Friday, July 20, 2012

saiful sin the new comer (WEDDING DESIGNER)

ever heard of the name saiful sin before? me havent. i just have his brochure which i dont know from where the hell does it come from. probably sbb office hubby kt sec15 same area dgn butik die. attracted by the brochure, i then decided to google his name or senang ckp, i enter his blogspot as stated on the brochure.

i know, its been a while since i havent blog anything about weddings. well u see, this is my blog. i'll talk about my LIFE journey n my INTEREST. so, no special subject to be particular.

sambung pasal saiful sin..

i often forget his name as i always remembered saiful nang. errr.. nang n sin, confusing? it is to me..

pada those yang tatau, saiful sin is a designer who do fashion designing to shoe designing to pelamin designing n even hantaran (i think).

i am pretty impress on his design for pelamin sbb semua idea nampak fresh n modern chic.. well, u got to see it to believe it..

so, how? impress? blom? wait until u see his hantaran artworks..

unik sangat! yet very luxe n chix dont u think?

n then his couture which i think kinda ok..

the baju raya

to bride to be, perhaps u can inquire if u're interested. his boutique pon i tgk sgt cantik based on his blogspot. kire mcm ada bakat btol la die ni interior designing. eh?? hahaha.. the details of the shop ade kt blog die. so, feel free to visit..

ps. i xdpt ape2 interest tau blog psl ni. cume share something yg baru n menarik saje.. best of luck b2b!


cha said...

Cantikla. Lain dr yg lain dais dia kan. Knpla zaman kita kawen xde cmni haha

Rina Hamid said...

canteknyaaa gambar ketiga tuhhhh...dah lepas kawen xleh tgk dah gmbr2 cmni..hahaha