Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Finally, movie! : Life as We Know It

recommendation : very must watch!

This will always be me n azam favorite movie of all time. ade funny, sad, romantic.. jeez... its just a perfect movie for every couple. i almost cry when messer wanted to leave holly n sophie for phoenix which it has always be his dream to direct his own sports game. n its also cracked me up when holly got some sophie's shit on her face. yes, me n azam enjoy it mucho2. *tgk sophie tringat mimi* its a must watch n we'll definitely buy it dvd n rewatch it over n over again. 10 star wa ckp same lu..

*especially when u had to hold your tears, damn u're one gorgeous creature*
as we have to watch it after work (which is actually at 10 PM) so, me n azam have to rush to O.U as soon as i punch out. arrived around 10.40pm n the show start at 11.20pm. buy our snack thats for sure n sempat jgak main daytona satu game. after all, we had a superb time watching this movie. super awesome!! n two thumbs up!!

*while ade mase kite snippy snappy*

Saturday, October 23, 2010


well, hello.. hello..! its sunday ya'll.. td on my way to office, it was raining n shit, its so lullaby-ing.. but hence, bgn jugak aku pukul 6.15 secare automatik. hurm.. agak awesome mate dan otak ku. well, kerja pg ni tidak la sepressure mane. people? they r just arriving. expecting more n more later. so bole la haku membace surat2 khabar, n mkn karipap 3 tanpa henti. 

Hillary Swank reveales hairy armpits
hell yeah this is funny.. this news catch my eyes like in instant. gosh.. lame jgak xtgk eonline. but then, i remember theres one time where Julia Roberts also encountered the same problem. their hairy armpits. i mean, arent they shave? dont they feel uncomfortable? how did they put on their deodorants everyday? ok, maybe they are just too bz to shave, but come on. they bath of cz aite.. xkan xsabun? xbole shave skali? it wont take long.. but the biggest question in my head, dont they feel uncomfortable? well, i dont know if its too cold there smpai they desperately need to grow hair at their armpits. owh well, as i google, i also found that drew barrymore pun lebih kurang.. haih.. xpaham aku.. but on the other hand its still possible if diorg lupe nk shave. owh well, as they are too bz acting. or perhaps, they just dont do shaving themselves. kne pegi salon mane2 perhaps to do it for them. so, ape2 saje la. only they know the reason. diorg pun xkan nk memalukan diri sendiri pulak kan. i admit, there's time where we'll be too bz smpai xsempat nk grab a shaver n shave it off. but xdela biarkan sampai kerinting. gatal la!

*Hillary Swank on the red carpet*

*Julia Roberts back at the 90's n Drew Barrymore on Marc Jacobs  fashion show*

Owh.. im so dying to watch movies showing now. why? why? why must they start showing a week before hari gaji? why??? kalo ikut kan list, terlalu byk kut yg tersenarai dlm my "must watch" list. im sure me n azam gonna enjoy watching those together. tp buat mase ni duit xde! marathon next week? i.s.a.. tp rase cam buang mase je kalo tgk byk2. i mean, come on.. not gonna spend most of the day only with watching movies. duhh.. but we shall see..

to name few movies that im dying to watch, 
1. the switch 
according to a friend, this movie is about an unmarried woman who desperately wanted to have baby. so dia pun decided to have baby through artificial insemination process. hurm.. tgk synopsis mcm best je cite ni. recommendation received pun sgt mengujakan. *mcm the back up plan ke? jeng3*

2. buried 
well they have been saying that this movie's sucks. so im in between now. am i gonna go with Ryan Reynolds or stay safe with just watch this movie through dvd. hurm.. the trailer seems awesome, well of cz i see no one else but the alluring Ryan stuck underground. n its also generate my curiousity as well. but have not receive any good feed back from anyone yet. so, yeah.. im in between!

3. you again
this is a movie yg no girls xnk tgk. tehehe.. yeah oh yeah, i am gurly gurlish at some point. have watched the trailer n i just cant say 'no' to it. me n azam r definitely gonna enjoy this kind of movie. dulu azam xmungkin tgk cerita2 mcm ni. but after confession of a shopaholic, he turn out to be my girlfriend jgak. hehehe.. buy one free one!

4. life as we know it
i love Catherine Heigl. all her movies were awesome. well, cant tell this one yet. but kompom awesome jgak . co-star plak Josh Duhamel, my goodness..  tebayang his cuteness in transformers. *i hate fergie* mesti tgk la ni. synopsis kate cite ni diorg dua kne jage anak kwn diorg. xlain xbkn ni case cite mule2 xsuke lepas tu suke la tu. dh tau dh.. tp nk tgk jgak. heee..~

5. altitude 
1st time tgk trailer, i was like "huish, hoih, wah" hehe.. i dont know who wont but its a very interesting movie i suppose. its like who would have imagine there will be monster up off the sky. monster kah? this gonna be the first movie i'll watch. uwww...

n soon, takers.
maaf bapak2, i mmg nk tgk cerita ni sebab hero2 die. i am crazy over T.I sbb die sungguh handsome. Jay Hernandez pun. well, this is a perfect movie for me and azam as he'll enjoy the action n i'll enjoy the boys.. tehehe..

If there's anymore recommendation or comments on what movie i should watch or shouldnt watch, do let me know ya.. perhaps we can share. n i wont have to waste money on unworth it movies. trehehe..

Friday, October 22, 2010

life : before n after work

working on saturday n sunday adalah sgt men-tense-kan. n it seems like i have to get use to it sbb i have another three weekend to be spend busy-ly at workplace. yaiks! this week this place will be packed with malaysian artists. stok yg belakon2 tu la. next week plak kite maju setapak dgn expo hartanah n abit of lifestyle (gua nk shopping rumah boleh?) next three weekend plak ade bridal fair. well, yg tu awesome. sgt look forward. yay!!

merujuk tajuk diatas
yada yada yada.. actually i feel like sharing the differences i feel mase dulu blom keje n skrg dh keje. honestly byk sgt. some i love n some i dont. setelah lebih 6bln bekerja, i begin to get used to it. well, jd guest services officer bukan la semudah yg disangka n sesusah yg disangka especially bile awak tu kje kt tpt saye ni. for 1st timer cm ai ni agak teruja bergelar officer pade mulenye but end up.. hurmm.. malas nk ckp dh. but afterall bersyukur sesgt cz i got this job just only on my first try. cukup la utk nk buat shopping, mkn bln2, bli tiket concert, blanja mak abah n adik2. insyaallah, kalo ade rezeki aku nk perform better so that my carrier will start growing sejajar dgn ilmu n pengalaman didada. amin..

there goes my time
but unlike before, mase idop aku skrg ni is abit tonggang langgang. especially when i've to work on shift. weekend tah kemane, cuti tah kemane. lucky my shift is quite flexible. ade yg lepas kje bole enjoy n ade yg before kje bole tdo smpai matahari tegak atas kepala. tp tu la, time tu family2 sume kje cm biase n time diorg cuti on weekend, i can hardly join them. =( dulu, every weekend boleh kuar dgn su (my aunty), nk kuar tgk wayang pun anytime je. plan for holiday? bring it on. but now, sume kne tgk function. tak psl2 mylife kne adjust according to the functions here. sucks! tp sucks2 pun, mase off day n time xtau nk buat ape tu rindu plaknye nk keje. hehehe.. told u its tonggang langgang n upside down.

doing double job (at workplace n as a fiancee)
dulu mase study, rase mcm sgt keadik2an cz xbrape nk masyuk kalo ade pun saye tau ia sgt limited. so nk xnk he have to spend more kalo kitorg nk kemane2. tp dulu ade gak bisnes kecil-kecilan so ade gak la duit sendiri. but skrg, since i've earn my own rase bangge skit sbb skrg im an adult. i can spend on whatever i like n xpayah nk harap kat org. alhamdulillah nye.. puas sesgt. n syukur jugak, azam bkn type yg byk cekadak. he dont pressure me when i have to work extra hours. he understand kut. n sbb tu jgak i'll try to spend as much time as i could mase ade kelapangan n xperlu berada di tempat kerja. long story short, i have no problem to handle both, azam n kerja.

*before n after. xde beza pun. im still fira*

Entry Untuk Abang

So, looking at the date, hari ni 23 October 2010. birthday one of adik ku sayang, Mohd Aliff B Mohd Alias (or we all just call him abang cause he's the first son in the family). he's  finally 16! wow, he's a man now.. mudah2an he'll act like one too n will be the first armour after abah in our family. IsyaAllah.. well bro, always remember.. life isnt easy. i've cried so much n still holding back some so that it'll come out only at the right time. i believe u understand kan bang, we have alot to sacrifice just to make people around us feel at ease. sabar sayang, it'll fade away as u become stronger. in fact, u're my man, im sure u can do it. u n i same je n its just that im a girl n u're a boy. so, isnt boy should be way tougher than girl? but no matter what happen, u can always remember this one thing till the last day of your life. u have ur sisters, mak, abah n also adik  to catch ur back. just please dont break us down. we count so much on u. not to burden u up. but because u are the brother in the family. be proud with it n may u live a happy life, eternally. 

ps. like u always say, ilysfdm

 *jgn lupe moments ni tau!*

 *n this too*

 *n sume2 la.. forever*

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Last Nite..

Finally, lepas berhari2 plan utk mkn chicken chop, baru smlm berjaya mkn dgn jaya nye. but the unfortunate part, since mkn chic chop smlm, maka sakit lah gusi dan gigi2 ku ntah xtahu kerana ape. ok, mayb because i was chewing it so fast n hard, smpai the tiny little pieces of hard bone got stuck in my teeth n agak susah la jugak nk dicungkil. end up, the pain last forever. shish! next!

But chic chop isnt the thing yg bermakna for last nite. yes, it is indeed have become one of zafira's biggest lust, but something more meaningful happened while kitorg on our way back to home, shah alam. as always, in the car, we chitty chatty together2. xkire lah, wtv subject skali pun. ade mase kitorg gado. sampai huge fight pun ade. ade mase kitorg gurau2 smpai meleleh2 air mate n ade mase kitorg karaoke same smbil layan dgr lagu yg didownload n dicocok ke usb kereta...

ish, mmg susah nk focus ke tajuk utama bile dh start ngeblog. actually isu berbangkit yg cube diketengahkan hari ni ade lah conversation kitorg mase otw tu. xtau knp out of sudden issue ini timbul. well, my issue xlain dan xbukan adalah my preparation for KAHWIN. eh, chop! its started with me yg raised the issue abt our hantaran. i wanted to kirim with my sister since she will be going to uk next year. konon, to have something yg special n meaningful for each other la. but azam kate sane mahal. well, of cz but i want something rare, something different. al maklum2 saja, malaysian stuff ni takat outlet2 saje. org dh hantar brg yg xterjual tu kt outlet dh. n yg kite dpt is pesen2 yg dh outdated.

ok sambung
tibe2, soalan ni setepek kene kt muke,

"i tau u cume excited nk kawin sbb satu hari tu je kan", 

aju azam kepada zafira. well, xdpt dinafikan. so akur la zafira terhadap statement itu. kemudian, diajukan pula soalan seterusnya 

"knp manusia kene kawin?" 

well, sbg zafira saya pun menjawap,

"manusia hidup berpasang2an, selain kawin utk Allah, kite dicipta mcm ni pun sementare nk habis kan hidup kite didunia n menujukan diri ke alam yg kekal. xde la kite bosan. mcm sbb knp hawa diciptakan utk adam. lgpun, bile ade partner, life lebih meaningful. atleast kite tau yg kite wake up everyday utk bg mkn sape, bg happy sape n sbgnya"
*dlm hati : quite brilliant jawapan aku ni. padahal main lebur je sentence n terbentuklah pendapat sedemikian. 

well, "not bad", mungkin itu anggapan azam terhadap jawapan diberi tunang tercinta. tp he does not just pause there. die tanye kan pula soalan seterusnye. annoying dgn keexcited-an aku barangkali.

"knp u nk kawin grand2?"

tersentap jantung mendengar soalan tu. lantas i have to admit. let him see through my lense. die perlu fhm n bukan salah saya ingin kan upacara yg grand n glam. im just being a girl.

"i hidup dgn org. n as i grow older i tau beza ape yg best n xbest. yg seronok n xseronok. n ape yg grand is ape yg seronok n best. i have eyes, i can see. i can judge now so of cz i nk yg terbaik. kalau wedding yg grand tu bkn something yg menyeronok dan membahagia kan, of cz i xkan nk.. so, dont blame me. i dont live in a wood"

ok, yg ni pun pass jgak. mungkin jawapan saye acceptable n undeniable. *no doubt la kan* like they always say, honesty is the best policy. buat ape nk bermuka2. mengaku saje. but he marked me as a trend follower. haish, hakikat yg pahit but yes. its a trend that i want to follow. saya sekadar normal citizen. nothing special. *sobs*

Last question. final question.
dlm hati lepas ditanya soalan2 begini, i really need to nail all these question. baru la boleh ckp pasal kawin lg lepas ni. maka next question pun ditanya.

"kahwin grand2, xmcm nk menunjuk2 ke?"

haish, kne bg jawapan ikhlas lagi. xpe2..

"haah, mmg nk menunjuk2kan siapa org yg kite kahwin tu. n kalo bole nk gak share moment yg best dgn life partner kite. at least ade la something nk cite kt anak2 nnt. xde la nk cite, "dulu mak kawin same dgn si polan2 tu kawin" at least we have our own story yg lain dari yg lain. kalo xberape lain dari yg lain pun janji kite puas ati. n skali lagi ngaku, mmg i nk tunjukkan kt org lain yg my day of solemnization with my love one ni special"

hehehe.. boleh tahan jawapan tu. sampai terdiam kekanda azam. mungkin dh pnat nk soal lebih byk, the final question pun keluar.

"excited2 ni kang nnt dh lepas kahwin kang boring plak dh xde bende nk buat"

Astaghfirullahalazim, xkan la sampai mcm tu. teruk nye saye nk buat mcm tu. so, i need to explain.
"manede mcm tu. kahwin is not the final stage of life. kahwin tu is like another success especially to me n you. lepas kahwin byk lg stage2 idop lain yg kite kne lalu. like lepas kahwin kne beli rumah. of cz im gonna be excited decorating it. lepas tu to start a family, of cz we'll be excited to have n make babies, send them to school n byk lg"

ok, jawapan ni make me sound like an adult. rasenye dh pass kut utk kahwin cz dh dpt the main jeez in a marriage *which i rase sebegitu rupa* thank god, azam pun mcm satisfied with all my answers. so die pun ckp.

"nxt month dpt gaji kite gi tempah cincin"

tehehe.. killer la. unbelievable but i like! so lepas ni bole la ckp psl kahwin byk2 dgn die lg cz im sure he understand me. hoorah!!!

*tukang byk tanye tggu lamb chop nya*

*chicky chop-ing*

*steven western corner yg awesome. maaf resolusi gambar lemah*

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tragedi itu..

Pagi smlm : I dont have time to watch the news on tv. and the next day, cuma nampak kat paper je about the accident yg happened kat melaka. Astaghfirullahalazim... teruknye! jaw pun smpai berminit2 xbole tutup. i didnt read the articles, really. tgk gambar je and cepat2 selak cause xsanggup nk baca ke-extreme-an gaya2 mangsa yang terbunuh. far worst, ada pulak yang sanggup publish gambar2 extreme mangsa masa ditempat kejadian untuk tatapan umum. wtf! (maksud saya what the fish) ok, mungkin itu hak kebebasan mereka to do so. but, sensitive la skit. kesian family2 mangsa. nampak gambar love ones mereka jadi tatapan umum. nobody mintak mati sedemikian rupa. its thrill ok. sooo thrill. awak nak mati macam tu? nak org ramai tgk? mcm2 perception yg boleh keluar tau. yang baik, yang jahat. choi!! takat gambar bas ke, kereta remuk2 ke boleh la jgak. tu pun dh mati akal nak imagine condition org yg ada dlm tu masa tu. hurm... well, itu cuma p.o.v saya. jd, no heart feeling yeah.

Deep down inside, marah nya saya kat si driver bas delima ekspress tu. i was like.. what the...? n ada plak kat paper hari ni, salah seorg penumpang claim that, she actually feel/saw that the driver was trying to potong satu kereta ni n pstu xjadi so the bas jadi terhuyung hayang sampai terbabas. its like, come on... its a bas ok. dlm science we do learn about pusat gravity n what so ever kan. i bet the driver tu pun msti bole fikir secara logic nya since dia pun dah berjaya dapat lesen untuk bawak bas. hurm.. susah nak ckp lebih2 bila benda dah jd. but if benda xjadi of course we wont be talking about it kan?

i love bus!
yupp, saya suka naik bas. i remember the feeling of naik bas sekolah my late uncle (al-fatihah to him, Paman Isak, u will always be miss) it was full of joy n rasa nya if skrg pun it should have feel the same. since sgt lama xnaik bas, i really think yg one day i should. baru plan nak gi visit abah kt pangkor next month naik bas. n last sunday mase amik mak n adik2 from bas station, they were complaining about the bas driver. katanya, he was driving super fast n its like terhuyung hayang too. ya Allah, takutnya dgr. i seriously tak kisah if i yg involve with the accident since itu pun nama nya accident but i sumpah cant accept if it happen to my family. no way man... im not gonna be happy for the rest of my life. mungkin akan nangis setiap hari. Subhanallah... semoga ini semua dijauhkan dari keluarga ku, ya Allah. Ameen...

Talking about naik bas, bape org yg saya kenal n saya sayang naik bas to travel from one place to another quite often jgak. stakat bas route bandar ke bandar mungkin xteruk sgt. but yang ekspres ni mmg sgt mencuakkan. Dear bas drivers, merayu ni.. tolong la bwk bas elok2. org yang saya sgt syg ada kat dlm bas awak. kalau bukan org saya pun, byk lagi org org lain. honestly, berat sgt nk hantar mak ke, abah ke, adik2 ke, friends or cuzens ke naik bas ekspres. sgt takut, sgt cemas. mcm nak melutut je kat driver bas tu suh bawak bas elok2.

Well back to the topic. accident kat melaka. syahdu sgt rasanya. diorg cuma nk ketempat yang dituju but itu bukan apa yang dh ditentukan oleh tuhan. salah seorg dari mereka telah pun bertindak irresponsibly sampai terjadilah kejadian sedemikian rupa. kesian jugak kat kenderaan yang dari arah bertentangan yang terpaksa terlibat sama dlm kejadian tu. like i said, sampai ke destinasi yg nk dituju according to their plan bkn la kehendak tuhan. He's the almighty n He want it to happen like how it happened now.

To all drivers, drive la elok2. its for our own good jgak. i tringat yg i slalu remind azam to drive elok2. n dia reply, "dah bape lame u knal i, xkan xtau i bwk kete cane. trust me" well, yes.. mmg pnah admit yg dia sgt cekap dijalan raya. but he is no god untuk buat semua yang dijalan raya tu perfect just like the way he want it. i may be trust him, but i dont trust other drivers. bak kata pepatah, malang tidak berbau. n Kun Fayakun amatlah diapply dalam kejadian sebegini (ade ke org yang suke nak kne kemalangan) so, berserahlah. but wtv it is, selagi ada kuasa untuk elak, cubalah elak. jgn pula berlagak seperti memintak2. truth hurts syg oii..

semoga kita semua amik iktibar dari kejadian yang telah terjadi. kalau boleh xmau la pisang berbuah 2kali kan. sekali lagi, jikalau anda seorg PEMANDU BAS MAHUPUN ANDA KENAL DGN MANA2 PEMANDU BAS, SILA LAH INGAT KAN ATAU BAWA BAS DGN SEPALING SELAMAT SEKALI. kesian la kat org2 yg kat dlm tu. they could be a dad to somebody, a mom, a son or a daughter. diorg mungkin ada tanggungjawab yg nk disempurnakan kpd org yg tgh menunggu dia dgn penuh harapan. pls have some mercy. Insyallah...

*naik basikal cam cuzens n aunty saya ni lagi selamat*
*pic credit to Nurul Izzati Sofhyan via facebook*

Monday, October 11, 2010


Yay! its the end of the year. mari berkahwin semua!!! hihihihi... kalau nak tau, this is my favorite subject. KAHWIN. so, jgn la boring kalo asik2 tgk entry pasal kawen je ye. well, not the life being one yg dh kawen dat i fancy so much. but the day of solemnization tu yg for sure akan jadi sgt indah untuk the dearest brides n grooms. normally, lelaki xakan jadi seexcited kita kaum hawa. mcm la di previous post tu, its been an everygirl dream to have wedding ala2 omputih la, fairytale la, arab la, melayu bangsawan la. semua akan diplan sespecial yang boleh. to those yg mampu, buat la grand2. contohnye mcm anak dara naza group yg dh pun berkahwin hari tu, anak dara-anak dara dan anak bujang datok2, datin2, tan sri2, of coz la wedding diorg hebat dan meletup2. well, tuah ayam kan nampak dikaki. tuah manusia xmungkin boleh nampak dihidung. jd, cukup2 lah envy mengevy dgn ke-wealthy-an org lain. BACK TO THE SUBJECT

10.10.10 *again*
this date was yesterday. byk wedding woo... n some of the highlights, satu2 nya dan the only tukang ke angkasa lepas negara kita dh pun selamat berbini. alhamdulillah. bertuah sgt2 dr. halina tu. lakinya dah la handsome, pernah ke outer space, semestinya jejaka yg masyuk n tgk gerak langkah n tutur caranya pun sejuknya mata memandang. two thumbs up untuk diorg. mlm smlm kononya ada live telecast wedding diorg. well, wedding of the year la kata kan. but too bad for me, i've missed it! (tgk gune internet la jawabnya) ayuhai, xsempat2 nk tgk kesweetnessan mereka berdua. so far baru dgr org bercerita + update wallpost kwn2 di fb. n enough of the story mory, ai tgk iklan pun dh jeles ya'll.

ok, enough of our tukang ke angkasa lepas. selak2 paper, sorg lg young datuk kt negara kita pun kawen jugak. dulu ai gelak kan dia cz menyanyi dlm boyband baju ketat dan berbibir merah. Datuk Wan Mohamad Sani name nye. kalo sape2 yg blk kampung naik bas Sani Ekspress dua tingkat yg awesome tu, ni la owner dia. jgn main2. nnt saya pun nk suh azam beli bas ke lori buat konsortium jgak.

*ini la gerangan. xyah tgk muka close up-close up kalo xknal. saya cuma nk focus on ferarri die saje*

selain daripada datuk bertuah kita sorg ni, ramai lagi couple2 yg kawen smlm.  termasuk la sorg lagi artis negara kita yg name bienda tu. well, baju die sgt sweeeeet ok. geram tgk! hish! well, katenye diorg dh nikah september ari tu. ni confirm postponed reception cause nk date 10/10/10. ahakz... but btw,congrats sesgt la ye. knowing dat byk couple have tied their knot smlm, ai terus decide date kawen ai plak. n dh discuss pun dgn pak azam (cz lately dia asik ckp "udah deh" bile time aku nk baru mula membebel. siot!) seperti yg bole dilihat di widget sebelah (ehem2, --->) , i've chose 23/12/2011 to witness our super suci wedding.(insyaallah) knp ek? cz 23 tu sgt sinonim to both of us. its like number yg sgt sacred! bahaha.. n however he agreed! yay!! (gatei kawe ni) xhabis disitu, this second thought pun tetibe terkeluar dari kotak fikiran. shite! bln 12 kan cuti sekolah. xpasal2 sume bende naik harga since ramai org pun nk kawen time cuti sekolah nnt. al-maklum saja. mak ni on budget nyah. xpela, ai ade... 1thn bape bulan lagi (refer kat sebelah) utk prepare. gonna make it awesome. ai bersumpah! uols tolong ai ye... =)

*saje letak pic besar2 sbb everything was like super drop dead gorgeous*
*the dress, the make up, the dias, the groom. the groom? tehehe...*
*pics2 credit to*

me? gastric?


sikit2 sakit perut. sikit2 sakit perut. kalau mcm ni je selalu, lebam ar. sakit bkn nk skit2. nak jalan pun susah. time tu mmg kesian la azam. tepaksa dgr rengekkan + bebuih mulut offer air panas la, teh la, ENO la. n xtinggal taklimat percuma cause xmkn ikut time. tp diri ni pun satu. mkn je la ikut time. but persoalannya, diri sendiri pun xtau mcmane nk mkn ikut time. yg tau mkn bile lapar je. nah.. amik aku!

Part 1
so, how does it happen actually? mula2, perut ni akan bg siren mintak mkn. n most of the time mmg susah la nak layan perut ni since the siren tu kuar ikut suka ati die je. time org tgh bz la die sibuk nk bunyi. so, bz punye bz smpai la siren tu pun tah2 dh penat nk bunyi. maka, ia pun diabaikan. however, the brain is still functioning. mengingatkan badan untuk mkn once dh ada masa. so, jari n tgn pun bergerak la mendial no. si azam untuk informkan pada dia yg saya ni perlu mkn. well, thats how the first part end.

Part 2
setibanya masa yang sepatutnya muncul sewaktu perut ni berbunyi tadi tiba, melilau la taste buds ni memikirkan ape la yg nk dijamah. kadang2 time tu kedai dh tutup. or ada pun venue tempat mkn tu yg xsesuai (ie. bile nk tgk wayang) but mkn tetap mkn. beli la apa aje yang ada didepan mata. konon lapar gila, so yg dibeli pun bukan sikit. sepenuh2 tgn kalau boleh. so, the foods are with me. now, its time for me to sit back n enjoy all the foods that i have in hand. yummy!

Part 3
Ok, so here comes the worst part of all. normally it doesnt take much. only at the 3rd to 5th bite dh cukup. my stomach are all set to make their grand appearance to stole all the attention of the nite. yg bestnye, before mkn die elok je dgn hal2 die. mintak makan, manja2 konon lapar gila. bila dh mkn lagi hampeh dia buat perangai! shish! teringat mase tgk cita the last air bender. cite dh la cukup bosan. sakit perut teramat sgt plak tu. sepatah haram aku xpaham what was the story is all about. sumpah membazir RM20 on tix n byk lg utk toll, minyak, mkn dan sebagainya utk tgk cite tu (cause azam pun xdpt concentrate disebabkan sang perut) since dh sakit perut, xkan nak biar je. maka, penawar pun dicari untuk melegakan kesakitan. ingat lg, dulu gua palang gila kut dgn ENO. but as my umur semakin meningkat, mak bersyukur nyah org2 tu cipta ENO untuk mak. mak dh xkisah dh, ENO halia ke, ENO buah ke, ENO garam ke. mak bedal je. bagi 10-15mins n the pain is gone! miracle kn? kn? awesome! boy...

after beberapa research yg dibuat melalui internet, ai pun sedikit sebyk ade la tau what is gastric n how does it happen. some of the symptoms mmg dh betul dh. but nk comfirmkan better diagnose betul2 dgn doctor which i will do once je ade mase nnt. n lg satu ni, bile penyakit yang dihidap ni kononnya dah menyerang, perut ai bole buat gendang tau. lu ckp je nk buat lagu ape. lethal weapon by tiesto pun bole. bergendang je lah dgn perut ni.(but awas, tune nya boleh berubah mengikut tahap2 yg ikut suke ati dia je) so, antara symptom2  nye (yang kali ni serious ye) adalah:

* Kesakitan semakin berkurangan atau bertambah apabila makan (check!)
* Pedih pada ulu hati atau bahagian atas perut (check!)
* Terasa loya (xde pun)
* Berat badan turun (Pfft! tgk pipi la!)
* Najis kehitaman atau berdarah (bahahaha! xdela sampai ketahap tu)
* Kerap sedawa (yeah, that is so me!)

Motif topic ini di post
td, right before 1hour i have to report to work, penyakit ini menyerang. it was so fucking hurt. n dah naik boring pun dgn penyakit tu. selalu kena mlm but td, at 1 in the afternoon? shite! sib baik tukang beli ENO saya yang paling setia ada disisi. mr azam to the rescue. kalo keseorangan td mmg xgerak mana dah. sape nak drive ke kedai beli ENO. nk keluar dari kereta dan kekedai untuk mempurchase sepek ENO pun dh cukup azab rasanya.

*ni saya panggil eno garam*
*ni plak eno halia*

Jadi kpd mereka yang senasib dgn saya, moh la kita ke klinik berjumpa si tukang pakar agar penyakit ini tidak melarat dimasa muka. well, mesti la ada solution punya kan. nak seribu daya, xnak seribu dalih. sementara itu, jgn takut untuk meneguk suku cawan eno pekat sebagai obat dikala sakit. hidop ENO!

 *ni plak nk kne beli utk stand by kt rumah*

Sunday, October 10, 2010

K . T . K

Kapel. Tunang. Kawin

Kapel or in english bermaksud couple, is a stage of life yg semua org akan rasa or nak rasa. as a muslim, we all have to believe that semua org hidup didunia ni berpasang-pasangan. well, who dont like living in a happy life, no? apa lah hidup kalau xada teman untuk kita bercerita, xada kawan untuk dengar luahan rasa, xada tangan untuk tenang kan kita. some people mungkin akan kata, cukuplah ada keluarga dan rakan2 untuk mengubat luka. but dont bluff. u may seems happy from the outside, but apa kat dlm hati tu, sampai bila nak hide?

trust me, nobody likes to fail in love. n jatuh bgn hubungan kita dgn pasangan is actually a precious lesson yg kita xboleh terlepas pandang. every second count, n every action perlu lah disusun supaya dapat menjaga hati pasangan yang kononnya disayang2. carilah selagi boleh dicari pasangan hidup tu. takut untuk kecewa lagi? shish... thats a risk of life meh... naik kereta pun risk jugak. turun tangga pun risk jugak. mkn ikan pun risk jugak. so be it. kalo mmg perlu fail kali ni, terima saja. semuanya ketentuan tuhan. knp perlu ckp "ajal, maut, jodoh pertemuan di tgn Tuhan" kalo awak sendiri xboleh terima hakikat terpaksa putus cinta. jgn bimbang, kita baru distage KAPEL skrg. ape pun terjadi insyaallah untuk kebaikan kita semua. 

i've been in this stage before. its was very lucky for me as at my time, i can consider it as a very awesome moment. there were so much things to learn n so much heart to be broken as well. (n i bet those heart tu dh pun heal skrg) zaman muda mudi dulu, i feel that kapel is a must for me. xbole hidup tanpa psgn. mlm smlm break, mlm smlm jgak cari pengganti. bak kata bini jay-z "to the left, to the left ya'll!" my partner back then, was just for fun. what have been lingering in my head, "muda lg what, chill-lax la!" at least, i can go anywhere with a man behind my back. turun naik escalator malls, i have hand to hold on to. pegi toilet ade org sedia menunggu, bile boring mlm2, bole gayut selewat2 waktu. how awesome kan? itulah hakikat 'dulu' saya. masih diperingkat kapel remember? hati saya sendiri pernah sakit. menangis di katil mak, tekup muka guna bantal. tp xpela, "dia confirm akan menyesal" kata si otak ni pujuk hati sendiri. n it works! like i said, ini la moment yg paling best. jgn takut disakitkan, sbb sakit tu lah peluang untuk merasa sedap dimasa hadapan. (sedap?, ayat melayu mmg kelakar skit) n.. n.. jgn la pulak takut untuk menyakitkan. mmg benar bagai dikata, "what goes around comes around" n yg tukang tulis ni pun mmg pernah rasa di batang muka sendiri. but im thankful. sendiri buat sendiri tanggung la kan. alhamdulillah, dh terbayar pun 3-4thn lepas. n skrg mase untuk move on!

.saat bercinta dulu.

Lepas puas bercinta. n rasa2 xseronok bila xbersama. u'll know it when u see future dgn si dia. bila mak dia dh mcm mak kita n when susah kita terasa senang just bila ada dia. on the other hand, dia pun ikut menangis bila kita menangis, cuba pastikan kita ketawa bila kita sedih n sanggup ke kedai beli pil chi-kit-teck-aun walhal jam dh pukul 3.45pagi lepas saja dgr yg kita ni muntah2 n cirit-birit tersalah makan mungkin. so, the next step pun diambik. siapa kata tunang cuma adat n xperlu? tunang ni bagus senanye. rugi mane couple yg terus kawin n xbertunang. masa tunang ni la preparation kita untuk melangkah ke alam perkahwinan ni boleh dijudge. bukan takat preparation barang hantaran atau baju, pelamin saja ok. but ready ke nk hidup berdua? mampu ke? sanggup ke? naaa... lihat aja donk! i myself, nak kata be there done that tu belum la lagi. but bile dh smpai kat peringkat tunang ni, mata baru la terbukak terbeliak tertengok what is life is actually for. alhamdulillah once again.

Its been an everygirl dream to have ceremony yg grand dlm hidup dia. kawin, tunang, nikah, qatam. kalo bole sume nk grand. yang mana ckp xnk grand tu mungkin sbb nk ubat perasaan yg dia senanya xmampu (seperti saya) atau dibantah oleh pasangan atau keluarga yg xberapa nak suka beriya2 n membazir (katanya) atau mmg dia xsuka haru2 n crowd yg melempah ruah nak tgk apa bestnye ceremony dia tu (kategori cpt migrain, kedekut atau pemalas) hari tu ai dh bertunang. syiok meh! bole buat baju ikut citarasa sendiri. buat barang hantaran sendiri. bagi gift kat tetamu yang sudi hadir. every compliment yg diterima smpai skrg ingat lg. coolio!

the life after mmg terbaik. ya Allah, bertuahnya aku dpt bertunangan dgn si azam skrg ni. benda berat menjadi ringan, benda susah menjadi senang. hehehe.. tp langit cerah bukan sepanjang masa. ade gak gado2 smpai nk berbunuh but sumenye settle sejurus saja teringatkan yg diri xsanggup kehilangan satu sama lain. ahakz! see, interestingkan life ni. so the conclusion skrg, fiance saya adalah kekasih saya, bff saya, abang saya, bodyguard saya, future husband saya, hero saya, n last but not least biggest enemy saya yang tercinta. sekali lagi alhamdulillah wasyukurillah..
 .dah betunang pun.

Is not something yg im good at yet. cause belum pun kahwin. but honestly, sgtlah teruja untuk kearah itu. bukan apa, we've been together dh lama. n based on what they have been saying, baik halal kan saja. i had enough with mylife. n if ada apa2 yg belum, i know dia dgn rela hati will try to complete it for me. 

In this matter, im quite blessed yeah? knowing that ada org out there yg still looking n even ade yg still heart broken even setelah sekian lama. bila ditanya, sudah serik katanya. be strong lah. waktu tu akan tiba. cari la kalau rasa sunyi. again, jgn takut untuk dikecewa mahupun mengecewakan. janji hidup ada sesuatu untuk dibelajar dari terus dibiar terisi dgn emptyness.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


'F' to the 'R' to the 'Z' to the 'M'


Its a four letter word. n what does it spell to u? well, non of any verb that can be found  in the dictionary for sure. basically i would just pronounce it `fuh-ra-z-em`. but the most essentially, the letter assemble for  it very specific reason. 

So there u have the introduction and the meaning behind the name. n back to this whole blog thingy. actually, its just for fun. perhaps i'll have anything interesting to share n now at least here will be the place.

Ngomong2, i have nothing much to 'blog' about. but since i have time, y not i spend some of t here. lebih kurang awesome jugak what. i've been reading people's blog so was thinking, y not have my own. but ade ke org nak bace? fret not! i know i am no interesting people for other people to care. so yada yada yada.. persetan kan saja.


Nombor bukan sebarang nombor, nombor keramat kate nye cume jumpe sekali dlm 100thn. pfft! actually sume nombor pun special. of cz mane ade date yang bole jumpe2 lg thn2 dpn. 101010 ni pun dh xjumpe dh thn dpn. 81010 pun xjumpe jugak. my birthdate pun 9789 pun impossible bole jumpe lg. but ape yg best nye this date, 101010 byk couple2 yg amik peluang sempena tarikh yang konon nye cantik ni untuk melansungkan perkahwinan. jeez... awesome! congratz to all yg manage to get this date for ur wedding. im so happy for all of u. mudah-mudahan ur life pun will be as good as the par 10over10 la ye.


Yay! its weekend again! hoyeah! i heart weekend yaw! (ade org hate weekend ke?) since i only have 1off day in a week, my off day wajiblah diprogrammekan dgn aktiviti2 yg hebat, mampat n plg penting xmembosankan. this weekend, apart from wedding one of my good friend Jannah (congrat jannah!), there are other cool activities yg i must pegi.

Another event yg awesome for my off day this weekend is bazaar. OMG! ruginye broke bln ni. bazaar ni plak bln ni jgak die nk ade. their vendors dh la awesome2. kalo ade duit msti bargain gile2. but wtv darl, if there's a will, there will always be a way. im maybe broke, but azam., who knows. kalo dah bargain price, rugi la kalau xbeli ape2. before this mmg we've been to the same bazaar. but at that time it was held at zouk kl. mcm klaka je shopping dlm gelap. but i have the best companion for shopping n he makes it all easy breazy for me.
Pangkor =(

FYI, my dad is currently station at pulau pangkor. at one of this resort call 'Uptown Beach Resort'. cam klaka skit name die. tpt yg sgt simple but the ambience was superb! been there once, n it feels like heaven. ni pun dh 4bln xkesana. but mak n adik2 are making their way there. sgt jealous! even tho they go by bus, but terasa sgt awesome sbb i myself pun dh lame xnaik bas. express plak tu. pegi pangkor plak tu. shite! so since i have to report to work as soon as 7am, azam la yg kne hntr kn my mak n adik2 to the bus station. hope they have a safe journey n an awesome holiday. (wish yg ikhlas but dlm mode dengki) 

so to turn the dark side bright, at least i have control over the car for this whole weekend! yay la jgak! nway, still berharap utk kesana lg. 1mlm pun xpela. cz i miss abah. n i miss riding on kapcai motorbike with abit busuk punye helmet all around island (actually xla round sgt) tp to have breakfast kt warung tepin pantai, berbumbung kan atap n berlantai kan pasir pantai, naik moto, with beloved future husband plak tu, gosh.. dh mcm video clip 'love song' by 311 plak. hehehe.. nk flash back la skit.