Thursday, March 21, 2013

dian dh mkn roti!!!!!!

panic attack!!!!

received msges from mak saying that dian was crying.. i got panic. i called mak. then mak kate dian dh diam sbb kak umi dh kasi mkn roti.


mak tried to cool me down by saying that its roti cicah susu.. grrrrr.. cicah susu?? bajet mcm biskut cicah kopi?? ohhh dian medina oiii.. sabo ler nak, blk ni mak buat mknan utk kamu ye.. almost every adult i met says that dian dh nk sgt mkn. really? bile die dgn i elok je die.. errr.. of cz la sbb i xmkn dpn die. hurmm.. maybe they're right.. dian pon dh 4bln 3minggu lebih. mmg i bace kt internet ade makanan for babies 4-6mths. maybe dian is just advance. 

im not the type who like to control my mom or the baby sitter on how to take care of my child. even though i have the right to do so, i just feel so wrong doubting people who i should trust to look after dian. kalo dh byk sgt rule and regulation nye, i might as well benti keje (which i will. sooooooon..) n look after my own child by myself. 

so, be it.. if dian wants to eat, eat.. i'll prepare her the kinda food she should eat. not roti cicah susu. so i ran to PKNS to buy her the right spoon n bowl n penapis. already asked my brother to dig in the store of my wedding gifts to look for the blender (prezzie frm syima syaz. thanks syim2) n he found it. 

first meal for dian is going to be a rice cereal. 

cant wait to prepare n cant wait to feed her. yikes!!!


Allene said...

berapa umur dian? roti tu liat, tkut tercekik je nanti... try bg puree ye...

cha said...

haha i tgh imagine mkn roti cicah susu. u tryla kasik mkn u dh boleh kot tu

u nak benti keje? bestnyaaaaa :O

pet9 said...

oh dear, kalau i mesti dah terkejut gila dengar orang bagi anak kita makan roti. adui aii bukannya obses home made solid food ke apa..tapi takut tercekik je. maybe u just try bagi dia makan tapi start small amount and cair dulu.

FUZY said...

OMG.....hope semua ok la...sian perut dian terkejut dengan roti..hehehe