Friday, October 22, 2010

Entry Untuk Abang

So, looking at the date, hari ni 23 October 2010. birthday one of adik ku sayang, Mohd Aliff B Mohd Alias (or we all just call him abang cause he's the first son in the family). he's  finally 16! wow, he's a man now.. mudah2an he'll act like one too n will be the first armour after abah in our family. IsyaAllah.. well bro, always remember.. life isnt easy. i've cried so much n still holding back some so that it'll come out only at the right time. i believe u understand kan bang, we have alot to sacrifice just to make people around us feel at ease. sabar sayang, it'll fade away as u become stronger. in fact, u're my man, im sure u can do it. u n i same je n its just that im a girl n u're a boy. so, isnt boy should be way tougher than girl? but no matter what happen, u can always remember this one thing till the last day of your life. u have ur sisters, mak, abah n also adik  to catch ur back. just please dont break us down. we count so much on u. not to burden u up. but because u are the brother in the family. be proud with it n may u live a happy life, eternally. 

ps. like u always say, ilysfdm

 *jgn lupe moments ni tau!*

 *n this too*

 *n sume2 la.. forever*

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