Wednesday, April 18, 2012

i want to go home

honestly, i dont enjoy my worklife anymore. i used to love my job because i have great bosses, great colleagues, private work station, awesome job scope, easy breazy office location n i loved it, i loved it, n i loved it to bit! 

maaf kan grammar saya but i mean it. everything is in pass tense because in present, i dont feel the same. this building, isnt the same building that i used to love. from distance, u can even see this building crying. ahaks.. thats quite a metaphors but who cares? 

dulu, disaat most of my colleagues in tensed n gigih mencari kerja lain, i was like the only one who insisted to stay. well, i have a great boss so why should i leave anyway? 

but that was then. when our lovely workplace blom di invade. but now, everything is haywire. it sucks. semua dh hilang focus. including my boss semestinya. owh, this may sounds funny but believe me, air mata bergenang disaat mengenangkan all the joy and laughter boss has made for all his staff. especially his "angels" (as that is what he always call the girls in the office). 

well, i cant be thinking about this too much. its not good for baby kan? but whatever it is baby, if ur mom's boss is leaving, we'll leave too. i know, at this point of time, resigning is not a good option. who would've want to hire a pregnant lady? walaupun i tau i sgt productive and reliable tp.. tgk la, kalo ade rezeki kite semua disini insyallah, semua akan ok semula xlama lg. n i always hoping for the sun to shine again. 

insyallah, rezeki will tell us where to go. i envy anyone who are at home right now. rocking their PJs with plans of what to do later at the afternoon. but, with enough money of course. i also envy my husband yg skrg juga masih dirumah menonton tv. menunggu waktu utk pergi ke kerja. ohhh.. bertuahnye die. 

thanks to few clients yg dh confirm booking dgn la.ribbonez. we are so glad n honor to be part of ur big day. seriously, kalo semua nya berjalan lancar, im thinking of focusing on it sahaja. nothing is as good as being your own boss kan? 

owh well, dimana saja rezeki tuhan akan ku cari. kalo nk harap duit suami nnt kne byk redha and xbole mintak lebih2 atau upgrade lebih skit. saya lebih seronok berbelanja dgn duit sendiri. mungkin anak nnt bole demand mcm2 dgn daddy. 

ok la, smpai sini je luahan hati. nk pergi sambung buat kerja. tata titi tutu..


cha said...

mesti semangat nak pegi keje pun dah hilang kan cmtu. i pun dulu pnh jugak rasa cmtu. bangun tido je sakit kepala. thank god i tuka dept. maybe sbb i lemau sgt terlalu lama dept lama mcm i terlalu takde keje so i jd lemau haha.

takpe u, rezeki ada kt mane-mane. best of luck ok :)

miszatie said...

atie penah rse mcm ni masa keje sek bek kawan2 keje bek sgt2 so rasa mls trus jd rajin..^_^

LisaLisut said...

date i on sept or oct sila kosong kan pleaseeeeee ;p

fira. said...

=( i ingat i sorg je yg rase down kt tpt kje. rupenye ade jgak geng..

lisa : just give us the date. we'll be there punye la!