Sunday, March 6, 2011

crazy weekend

jeezz.. i somehow hate this weekend. my mood is crazy n it is all over the place. all i can say is that it is so inconsistent, its bother me so much. perhaps sume ni dek kerana bulan terang yg sgt mengganggu emosi. sabtu (yesterday) as usual started off boring. night before, me and azam just couldnt get along. so terbawak2 ke next day. kne kerja some more. booring. its gloomy, yes. lucky a very good friend of mine, which i consider her as very much like my sister, kak fy called to asked me out for lunch. mule2, cant decide. the day before mmg i dh plan kan something for saturday. but since azam n i pun xbole nk go, so i agreed to go out with kak fy.

she fetched me from work n she took me to her friend's restaurant which is pizza vs satay at usj11. all the girls out there, u should go n try the food. its soooo yummy! tpt mkn pun best. too bad, im not the type yg snap pics byk2 when i go to places. so... google2 je n i found the photo above to share. so, kak fy ordered me chicken lasagna (8/10), pizza (7/10), the fries n wedges (7/10) n ABC (10/10). siap terase2 lagi abc tu skrg. the kedai, sgt cantik. mase kitorg pgi tu ade previous event yg mayb farewell fo a teacher so ade one huge chalk board on the wall n they buat the wall jadi mcm mural yg sgt cantik. huh.. tatau mcmane lagi nk bgtau how best nye kedai ni. cant wait to go there again n nk try other foods yg diorg ade. actually i've been there once with my family but that was like ages ago. mase tu pun diorg still dekat taipan. but according to kak fy they have moved to usj11 for quite sometimes.

lepas kenyang, kak fy hntr i blk. smpai rumah i straight call azam. dh lame sgt so xbest la gado lame2 since dh la weekend. what are weekend with no love ones by ur side kan. lg pun there are too many things yg i plan nk buat dgn die. asked him out n around 6pm mcm tu he fetched me n we went to plaza alam sentral. actually i nk gi sane sbb ade few reasons. memule cz dpt tau yg bijou bazaar ade kat dataran shah alam, n mase otw blk dgn kak fy td ternampak poster kat tiang lampu yg says that there are a pameran pengantin happening at plaza alam sentral this weekend. alhamdulillah dlm ramai2 org, parking skit senang nk carik. naik2 je we straight go to the ground floor. the pameran pengantin, boooring. xde ape yg menarik. langsung! tgk2 booth vendor kad jemputan. typical. wht do u expect. so, nothing much. then we go to dataran shah alam to check out the bijou bazaar. panas yg hamat! the stalls, ok je. but not my type. stock baju lame2 ala2 bundle. or mayb mmg bundle pun. so, xbeli ape2.

to my surprise, azam sanggup melayan i yg konon nk gi sacc mall plak. hello, azam bkn jenis yg sanggup berjalan dari satu tempat ke satu tempat ok. kalo bole sume pun die nk drive je. but smlm x. kitorg lintas2 jln pgi sacc mall. plan nk gi gulatis to check out kain. found those i fancy so much. santek. bole dibuat baju idaman i seperti entry sebelum ni. cume hargenye, subhanallah.. sgt mahal. tp xpe. xmematah kan semangat. tu baru check gulatis. blom check out other shops. n then kitorg jln lagi. saje ajak azam gi kedai jewelleries. i really need to survey how much does it cost for a man ring. found something yg azam suke ky dyana. its suasa. murah pun murah cume xde size. i asked the SA if let say nk order the same design but with different size mcmane. she said kne tambah duit but xde la smpai rm100. gile la.. sgt affordable. im so gonna get that for azam. so, tgk2 cincin pompuan plak. xcantik pun yg kt dyana. so, kitorg gi diamond & platinum plak. the SA sgt familiar dgn i. kitorg biase jumpe kt my workplace. so he's been very helpful. yay! siap nk simpan kan lagi cincin yg i berkenan tu. tp tah la. its quite expensive. i really like it but xsmpai ati nk tgk azam byr for that such price. sobs.. n mase tu jgak la i tanye that SA everything pasal GIA certs. gile before this xtau ape2 pun. pnah terbace kt blog lisalisut. but mcm malas gile nk understand it. hihihi... al-maklum, im not a material girl. so, alang2 smlm i tanye je. eleh... mcm xde bende je cert tu. to me la.. but at least now i know.

mlm plak, i gi rumah kak fy lg. this time i brought my maid yg terel urut. kak fy mintak diurut so i pun hntr la my maid gi rumah die. about 11pm kitorg blk. smpai rumah, azam dtg. grong greng grong greng smpai pkul 2 baru tdo. zzzz...

sunday plak (hari ni), kitorg satu family gi rumah wan. damn the weather sgt xbest. but (my prefered OP) made my day. gonna meet them next week. so i harus cheer up next week. cant wait. hope its gonna b fun insyallah. kat rumah wan xbuat byk bnde cz bdn rase mcm sgt letih2. kunyap2, tdo.. tu je la. dh blk rumah type entry ni. duhhhh.. dh la xbyk photo. yg ade pun hasil cilok dari google. so, xpasal2 terdrag korg yg bace boring skali. tehehe.. sorry..


LisaLisut said...

mgu ni mcm laju je so i suke.sbb i tension n mcm u jugak sbb 6hari tak jumpa tunang i pdahal sekangkang kera je umah.busy keje ah dia..bengang btul.ari ni jumpa pun kejap je.tak lama lagi bulan i mengambang.tgh control emotion ni.hehe..u ade g sacc sabtu lepas dlm 12-3 cmtu x? i rasa mcm ternmpk ala2 i mana la cam kan.gmbr u pn kecik je kat profile pic tu.kekekeke

fira. said...

eh.. ade2.. i rase i pun mcm ternampak seseorg yg familiar iaitu u. alaa.. nape xtegur je kan. hehehe.. malu2 la tu. ape u buat kat sacc?