Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Its time to hit the expo - AGAIN!!!

over 2 years ago, i will go crazy whenever there were baby expos in town. 1st time mom kekdah nye. i had my list of what to buy. every month ade je bende yg nak dibelinya. and whats even more crazy was when i really get all the facts right on things that i wanted to buy. i may be born this way. bile nk kawin, aku serba tahu pasal bunga. name it, hydrangea, baby's breath, lily, wtv, wtv, sume aku kenal. sekarang lupe dah. hari tu mase kazen nk tunang aku seriously lupe name bunga yg kelopak kecik2, tgh2 ade buds tu. until now masih xingat name nye, lps tu bile pregnant with dian, aku khatam psl botol susu, jenama stroller, breast pump, yada yada yada..

ok, psl wedding mmg wajar la aku lupe sbb kawin sekali je seumur hidop. but beranak, hurm.. things are just getting newer and newer everyday. jaman beranak kan dian, brand breast pump paling wanted dipasaran cuma medela n spectra, skrg rupe2 nye belambak lg brand yg xkurang hebatnye,

However, times changed. 1st pregnancy and 2nd pregnancy are wayyy toooo different. oh btw, im 5mths pregnant now n insyallah i'll have a boy!!!! err.. having a boy sounds like a good news kan. having a pair of kiddos are awesome they said, but how to say eh.. i am more attracted to girls stuff rather than the boy's. but anyway, i'll get used to it.

went to monthly check-up twice already. still with the same doctor. i brought dian with me in every check ups. its exciting. but next time try not to bring her. want to have some intimate time with hubs n this new lil boy. dian had hers before. so yeah, next time decided to just leave her with the maid.

anyway, its time to hit the expos again. its just this time, not knowing what to buy, hahaha.. bkn xexcited nk dpt baby baru cume since dh ade experience, so mcm dh tau dh ape nak beli and mane nak beli n bile nak beli. not excited is not the right word. cume i think im wiser this time. kikiki..

this weekend, there will be a huge baby expo at IDCC. the placed i used to work for 2months. hihihi.. i really want to pay them a visit. mcm tau2 plak 2nd baby is coming its way so its the right expo to go. mayb i'll check on some necessary items for babies like the swaddle, the barut and such first,

being 2nd child (just like me) had some disadvantages of having to use recycle things such as stroller and playpen. kihkih.. sorry boy, pls use what we already have first ya. plus its still in a very good condition (cume playpen tu je la warna nye pink). help us save some money ok? but i'll surely get you brand new bottles, blankies, pillows, etc.

so guys, whoever yg expectant like me, lets hit the expo this weekend at the brand new convention centre in shah alam (claimed to be the largest in selangor). till then.



Renee Meow said...

Cogratz fira..! yeay ada geng 2015 babiessss.. :) hehe..

Super Ummi said...

Alhamdulillah... dah nak masuk 2. Take care ye.