Thursday, March 1, 2012


hoyeah! its friday korg!! so whats ur weekend plan this week? after having an awesome, full weekend last week, secara automatic minggu ku bergerak dgn sungguh pantas n thank god its friday again!

this week pun jadual saya agak padat. alhamdulillah.. xla bosan melanguk dirumah. i've my cuzen's engagement to attend on saturday, a little project with linda to settle on saturday nite and pot luck tea cum dinner with my persatuan on sunday!!! gosh.. sgt look forward dgn activity2 ni..

anyhow, i nk thank kak amy n syida for having faith in me.. that brings me to the projects that im currently happy working on. now i have reasons to play back my favorite toys. alhamdulillah, i dpt full support from hubby who patiently take me out here n there.

in the same time, im so nervous with the project. well, knowing that people are putting their trust on me makes me shaky. but insyaallah, i'll try my very best.

*wish me luck!*

*progress 2days ago*


cha said...

wah project apa u? tak sangka u seorang yg kreatif. i ni keras tangan huhu

fitria said...

insyaAllah kalau hati dah suke.. sumenye akan menjadi.. good luck beb

Renee Meow said...

wah cant wait for the outcome.. bleh jadik wedding decorator ni..! :D