Saturday, October 23, 2010


well, hello.. hello..! its sunday ya'll.. td on my way to office, it was raining n shit, its so lullaby-ing.. but hence, bgn jugak aku pukul 6.15 secare automatik. hurm.. agak awesome mate dan otak ku. well, kerja pg ni tidak la sepressure mane. people? they r just arriving. expecting more n more later. so bole la haku membace surat2 khabar, n mkn karipap 3 tanpa henti. 

Hillary Swank reveales hairy armpits
hell yeah this is funny.. this news catch my eyes like in instant. gosh.. lame jgak xtgk eonline. but then, i remember theres one time where Julia Roberts also encountered the same problem. their hairy armpits. i mean, arent they shave? dont they feel uncomfortable? how did they put on their deodorants everyday? ok, maybe they are just too bz to shave, but come on. they bath of cz aite.. xkan xsabun? xbole shave skali? it wont take long.. but the biggest question in my head, dont they feel uncomfortable? well, i dont know if its too cold there smpai they desperately need to grow hair at their armpits. owh well, as i google, i also found that drew barrymore pun lebih kurang.. haih.. xpaham aku.. but on the other hand its still possible if diorg lupe nk shave. owh well, as they are too bz acting. or perhaps, they just dont do shaving themselves. kne pegi salon mane2 perhaps to do it for them. so, ape2 saje la. only they know the reason. diorg pun xkan nk memalukan diri sendiri pulak kan. i admit, there's time where we'll be too bz smpai xsempat nk grab a shaver n shave it off. but xdela biarkan sampai kerinting. gatal la!

*Hillary Swank on the red carpet*

*Julia Roberts back at the 90's n Drew Barrymore on Marc Jacobs  fashion show*

Owh.. im so dying to watch movies showing now. why? why? why must they start showing a week before hari gaji? why??? kalo ikut kan list, terlalu byk kut yg tersenarai dlm my "must watch" list. im sure me n azam gonna enjoy watching those together. tp buat mase ni duit xde! marathon next week? i.s.a.. tp rase cam buang mase je kalo tgk byk2. i mean, come on.. not gonna spend most of the day only with watching movies. duhh.. but we shall see..

to name few movies that im dying to watch, 
1. the switch 
according to a friend, this movie is about an unmarried woman who desperately wanted to have baby. so dia pun decided to have baby through artificial insemination process. hurm.. tgk synopsis mcm best je cite ni. recommendation received pun sgt mengujakan. *mcm the back up plan ke? jeng3*

2. buried 
well they have been saying that this movie's sucks. so im in between now. am i gonna go with Ryan Reynolds or stay safe with just watch this movie through dvd. hurm.. the trailer seems awesome, well of cz i see no one else but the alluring Ryan stuck underground. n its also generate my curiousity as well. but have not receive any good feed back from anyone yet. so, yeah.. im in between!

3. you again
this is a movie yg no girls xnk tgk. tehehe.. yeah oh yeah, i am gurly gurlish at some point. have watched the trailer n i just cant say 'no' to it. me n azam r definitely gonna enjoy this kind of movie. dulu azam xmungkin tgk cerita2 mcm ni. but after confession of a shopaholic, he turn out to be my girlfriend jgak. hehehe.. buy one free one!

4. life as we know it
i love Catherine Heigl. all her movies were awesome. well, cant tell this one yet. but kompom awesome jgak . co-star plak Josh Duhamel, my goodness..  tebayang his cuteness in transformers. *i hate fergie* mesti tgk la ni. synopsis kate cite ni diorg dua kne jage anak kwn diorg. xlain xbkn ni case cite mule2 xsuke lepas tu suke la tu. dh tau dh.. tp nk tgk jgak. heee..~

5. altitude 
1st time tgk trailer, i was like "huish, hoih, wah" hehe.. i dont know who wont but its a very interesting movie i suppose. its like who would have imagine there will be monster up off the sky. monster kah? this gonna be the first movie i'll watch. uwww...

n soon, takers.
maaf bapak2, i mmg nk tgk cerita ni sebab hero2 die. i am crazy over T.I sbb die sungguh handsome. Jay Hernandez pun. well, this is a perfect movie for me and azam as he'll enjoy the action n i'll enjoy the boys.. tehehe..

If there's anymore recommendation or comments on what movie i should watch or shouldnt watch, do let me know ya.. perhaps we can share. n i wont have to waste money on unworth it movies. trehehe..

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