Wednesday, February 1, 2012

honeymoon trip 1.0

good morning lovelies..

skrg tiba masanya utk review pengalaman honeymoon bersama suami tercinta.. i once thought that i should review on my honeymooning right after i've finished reviewing all my wedding stuff.. tp nmpk gaya nya lupe kan la.. review perkara2 wedding lain sgt memenatkan dan perlukan mood n masa yg ample.

btw, i just came back from my 2nd honeymoon yet i xreview lagi pasal my 1st honeymoon. indeed honeymoon adalah pengalaman yg xdpt dilupa kan, but i cant be remembering all the name of the places as good as when its still fresh in my head.. so let me put it on here so that i can always recall the sweet memories between me and u.. eh, n my hubby la ye x..

on... (sepatutnye ni nk letak date tp dh lupe... jap ingat blk)

*bunyik cengkerik*

on the 26th of December 2011 (kalo xsilap) azam n i had a solo (sepatutnye duet la kan.. hehehe) trip to pd. we've been to pd before but never just the two of us.. its a funny feeling bile kitorg dua sama2 figure out the way cz walaupun suami aku lelaki, die bukan lah kaki ronda n always know which junction to take or which route to go.. nak2 plak, gps kadang2 kurang membantu bile sudah nye die pun pening.

sampai first traffic light ke pd, hati bergelodak keriangan bile terpampang billboard hotel honeymoon kami.. ahakz... nampak gaya my memory xla terok sgt kan.. 

rupe2 nye, hotel yg kitorg nk pgi ni berdekatan je dgn glory beach resort.. both of us been to glory with our family before.. hahaha.. glory la sgt.. n, seingat i mase check in, the lobby berbau durian.. apakah?

but the check in process indeed very easy.. we pay for the room, they gave our keys n sebesar2 langkah i jalan sbb xsabar sgt nk ke bilik honeymoon kami.. wohooo.. *eh2, nk tulis ni pun masih seronok? hahaha... siapa yg xsuke honeymoon, btol?*

since its only port dickson, i guess theres nothing much to review.. i just nk ckp yg i love the room because ade private pool *period*

apart from that, well.. its just a typical PD trip i guess.. cume kali ni kne la survive dgn seorg laki yg bernama suami.. hehehe.. mempersembahkan, gambar2...

to the hotel.. jeng jeng jeng..

meet grand lexis PD

to our room

yours truly and hasban by the pool.. our pool..
maaf, too excited about the pool hingga lupe amik gambar bilik.. =P

the toilet (ini aku amik plak.. sigh)

around the hotel
buggy service

the villa's



during breakfast

azam's next plan

the activity
round PD

lunch at teluk kemang

lukis2 gambar.. ahakz!

btw, ini adalah sedikit details tentang trip honeymoon kitorg hari tu kalo kut2 ade sape2 yg minat utk buat activity yg same..:

hotel : Grand Lexis PD (booked via online)

rate : RM5++ p/nite = RM12++ for 2nights (including breakfast)

meal : carik sendiri.. gi jalan2 kt pekan.. as for us, we had kfc for lunch n dinner of the first day.. chicken rice at teluk kemang on 2nd day n maggi in my cup for dinner of the 2nd nite.

breakfast buffet : mcm kurang varieties.. org ramai so mcm xcukup space kalo dtg lambat.

satisfactory : we dont quite use the hotel service. we concentrated more on our honeymoon activity. hahaha.. meaning : enjoy being husband n wife. i see ur face, u see my face.. that kinda thing. jgn fikir bkn2.. jgn fikir bkn2.. but overall the hotel is ok. the service is a lil boring sbb staff xfriendly.. lucky them, we enjoy being with ourselves je so AKU MMG XKISAH.



nurul harnani said...

i love this place..

nk tumpang review entry tmpt yg best, menarik n kebabommm!!

anaztasias nora aira said...

comel gambar duduk tepi kolam tu dear !

Cik Nasha said...

ramainya pegi grand lexis..
menambah keterujaan.. eceh. ;p

fira. said...

cik nasha, grand lexis mmg best. recommended!

nora : time kasih la ye.. malu i..

nani : mmg ohsem!!!