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family trip - bali 2014 (part 2)

Another entry coming for today. Thanks to boss for having meeting outside so here i am continuing blogging about my holiday last june.

As mentioned in my previous entry, we went to bali and we hired to provide us with the full ground package. The package included our hotel stay, tour at bali n daily meals. Mase ngobrol2 sama pak dodi, die bagi kite few hotels to choose from. Lain hotel lain harga. Hotel pon ikut kite nk range mcmane. If let say kite ade specific hotel to request pon diorg xde hal. Diorg bole try arrange kan utk kite. Mase mule2 dpt quotation, kitorg mcm confuse2 nk pilih hotel. Aku dgn poya ni gatal jgak org nye. Sekejap kang nk holiday villa sekejap kang nak holiday inn express sekejap kang nak holiday itu la ini la. Pening agaknye kepala pak dodi tu melayan.

On the itinerary pon we got the chance to choose the place we wanted to go. So before kite confirm dgn itinerary yg diberikan, bole la google dulu puas2. Mcm kitorg avoid too many temples. Tempat2 yg kitorg pgi pon based on review2 yg kitorg baca kt internet. Cth; kitorg skip GWK (garuda wisnu kencana) sbb kitorg baca kt situ cume park yg luas dgn monumen2 dewa hindu. Since we had toddlers tagging along with us so nahhhh.. we just skip that. Awal2 aku dh bgtau pak dodi the place we wanted to go. So pak dodi senang die just susun2 je tempat tu according to the location, distance and etc. Ohhh btw, all entrance fees dah termasuk dlm harga package tu. So need not to worry, van smpai je ke destinasi kite bole lenggang2 kangkung, kangkung tepi telaga je. Kalo kne tggu pon tggu kjap je smentara windu buat tix arrangement or amik kain kuning or such utk masuk ke tempat2 tu.

Before jalan kite selfie dulu!!!

Tempat pertama yg kitorg lawati ialah baroeng dance. Tempat nye xla jauh. Masih di kuta. Did i enjoyed the show? Errrr.. buat2 enjoy. Sbb dh smpai bali kan. Its like a must do thing for the tourist. So me watching the dance is like me just being tourist je la. Show tu lame. Yawn la kjap tgk tu. Dh kt tgh2, tgk2 bumbung, tgk2 dinding, lps tu tgk show blk. Mcm tu je.

Lps baroeng dance, haaaa.. baru perngembaraan karun bermula. 1st half an hour tu mcm ok lek lagi tgk jln2 di bali ni. Ok2, something new. Dh smpai 45mins rase mcm ehhh apsal xsmpai2 lg ni. Tanye windu "are we there yet" die kate lagi sejam smpai. Or jauh lagi. Perghhhhhhhhhhh.. jawapan paling kejam skali rasenye.

So after baroeng kami menuju ke kintamani. Its right on top of the mountain (ke hill aku pon xsure) n no wonder la jauh nye nauzubillah. At kintamani, we had our lunch which to me n husband errrr.. we dont quite like it (fyi, husband n i favor non of the bali food. We repeat, non! Even its halal but non. Period) indeed kintamani offers awesome view n the weather is just chilly. Best. Tp personally, to be there just to eat not-enjoyful-food, i would say its enough for us to be there once. Not worth the time spent travelling all the way up. But im still glad we did. *if korg ade plan nk gi bali n read this crazy review abt the places, pls pls pls dont let this stop u. What i see frm my view may b different from u.

After lunch, we all headed down and on our way, we stops few times at other places of interest. Antara nya we stopped at;

i. Kopi luwak farm - quite ok to stop at aftr a long journey with the van. Lepak kopi2 even thou im not a fan of kopi was such a release with the whole group. At least dian enjoyed watching the luwak (musang), some chicken n other animals. I had crazy experience at this place which i'll share with u guys later. Something to be cautioned for.

ii. Visit to tirta empul - ohhhh i really enjoyed this. Supposedly i could not enter this "holy" temple since i had my p at that moment. But who cares right. Its not my mosque or i wanted to worship or pray anything in there. i just want to visit n enjoy the scenery. thats all (but seriously i do feel a bit of anxiety, afraid if maybe their gods can smell n tell the keeper to chase me out). But alhamdullillah they didnt even notice while i kept my finger crossed all the time. To me the temple is just beautiful (view wise). Its peace with the water element, the architectural were also quite cool. Oh btw, another reason why i love this place is because i got to tied a yellow kain around my hips. Feeling tourist much! (Obviously.. duhhh)

iii. Quick stop at kintamani tegalalang - where the infamous paddy terrace are. Unfortunately during the time we were there the paddy has just been harvested. So ape la sgt view yg kami nk hadap kan pon. So we just stopped by the road side, turun skit ke spot yg strategic utk amik gambo n chow.

iv. Jimbaran - final stop of the day. After a loooooong day travelling here n there, finally its the place yg aku n poya hegeh2 sgt nk pegi. Konon2 pengalaman dinner ditepi pantai jimbaran adalah plg spectacular. Tp..... nan hado!!! We missed the sunset n being there at the final stop of your journey was not a good idea. Penat sgt! Udoh ler di hidangkan dgn hidangan makanan laut yg errr.. errrr... ntah la. Xreti dh nk ckp. Mayb because its our 1st time n we were so tired to discover so we just accept la ape2 saje. Meja kami mmg di atas pantai but it was not the nearest to the waves. Udah la smpai nye dh gelap. Ombak menghempas pantai pon kami xnmpk. Cume dgr je. But i tell u, the wind were aweeeesomeeeee!!!! Mcm nk terbang badan aku rase. If only i get the chance to be at bali again, i dont mind another visit to jimbaran. Only next time aku nk dtg awal skit. Yg straight dr hotel or relax2. Xnak aku terkejar2. Pstu nk pilih makanan sedap skit. Western ke ape ke. Tp bkn ikan bakar, udang bakar, scallop bakar yg kering mering cume cicah sos ape tatau.

Time ni ade org dtg menyanyi dr meja ke meja. Dorg nyanyi lagu based on our request. Bole la kan buat goyang2 kepala. Time ni dorg request lagu ape tah. Lagu tegar kalo xsilap.

At last kitorg mintak windu stop kt kepsi sbb xpuas makan. Pgi kepsi pon aku xpuas ati sbb ayam kne makan dgn nasik. Kering nye masyallah. Fries pon xde. Smpai aku kne beli bergedil. Dh la kecik mahei!!!! Fuhhhh fuhhh.. bersabar. Sib baik cik puan dian medina mkn jgak ayam tu. Sedap katenye. Sian dian. Die lagi hantu mkn nasik bersup2.

Errrr.. utk tempat lawatan keesok kan hari nya mcm kne smbung next entry je. Smbung nnt la ye. Mcm malas plak nk smbung. Till then!!

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