Saturday, October 18, 2014

family trip - bali 2014 (part 1)

Ok, dah publish entry come back. Skrg nk up entry ada isi plak.

So mari la dgr pengalaman percutian ku ke bali last june 2014 (sorry eh kalo ade cite/fact yg clear xclear. Almaklun, pgi nye june, update nye october, dh bercicir-ciciran dan memory aku)

So, on 12th june 2014, my small family n i went to bali for a short getaway. Konon nye percutian ni utk hilang kan stress. Tp personally aku xrase pon mcm trip ni menghilang kan stress. Its not even stressfull cume tiring sgt2. Mayb sbb aku bwk toddler sorg pstu itinerary kitorg mmg pack sesgt2. But afterall, the experience was trully amazing. Nothing to regret.

The trip was planned with a good friend, poyaty. N thanks to her, there were reasons to love bali. We decided to use a full ground package provided by sebelum smpai ke bali, all arrangements were made via whatsapp with pak dodi who is very helpful and negotiable. I did the arrangement with pak dodi while poya made the booking with our flights. Flown to bali via air asia with our return tix reaching to rm900 per family (2 adults + an infant + on board f&b + luggage. not quite a good bargain i think) n our ground package was reaching rm600 per pax (includes hotel stay for 3nites, tour around bali n daily meals).

Btw, we stayed at grand wina holiday villa situated at kuta, the heart of bali. Personally, aku suke hotel tu. Only if there were more times, msti aku enjoy dok kt situ. Location wise, mmg best. Tp kitorg xdpt nk enjoy pon ke-strategic-an hotel tu sbb xde byk time. Walaupun nk berjalan ke beach tu mcm kne basah ketiak, lenguh kaki but i still think that its a good choice of hotel to stay. Plus point bile makanan kt hotel tu sume dijamin halal. Fuhhhh.. benci tau berjalan holiday tp kne berjaga2 part mkn. Mcm terhilang skit nikmat bercuti bile mcm tu. Tp kt grand wina holiday villa, order je ape2 on the menu. Insyallah bole makan tanpa was2. The hotel is quite old (bkn takat quite je. Mmg old pon. Build in 1989 if im not mistaken. That was the year i was born mannn!!!) Tp since bwk budak so dorg enjoy la berkeliaran kt hotel area tu. Kt hotel tu ade 2 swimming pool n in house spa (which unfortunately aku xsempat pgi. Huwarghhhh). Ade jgak patung2 area tu. Well, its bali kan. But its ok. Tempat org so its something new to be explored.

Since mase kitorg smpai tu dh lewat mlm sgt2 (dlm pkul1 am jgak smpai hotel) the staff there were very helpful n attentive. Supposed kitorg dpt katil double tp staff tu baik die cantum kan katil kitorg. Siap psg kan ubat nyamuk siap2. Cume kt hotel tu kurang plug point. Mayb sbb hotel lame. Dulu mane perlu sgt utk charge2 handphone kan. Toilet ke ape ke sume ok la. Xla 5star but acceptable to me. Breakfast were provided everyday. Tp aku dgn family kureng skit with the choice of foods. Mayb sbb the bali food. We dont quite like it. Tp secara keseluruhan, if u ask me, im satisfied with the hotel. Recommended.

Eh alaaa.. pjg plak cite psl hotel je. Sorry ye. Byk plak nk share. Ok moh kite smbung. Are u guys still with me? Ok, lets go!

So done with our accomondation. Skrg nk share psl package yg kitorg amik ni plak. Told u that the arrangement were made with pak dodi before touched down at bali. Tapi sepanjang kitorg kt sana, windu yg bwk kitorg kesana kemari. Jejaka bali muda yg ganteng, kuat dan murah dgn senyuman. Redha je die dgn request2 kitorg n especially bagasi2 kitorg yg kemain byk. Siap tolong jd penjaga stroller lg. Baguih naaa windu. So adakah aku recommend juga balimuslimtour ni? Yes. Why? Sbb dorg juga muslim, bwk kite mkn ke tpt2 yg halal2 belaka, negotiable (dorg follow je cemane2 pon yg kitorg nk. Walaupun kitorg jd mcm loqlaq jap skjp nk kesana skjp nk kesini pon windu ni tabah jgak follow) n hving windu as our tourguide was like travelling with a family member since he is very2 friendly. Tp bile dh smpai mesia, nyesal pon ye sbb xamik gambo windu. But i still remember his face. Hehehehe..

Well i guess this whole trip entry has to be devided to parts. Lps ni nk cite psl tempat2 yg kitorg pgi plak. Blom masuk tempat2 mkn or tips2 berguna lg. So im done with the basic part. Nnt sambung part lain plak ye.. stay tune..

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