Wednesday, March 2, 2011

CONTEST : PHOTOSHOOT PERCUMA bernilai RM150 anjuran Faridism Photography

this is by far the slowest week of the year

first of all.. lemme just get this tag done since rasenye dh berkurun berabad dh cikFM tag saye but i have no time to do it yet. *sigh*  btw, thanks cik FM. pagi ni ade skit free time since boss is out for meeting in KL. so rasenye bole la curik tulang skit n focus on this contest. colleague, jgn ade ape2 dulu ye.. jap lagi bg la ape2 pun. i'll do it with all my heart n soul. skrg tgh nk cube nasib ni. bismillah.. bismillah..

there u go, this is the banner of the contest n of cz this is the contest i've been tagged.

Sebab kenapa i harus menang contest ni..
because me n my fiance are a very shy shy cat couple. yes, deal with it if we win mr. photographer. but anyway, that will however show ur credibility on making good pictures out of two org kayu like me n my fiance. *hehe.. dont mean to challenge u but it is sad but true ='( * actually, mmg i ade angan2 utk buat couple photoshoot n since we are getting married soon so it would great if we can have a humble save the date or pre-wed photoshoot. its once in a lifetime kan so of course it need to be captured by a true photographer like mr. farid (i assume that must be ur name aite?) n to have it F.O.C, i'll simply be the luckiest b2b-on-budget  n it will indeed be one of the nicest wedding gift ever.

p/s: loving shikin amran's photos. she my class mate back in 2004 if im not mistaken. jeezz.. she's such a doll now. so, mr. photographer.. make mine like her's too please.. pretty please.. *wink2*

Tema n shoot mcmane yg i nak..
simple n sgt lovely n romantic of course. the theme, "makan" !! hehe.. forget to mention that we're also two fat couple that enjoy eating till we gain more fat! n since we are no good in posing2 like a model, jadi it would be awesome if we can just have our food while mr. photographer is doing his job. *yikes, we sound like a monster la pulak* tehehe.. so, morning breakfast, lunch, hi-tea, dinner or even supper would be lovely. kalo breakfast, by the beach would be awesome.  then we'll have a walk along the beach. *uwww... romantic*
mcm ni.. (but this is not breakfast of cz)

a pic-a-nic will be cute too! as long as no bear will try to steal our pic-a-nic basket *pengaruh katun yogi bear* for this, any park will do. just put on a nice picnic mat, with picnic basket. haih.. cair ai! i know this sound a bit common but who dont want a beautiful picnic date with their loves one. of cz we  want a photographer to snap the moments. *uwww... uwww...*

p.s : fyi, im up high on the sky now..
for dinner, something special mcm ni, will always be remember.. 

well, despite mmg skit susah nk dpt gmba mcm kat atas (well, bole ke picnic baring2 mcm kat atas tu kat park kat malaysia ni? n mane plak nk mkn tgh tasik mcm kat atas tu) yet, kat KL ni ade byk tpt mkn yg superb. lg pun thats just the idea. creative people dont copy aite? so, kt KL ni u name it, changkat area?  bora asmara? ampang look out point pun view die cantik. bukit tinggi utk suasana paris street cafes pun msti best sgt.. *tu dh langgar rule dh tu* in fact, kat kedai mamak pun sgt2 la bole. so, basically, anywhere je la mr. photographer. with compliments of beautiful venue, talented photographer, awesome editing, creative ideas n professional eaters, its gonna turn out good. insyaallah..

link n follow mr. photographer's blog..

tag at least three of your friends..
1. ilah - babe, kau suke posing2 kan. nah, ni amik.. buat mane tau kut2 menang. ade org pakar ble snap gmbar kau. =P

2.ctmah - babe, i noticed u suke masuk contest. so, y dont u give this a try! *wink*
3. lisalisut - babe, u looked mcm stress lately. hope u can try this one out n if u win mayb it can cheer u up. *smile*

so girls, if u nak join n try ur luck in this contest, simply follow the instructions below. kacang parang je.. Good luck!

1 ) Buat satu entry berkaitan contest ni. ( CONTEST : PHOTOSHOOT PERCUMA bernilai RM150 anjuran Faridism Photography ) & letakkan banner contest di entry dan sidebar anda.
2 ) Dalam entry tu, tulis SEBAB kenapa anda harus dipilih untuk menang PHOTOSHOOT PERCUMA ni. Dan juga, tulis TEMA dan shoot macam mana yang anda nak. Kalau ada contoh gambar lagi bagus. Contoh : Photoshoot couple, potrait, keluarga, kawan ataupun apa2 sahaja :)
3 ) Link kan blog ni dalam entry anda.
4 ) Diwajibkan follow blog ni untuk mendapat tahu updates terbaru tentang contest ni & kalau nak LIKE page Faridism Photography di SINI pun boleh :)
5 ) Tag minimum 3 orang kawan dan make sure kawan anda tahu yang dorang kena tag. 

**for further info, please visit : **


LisaLisut said...

aaaaaaaaaaaa stress sungguh nak masuk2 contest laaaa babe... but i'll try..depends on my mood.because i mmg takde idea nak ber pre wedding bagai ni..sigh.thanks anyway k

fira. said...

huhu.. xpe. lek je.. chill kayh? its up to u anyway.. jgn la stress2.. lately most of ur entry seperti stress2 belaka.. weekend dh dekat. cheer up!

ctmah said...

hi dear..
hihi..nnt i join hokkie.
anyway thanks 4 ur info k..

fira. said...

no problems.. feel free to join! i wish u all the best!