Thursday, October 25, 2012

in case u wonder

First of all, i'd like to wish selamat hari raya aidiladha to all muslims around the world. Raya qurban this year is totally2 different to me. Its more meaningful n i just enjoy it so much!

In case u wonder, i am still here, breathing n alive. Dd has yet to pop out frm my belly n insyallah she's still in there safe n sound.

This is us in our 38th week. First time pgi check up without mr. Hubby. So we went to demc with mak. In case u wonder again, i am all normal. Alhamdulillah. Dd is 3.2kg the moment the doctor scanned her few days back. Me, gained few weights but i just couldnt careless anymore. My eating pattern mmg haywire n i eat wtv whenever i feel like eating.

Like every expecting mom, i wish that the day i wake up frm bed is the day i will give birth to my child. Nk msk tdo pun ada harapan which is to feel the pain of labour. Bile terjaga tgh mlm feeling nothing, of cz i'll feel a little dissapointed. Like me, i really hope if aidiladha this year can be celebrated with our new addition. But since Allah knows better so i just leave it to Him n continue hoping..

Btw, i've started my maternity leaves since monday. Overall, most days were filled with activities. It would b great if the baby can just pop out soon so that my leaves will b more worth it in fact i have nothing else to play with anymore. Hahaha.. I just wanna smell the little foot, the little fingers n yes.. I am so eager to see my little daughter ASAP.

Oh well, lets just wait n see. Im writing this through my phone on mlm raya which i can hardly close my eyes to sleep. Baby been moving quiet strong so i end up staying up n decided to write an entry.

Do pray for me to have a safe delivery. Again, selamat hari raya haji everybody!!

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