up when holly got some sophie's shit on her face. yes, me n azam enjoy it mucho2. *tgk sophie tringat mimi* its a must watch n we'll definitely buy it dvd n rewatch it over n over again. 10 star wa ckp same lu..

*especially when u had to hold your tears, damn u're one gorgeous creature*
as we have to watch it after work (which is actually at 10 PM) so, me n azam have to rush to O.U as soon as i punch out. arrived around 10.40pm n the show start at 11.20pm. buy our snack thats for sure n sempat jgak main daytona satu game. after all, we had a superb time watching this movie. super awesome!! n two thumbs up!!

*while ade mase kite snippy snappy*

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