Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30 november, 23 more days to go, tutup account!!!

selamat hujung bulan kawan2!!!

n utk pengetahuan, gaji i pun dh hampir licin.. tahniah utk diri sendiri.. xpela, yg penting bridal suite i dh siap completely.. owh.. tinggal nk beli frames saje utk letak gambar..

i had so much fun spending every weekends with all my loves one.. n also big thanks to mak and abah for all the unconditional support u both have gave to me.. it is all very special n i'll never forget it even until my last breath.. *sebak*

ok, cukup la beremosi.. i've 23 more days n i've more important things to concern about.. alhamdulillah, everything is all under control.. duit semua i dh settle kan letak tepi.. most things mmg dh siap n im blessed.. 

so, mari kite review checklist bulan ni n see if i've done whatever things that i should by now..

  • prepare hantaran - basically i've all the barang hantarans already. assigned a neighbour to help us arranging the decorations for the hantaran.. finally, it is decided that we'll be using fresh flowers for the decorations. yay!!!

  • finalized doorgifts - doorgifts for my reception is almost ready.. for nikah, nothing much. plus, im buying some cute lil boxes from a very good friend. 75pieces altogether n i nk buat bagi mase nikah jgak.. thinking of putting in tasbih or apam polka dot perhaps.

  • final vendors callback - im communicating very closely with some of them so i guess there's nothing much to worry about.

  • confirm spa treatment centre - managed to get a very good deal.. will share about it later..

  • collect RSVP - no need.. its a free flow kenduri so i guess maybe ckp2 mulut saje la.. im distributing cards to a very close friends n family only.. mak abah pun begitu.. im also inviting only close and long lost friends through fb n total of confirm guests : 55.. phew..

  • D.I.Y project - i guess there are nothing much.. semua adalah sgt in control n im totally confident with it..

jeez.. semua dh settle? dh bole kawin la ni? hahaha.. sabar ye.. 23 hari lagi.. weee...


amy fahmi said...

fira, i pulak excited dgn wedding u. can't wait! im sooo happy for my dear december brides!

fira. said...

thank u amy!!! i pun cant wait for the january bride!!