Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lil' DD

its about 6hours to go until weekend, n ohhh.. how i wish i could have a quality sleep this time. i dont know where went wrong but these couple of days, tidur asik xcukup je. nak kate tdo lambat xplak. bgn awal pagi, lg la x.. i bet esok pagi msti mate terbeliak seawal2 nye. thats what i hate about me over the weekends. kalo weekdays rase mcm berat nye mata nk bukak! dh weekend, lepas subuh dh xbole tutup2 blk. cisss... what a waste of time!

weekend ni, i ade byk plan in mind. one thing yg hubby excited, family dinner kat bagan. hahaha.. MIL dh janji nk blanje before puasa. i, of cz on saje. so, was thinking. i'll be spending the saturday with hubs' family n the sunday with mine. kalau semua bole habis on saturday pun cun jgak. but depends. 

errrrr.. actually kalo tgk kt title tu i patut nk cerita lain senanye. dh over excited psl weekend, aku cite weekend plak dah..

anyway, since doctor has confirmed our baby's gender, kitorg pun dh start pilih nama for our lil' sunshine. insyallah, the flower that we saw on the screen was pretty clear so its no doubt about it. tgk perut pun people can already tell. so, yeah.. im carrying a girl.

unlike most couple who did alot of homework and research before picking names for their child, laki aku senang je. awal2 lagi die asik mentioned satu name ni. well, try gak i suggest name lain. tp xdilayan nye. firm je die dgn name yg die nk tu. to him maybe "take it or leave it". kalo xsuke dh pyh tanye2 die lagi. hampehhh..

end up, i pasrah je. cume kne look for another name to combine n yes, i've found one. at this moment, dh jumpe pun satu name yg masing2 suke dan setuju. so later on, i can tell to this baby that your first name was my choice n your 2nd name was ur dad's choice. fair n square kan..

am not gonna reveal it to the public as its still a plan. some of friends dah tau sbb mereka lah tempat aku mengadu kalau tension dgn jawapan husband yg menyakit kan hati apabila dipropose name lain. but as at now, lets call her lil' dd first. 

btw, lil' dd dh dpt baju!!! thanks tasha n sister! nnt weekend ni insyallah will get more stuff for lil'' dd. 

erkk.. its lunch now.. let go eat!

tetibe rase cam nk mkn ni from jombali cafe. bapak nye.. esok jom?!!!

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