Friday, February 1, 2013

wish list

holla!!!! lame gile xupdate blog.. maaf, sibuk dgn kerja. sibuk dgn life. alhamdulillah, sedang menikmatinya to the fullest skrg.

i actually ade gak teringat nk update blog. tp xde topik plak yg nk dikongsi. my obsession, si dian medina of cz.. she is my drug. itu la perasaan bile dh ade anak. feed IG pon gambar dian semata. still blom get over her.. kalo ade sesape yg pnah terfikir "asik post gambo anak je.." dan seterusnya menyampah, i dont need ur judgement to be happy n it dont affect me even a bit with what u think about me.

baiklah, entry kali ni i selitkan sedikit ttg my daughter's milestone. she will be 3months on next tuesday. skrg, die dh pandai roll over dgn sndiri *clap2*, dh xpakai mitten *n smlm baru je scratch her own face while sleeping*, dh pandai giggle mcm baby2 comel tu, dh pandai membebel n, she no longer fit in 3months old baju *sad*. some of the clothes i dh pon put aside. skrg i dnt really fancy buying her clothes anymore unless there's occasion so she need to look cute. apart from that, i just prefer buying her toys n her needs..

ckp psl buying things, im currently look forward utk beli these 2 things. so, bnde 2 ni ade dlm wishlist aku.. tunggu azam blk umrah baru bole pk nk beli.

stroller pad
since stroller dian skrg xber pad so i kesian dgn die. rasenye quinny zapp tu xla keras mane tp mcm xbest je tgk die xterasa empok.. ushar gak stroller pad yg murah2. mcm yg dari babylove pnye, tp smcm xlawa plak. bekenan jj cole tp rase cam utk baby2 sgt. dian dh makin besar so i dont think it will suit her.. last2 suke dgn maclaren pnye stroller pad. tgk features pon mcm bole ngam je dgn zapp.. tp harga die la plak skit mahal.. rm100 ++ for a stroller pad? need further negotiation dgn hubby.

paling murah jual kt tp design die xlawo. rm103. hurm.. nnt kite usulkan ke husband.

diono - stroller roller
discovered psl stroller roller ni smlm mase meeting (nmpk sgt xfocus pada meeting). its quite pricy but i think its useful utk pengguna quinny zapp xtra cam i.

im sure most mummy or excited-mummy-to-be tau yg quinny zapp xtra ni akan menjadi 2pcs bile dilipat. yes, i hate it too. it'll become a burden kalau kite nk maneuver bnde alah ni seorg diri especially dgn anak kecik lg montel. but as long as hubs or someone is by ur side, rasenye xsusah sgt. the frame, indeed is small. but the seat tu sedikit besar to me. since hubs is driving a 4x4, so i dont see having a big trunk at the back is a good thing utk kami humban kan stroller tu utk kemana2. sudahnye, kami terpaksa pinjam kereta spare family husband kalo nk keluar sbb xnk stroller tu melayang2 dlm trunk atau terpaksa diletak kt seat blkg n end up susah nk letak brg2 lain kalo kami nk bershopping skit. 

so back to the stroller roller by diono.. 

saw it at littlewhiz pricing at RM197.90. to me its practical. kalo nk simpan stroller kt rumah dlm ini pon senang so xde la stroller tu terseparate plus it can keep the stroller clean from dust. dgn stroller roller ni, baru la nampak sinar yg i dont need to buy another stroller kalo nk travel with airplane (tp, bilenye nk travel naik airplane pon) just in case. besides quinny zapp with or without xtra, this roller stroller can also fit peg-perrego, maclaren, n most of other umbrella folded stroller. senang kan?

so, itu la dua bende yg currently i sgt look forward utk beli.. kalau la i berjaya beli, i'll share it here, dont worry..

till then guys..

happy weekend!!!

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erin said...

i pakai quinny xapp xtra as well, n i beli jjcole stroller pad, smpai skrang pakai lg, my bb dah 9 mths, still ok with him.