Monday, May 28, 2012

tuesday rambling : my pregnancy journey so far

**buat pengetahuan, dah ber-entry2 terkuntat kt draft tp xpost2. sume nye terkandas di kemudian hari**

happy tuesday ya'alls! its tuesday kan.. its almost the end of the month n i just cant wait for june! byk sgt plan yg dh tersusun june ni n im all excited for it.

im in my 17th week of pregnancy n alhamdulillah semua masih under control. i was surprised with some sudden cramps i feel when i was in my 16th week. tetibe je perut i mcm shock n cramp selepas i sneeze n since then, every move yg i buat secara drastic will cause me that such pain. tp xpe, assuming that my baby cume terkejut n ter-opocot kt dlm tu.

i supposed to do my regular check up last friday tp i dikecewakan oleh klinik ajwa sec15. its what the fish bile diberitau yg doctor in-charge pd mase tu xtau buat scanning. i thought semua doctor bole buat tp rupenye tidak n its so funny. was told to come again on monday morning (until 2.30pm) sbb doctor yg boleh buat scanning ade mase tu. me n hubby pun dh baik pnye plan dh how to escape work during lunch for the check up especially to see our baby's progress. dh la panas, parking susah, guess what.. they turn me off again by saying that the doctor yg bole buat scanning tu dh balik. haiyaaa... klinik tu jgak yg bg i date suh dtg on the 25th. tp lepas tu byk songeh. 

hubby n i cant compromise lagi.. we need "our" doctor n a proper appointment. (cadangnya xnak la jumpe gynae awal2 sbb ingat kan bole save cost by doing just a regular check up kalau xde ape2 masalah. tp rupe2nye seperti perenggan diatas la i have to pay kalo nk pgi klinik biasa). maka oleh itu hubby n i pun drove to demc. ingat kalo nasib2 bole la check up tp xde maknenye. we still have to do an appointment n my appointment is confirmed to be on this 7th june, 9.45am with dr. mazita. haih.. semoga semuanya ok kali ni..

btw, i've registered myself at n every week die akan hantar i email about the progress of my baby. bagus kan? pagi2 isnin die dh bgtau yg this is my 17 weeks n my situation is supposed to be something like this ..

You may be gaining weight rapidly at this point, even if you're not eating much. Experts say that the amount of weight you put on during pregnancy is dictated primarily by your genes, so don't necessarily blame yourself if the weight's accumulating faster than you'd like. Your baby's movements are felt as a gentle, fluttering sensation at first, but get stronger and more obvious as time passes. Some babies kick vigorously and often, others are quieter. And many seem most active at night!  - by babycenter

see.. sgt bagus kan description die.. most of the fact adalah betul. im not sure about my current weight but i can see my body is expanding much skrg. i also dh bole rase some sensation inside my tummy n its a very funny feeling. dh rase mcm nk percaya xnak percaya yang its my baby movement. lagi2 mcm nk pecaya xnk pecaya yg ade budak dlm perut haku!


Hanys Jehari said...

Alahi syoknya fira.. Honestly i teringin sgt nak preg skarang... Padahal br 2 bln nikah. Even i pening pale je dah rasa preg kah aku? Huhu... Take care ye..

LisaLisut said...

ilupa nk ckp kt biasa(general practitioner) mcm i g kat sunway b4 ni dia tau la scan least basic. tp kalau details i rs dia pn tatau.thats why lps tu dia schedule kan i dgn specialist clinic tu for nx scan. tp lps tu i rs mcm syg duit i g KK haha. dh masuk 6bln aritu br i g kpmc n kk. dua2 i pergi hehe