Thursday, March 8, 2012

project weekend :: canopy decor for baby aisy' safiyyah's akikah

congratulations baby fiya!!! skrg dh pun bercukur jambul..

*pic credit to baby's mommy, kak amy*

this cute little princess, is belong to my friend's friend, kak amy. *wave liyana!!* pheww.. tgk mak nye saje sudah xperlu tanye knp la baby die cute sgt. she's a mother of 2 tp die lagi slim dari i. pang la laju2 kalo nak..

it was about 3weeks ago when i offered myself to help kak amy to do the deco for her daughter's akikah. if only u know how i miss doing all this thing with scissors and glue and glitters and of course ribbons.. its like getting my favorite toys back and last week, me n my husband, linda and her's went to bandar nusa rhu to hung all the things we have and prepared specially for baby fiya. 

we arrived at bandar nusa rhu dlm pkul10. hehehe.. lambat plak eh.. biase la, 1st timer.. dgn sesat nye.. awww... malu! smpai2 je baby fiya tgh menyusu so without further a do, we all pun start..

being a beginner, bukan la mudah kitorg nk decide on how to place things. but fortunately, we sort it out in just a minute *chewah*.

*maaf, camera yg paling canggih mlm itu cume i phone linda*

we started with hanging the lanterns around the canopy. the theme was pink, peach and yellow. since canopy dh peach *seriously, its a very nice peach*, so we try to play with other colors such as yellow n pink.

kak amy only wanted to have lanterns around the canopy. but being me yg tgh gian nk buat itu ini, i added few other things.. =P

*doily papers on canopy's pillars*

*hanging deco at the centre of the canopy*

xcukup dgn tu, i added a special centre pieces and a little candy treat for the guests.. *i hope they like these "unrequested" items*

ohhh... seronoknye rase dpt buat semua ni!!! i DIY the paper flower since a week before the function n all i know is that i was being so gigih! huhuhu.. alhamdulillah, nmpk mcm berbaloi..

we finished putting up all these things at 2am in the morning. i cant be more grateful with having a very supportive husband like azam. xsangka, sudi die melayan "hobi" isteri die ni.. kalo la die xde, xtau la cemane si katik ni *referring to myself* nk memanjat, menggantung2..

the next day, i woke up quite early sbb terlalu nervous mengenangkan mcmane la decor aku tu.. tanggal ke yg gantung2 tu? n the worst feeling was "suke ke kak amy dgn ape yg aku gantung2 tu" sbb mase kitorg blk mlm tu, tuan rumah semua dh tdo..

n the good news was, nasib baik die suke. n whats even great is when kak amy kate die nk pggl i lagi utk birthday decor plak. hoyeah!!!! a special gratitude to hubby *of cz* and linda sbb sudi bersama2 menjayakan projek ini. hihihi.. n i cant be thanking enough to my good friend ilah sbb dh tolong buat kan table tag for the centre pieces. ohhh ilah, u're more than just an office mate. *hugs*

as for this week's project *alhamdulillah, projek blom putus buat mase ni*, i ade deadline to meet. a special bantal hantaran for syida.. i hope i can get it done on time.. the process is on going n i hope she will love it. owh... i just love doing things like this.. *rase mcm nk scream*.

so, as continuation on making things that i like, i started up with an fb page.. maybe u guys can show ur support by liking us on facebook .. seriously, this is just for fun.. like us [here] so that i can share more project with u guys too. 

nota ibu jari : knp aku bajet gossip girl hari ni.. erk... hampun..



cikpia said...

cantik! gigih! mantap! i'm speechless!! he he.....

Julie M Gumpil said...

Its amazing to have a hobby that involve creativity.. Keep it up.. Btw, i'm blogwalking actually... come visit my blog k...tsi

UyaRayza said...

wahhhhhh dah jadik vendor dh nie..ok2 gudlak firaaaa

fira. said...

uya... bukan!!! bukan!! i bukan vendor la.. i cume suke2.. *tepuk dahi*

LisaLisut said...

Ini join venture biz dgn linfa ke. I book akikah anak i please. serius!

fira. said...