Thursday, October 7, 2010

'F' to the 'R' to the 'Z' to the 'M'


Its a four letter word. n what does it spell to u? well, non of any verb that can be found  in the dictionary for sure. basically i would just pronounce it `fuh-ra-z-em`. but the most essentially, the letter assemble for  it very specific reason. 

So there u have the introduction and the meaning behind the name. n back to this whole blog thingy. actually, its just for fun. perhaps i'll have anything interesting to share n now at least here will be the place.

Ngomong2, i have nothing much to 'blog' about. but since i have time, y not i spend some of t here. lebih kurang awesome jugak what. i've been reading people's blog so was thinking, y not have my own. but ade ke org nak bace? fret not! i know i am no interesting people for other people to care. so yada yada yada.. persetan kan saja.


Nombor bukan sebarang nombor, nombor keramat kate nye cume jumpe sekali dlm 100thn. pfft! actually sume nombor pun special. of cz mane ade date yang bole jumpe2 lg thn2 dpn. 101010 ni pun dh xjumpe dh thn dpn. 81010 pun xjumpe jugak. my birthdate pun 9789 pun impossible bole jumpe lg. but ape yg best nye this date, 101010 byk couple2 yg amik peluang sempena tarikh yang konon nye cantik ni untuk melansungkan perkahwinan. jeez... awesome! congratz to all yg manage to get this date for ur wedding. im so happy for all of u. mudah-mudahan ur life pun will be as good as the par 10over10 la ye.


Yay! its weekend again! hoyeah! i heart weekend yaw! (ade org hate weekend ke?) since i only have 1off day in a week, my off day wajiblah diprogrammekan dgn aktiviti2 yg hebat, mampat n plg penting xmembosankan. this weekend, apart from wedding one of my good friend Jannah (congrat jannah!), there are other cool activities yg i must pegi.

Another event yg awesome for my off day this weekend is bazaar. OMG! ruginye broke bln ni. bazaar ni plak bln ni jgak die nk ade. their vendors dh la awesome2. kalo ade duit msti bargain gile2. but wtv darl, if there's a will, there will always be a way. im maybe broke, but azam., who knows. kalo dah bargain price, rugi la kalau xbeli ape2. before this mmg we've been to the same bazaar. but at that time it was held at zouk kl. mcm klaka je shopping dlm gelap. but i have the best companion for shopping n he makes it all easy breazy for me.
Pangkor =(

FYI, my dad is currently station at pulau pangkor. at one of this resort call 'Uptown Beach Resort'. cam klaka skit name die. tpt yg sgt simple but the ambience was superb! been there once, n it feels like heaven. ni pun dh 4bln xkesana. but mak n adik2 are making their way there. sgt jealous! even tho they go by bus, but terasa sgt awesome sbb i myself pun dh lame xnaik bas. express plak tu. pegi pangkor plak tu. shite! so since i have to report to work as soon as 7am, azam la yg kne hntr kn my mak n adik2 to the bus station. hope they have a safe journey n an awesome holiday. (wish yg ikhlas but dlm mode dengki) 

so to turn the dark side bright, at least i have control over the car for this whole weekend! yay la jgak! nway, still berharap utk kesana lg. 1mlm pun xpela. cz i miss abah. n i miss riding on kapcai motorbike with abit busuk punye helmet all around island (actually xla round sgt) tp to have breakfast kt warung tepin pantai, berbumbung kan atap n berlantai kan pasir pantai, naik moto, with beloved future husband plak tu, gosh.. dh mcm video clip 'love song' by 311 plak. hehehe.. nk flash back la skit. 


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