Thursday, March 10, 2011

W-preps progress : #3 "Wedding Decorator : not yet hired"

too bad.. deal yg patutnye di close hari ni xdpt nk disettle kan due to some unforeseen circumstances. xpela, xsengaje kan. however, lega sbb dpt jumpe my soon-to-be decorator tu. at least dpt discuss on wht i want n everythng. she's such a lovely lady. seronok jgak lepak dgn die. mmg mcm ni eh kalo nk kawin? as we go meet n greet our vendor sume nye akan turn out mcm lepak2 dgn membe2. best la. i suke!

walaupun i xdpt nk byr deposit tu hari ni, but its consider as booked cz i mmg sepatutnye bayar hari ni. but to us (me n azam) selagi kitorg xdpt any prove of payment, kitorg mmg xbrani nk serah duit. xkire la bank-in or cash. we just dont want to do that. so another appointment will be arrange probably next weekdays or another next weekdays. target tetap nk kne achieve. by april, sume ni dh nk kne cross dh. sobs, kalo xmlm ni dh bole cross satu..

n since decorator involve byk jgak bnde2 detail, i mmg nk kne review balik sume bnde starts from the theme color, concept, hand bouquet nk yg mcmane n byk lagi. sebelum ni xbrape nk amik port sgt pasal bnde2 mcm ni. so, i better start browsing now.. erk.. i mean esok lepas tdo n bile free. till then.. 


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