Sunday, May 13, 2012

minggu paling sibok

let me tell u why,

1. exco meeting n board of director's meeting at office on the same week.
2. job to work on for La Ribbonez
3. cousin's wedding

however, im glad that i managed to work all out n of course with the helps of my loves one. thanks husband, thanks mak n kak umi, thanks bisnes partner ku linda, thanks family ku especially my hemsem (kne tulis supaya senang hati die tolong lagi) lil brother, alep n of cz sesiapa saje yg jumpe i spjg minggu ni.

had a good time setting up n decorating "throne" for baby qaisara's special aqiqah day.. semoga baby qaisara will be a good daughter to her family. n to her mom of cz, thanks for believe in us..

enjoy some of the photos n job done by La Ribbonez team. KUDOS guys!

we do ..

:: cradle decor
:: mini guest book corner
:: matching bunga telur
:: canopy decor & centerpieces

for more photos n details, check out our FB [here]
or email us at

ps. look forward sgt nk buat decor for baby boy plak.. hehehehe..


cha said...

klau luar kl u bole buat tak? hee

UyaRayza said...

cant wait for my turn bila tue x sure la kn