Friday, June 29, 2012

baby space

we wont have any special room for the baby. the baby will sleep with us. hopefully not on the same bed. spotted a space in our room to place all the related baby stuff ie. the playpen, the cupboard and to decorate it baby-like so that our baby will love it..

the arrangement will most likely be like the picture above. we'll probably just have that for the baby's area. there's a single sofa seat in out room. mungkin boleh dijadikan tempat duduk2. its not a wing chair but nvm. will buy more cute n huge cushion to make it look cozy. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

happy 6 months anniversary?

its 27th june and apehal tetibe anniversary plak ni? actually, i was late. unlike some couples who really concern on the calendar, azam n i biase nye akan "eh, hari ni 23hb, anniversary kite la!" *salam2, tepuk2 bahu n kiss each other's cheek n forehead*. thats it! no special2 celebration or what not because we think we've achieved more than just few months marriage, so nahhhh.. 

however, being 6 months married is awesome. i think i love my love life more n more everyday. yeah, we do quarrel on certain things but the fact that we'll end up sleeping next to each other is blessed! overall, im yet to be a perfect wife since im still no good in cooking. just done showing up my skill in cleaning but trust me, ever since day one of our marriage, i've never done the laundry. errrr.. thanks to both mak sbb ada kan saya bibik. hehehe..

but, i do believe n very positive that hubby see me as a perfect wife already. he never ask anything much. he never complain. in fact, he compliment me for all the things that i've done. *ok, ini syahdu n buat saya nak nangis*. i remember one time when we were having dinner in our room. he was eating rice cooked by bibik n i was eating special egg sandwich made by myself. i bagi die rase n die kate sedap sgt sampai die xnk mkn nasi dah. ok, thats really touched my heart. just an egg sandwich. and last time when we had BBQ with the persatuan, he even said that the best dish of the day was my potato salad. gulp. depan die, i buat muka bangga, but deep inside "knp kau sweet sgt ni suami oiii???!!!".

now that im pregnant, azam bertambah2 la manis semanis air gula yg diminum hari tu. die xkasi i sapu, die take the advantage of me watching the masterchef utk spray the whole room with ridsect, he even pick one of my baju kurung and ask bibik to iron it for me before die pgi kje subuh2 hari n time tu i still tgh tdo. huhu.. malu nye saya bile tgk2 bibik gosok kan baju. tp saya mcm nk faint bile to that extend suami nk senang kan saya *kesat air mata*

keseluruhannya saya tersentuh. he made me feel perfect just like this song. 

btol kate ustaz don, kebahagian n rezeki xsemestinya monetary. im enjoying the rezeki by allah now n hopefully, i'll not take it for granted. syukur..

of the playpen

aikk.. another entry? blame it on everyday on sale! die post kt fb kate mydear ade buat sale hujung bulan ni. it'll start on this 28th smpai 8th july. rase cam nk ambush. hurm..

terpandang playpen at 1 o'clock of the poster. i pnah tgk playpen mydear. not bad. kan i dh ckp, i xsuke yg fancy2 berkartun2. n mydear ade ciri2 tu.

xpuas hati, i bukak website die..

type ni, murah je! cume RM389 n ntah brape la harga nya kalau di warehouse sale. but unlike esprit, this type xtravel friendly.

yg ini, travel friendly n storage rack die lebih besar. but of course harganya lebih mahal. its RM469 online n juga ntah brapa la harganya kalau di warehouse sale.

saya tahu saya dh buat ramai jatuh cinta dgn esprit alu travel yg kacak tu. tp harganya sungguh mahal. susah plak tu nk carik. grrrr.. ade jgak anak aku pakai playpen lain ni!

*tgk gambo je lerrr*

Monday, June 25, 2012

fashion for preggers

holla semua!!! maaf, lama xbersiaran. blurr. tatau nk cerita ape. nk cerita psl BBQ activity yg dibuat bersama ahli kumpulan tapi i xde gambar. sedih. but yati ade coretkan di blog nye [here]. its wonderful! tp biasa la, ibu mengandung dh xbole sebebas mcm belum mengandung dulu. hubby kt sebelah tu dh mcm mak dara. xbole blk mlm2, xbole buat bnde berat2, haih.. byk btol pantang nye. tp nk mengeluh pun xjd sbb thats when we know that he love me n baby!

sementara si yati n pina dok la discuss pasal pembelian baju mereka di poplook, i begin to wonder. knp la i xde hati langsung nk pakai dress. i even ponder, knp la aku xde napsu pun kat baju2 poplook. but one of the reason for sure, because of the price. im a cheapskate remember? anythng expensive will not appear nice from my  view?

but honestly, being pregnant is not easy. seluar dh xbyk yg muat. pgi kje pun selamber pakai baju kurung yg sama ulang2. imagine if i've only 7baju kurung to wear to the office, 5 of em msti i akan pakai setiap minggu. see.. that bad. 

being me, im not the type who love to show off my tummy. its still too small walau pun ada. tatau la sampai bile berjaya sorok but seriously, i dont like to be seen as a pregnant lady. 

last saturday when we all went to fiena's place for barbecue, i totally jam tatau nk pakai baju ape. i am the fussy type. xsuke pakai cardigan, xsuke pakai wide neck, xsuke pakai lapis2, xsuke pakai dress. so, what should i wear? end up, i wore something that i bought from sis few months back. its bat wing n wide neck. bat wing xbole nk kate ape la. wide neck tu, i suh azam pin kan blkg supaya the neck can become smaller. hahaha.. sumpah kalo org tgk pin tersebut, mereka akan kate kampung sgt. xpe, cover gune tudung. =P

gambar, i curik dari yati. i yg paling kanan bersama pinggan. errr.. do i look pregnant? do i? ufff... hips saya besar dgn jayanya. 

ini pula pose paling anak dara saya (gambar tetap curi dr yati). huhu.. sangka kah anda pompuan berbaju cekelat itu sedang mengandung 5 bulan? 

ini mase group tri to penang. gamba i curik dari fb tatie. err.. masih nampak kurus, molek kan? *larikkkkkk*

difikir2, i langsung xbeli baju maternity. sbb rase mcm membazir. bukan nk pakai lame pun. xpe, carik je baju yg loose2, yg stretchable.. tp, i baru lepas beli seluar maternity AUTUMNZ di kedai sendiri. hehehe..

harga, murah saje. RM49 n it looks so comfy. will update more color soon. (can check it out [here] )

i have to say, i love this look by sienna miller. die nmpk steady kan? erghh.. mcmane la die mengawal pinggul nye supaya kekal molek mcm tu?

style hillary duff, alessandra ambrosio (two from left) ni pun nmpk sempoi. yeah, thanks to their flowy skirts that hide away their hips.

just check out jessica alba, she's gorgeous isnt she?

kalau prasan, nautical stripes sgt sesuai di pakai oleh preggers. i tot nautical will only help u to look broader. but i guess kalau pakai nautical, u wont really get to see the bumpy tummy.

pregnant claudia schiffer in her stripes

found this ads on google n nmpk cantik jgak.

tp ntah la, yg i tunjuk ni sume stok org bdn gepeng2. i ni gemok pendek. so mmg hardly lah nk nmpk setanding jessica alba. hahaha.. cant wait to wear the pants that i bought to see the outcome. kalo ok, tggl carik loose shirt n after that bole pakai lagi!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

the free kicks as at 5 months of being pregnant

- ini xde kaitan dgn EURO 2012 -

pejam celik, pejam celik my pregnancy dh pun smpai bulan yg ke 5. see how the time flies? consider myself as mommy-to-be with a cute belly, mmg xterasa langsung 5bulan tu. just entered my 20th week of pregnancy n alhamdulillah, everythng is smooth sailing. syukur.

honestly, im so excited to feel the kick. jenuh tunggu n tanye azam, ngape anak xtendang2 lagi ni? slama ni i rase jgak the baby's movement. mcm beriya die main lompat2 dlm perut tu smbil nyanyi lagu chan malichan ketipong payung. rase mcm die tgh buat worm dance pun ade. al-maklum saje, pregnancy pertama, mane la i tau mcmane rase kne tendang dari dlm perut sendiri. kalo kne tendang dari luar tu i tau la rase nye cane. 

but now, im positive, ape yg i rase ni adalah tendangan dari budak dlm perut ni. nak kate tendangan padu tu xla. rase die mcm degupan jantung time berdebar, tp kt perut.  tp die sekali dua je. bukan la laju mcm adrenalin. eh, susah la nk describe. kalo i type mcmane pun bunyinya bukan korg dpt tau pun kan. its a funny feeling. patut la ibu2 mengandung asik nk pegang perut, rupe2 mmg janggal rasa itu. erkkk.. mungkin i tgh menyesuaikan diri but yeah, its uncomfortable. 

through my observation, baby aktif bile smpai waktu mlm. siang rase jgak. its either die yg mmg lebih aktif mlm atau i yg leka siang smpai xrase sgt.

apart from this new progress, i still ok. cume cpt penat. alahan semua xde. mkn, as usual masih picky. tu pun xbole mkn byk sgt kalo xnnt bloated yg teramat sgt. kulit muka.. hurm.. much better dari dulu. smpai kadang2 rase cun plak. hahaha.. ade mase2, muke i naturally blush sendiri. well, masih awal nk ckp kan. tgk la nnt hujung2 pregnancy mcmane.

overall, i baru ade 2brg baby. a baby bib n a bottle from avent hasil support business sendiri. hehehe.. next month ade sale kan. i confirm akan pgi.

btw, m&b republic will sell stroller by quinny, maclaren n such.. agak2 ade yg nk beli x? =P

Monday, June 18, 2012

my 2nd baby :: mom & baby republic!!

happy monday semua!!!

today boss xmasuk office lagi. dh arranged kan die few appointments n skrg, mari tranform jadi boss utk diri sendiri.. 

so, lets get down to business! actually i mmg minat berniaga. dari masa study pun i dh start business online. mase tu business kencang wooo.. tp bile dh mkn gaji, bnde tu pun berlalu pergi. inspired by my surroundings, i then decided to approach some suppliers n alhamdulillah skrg dpt la jd official dealer secara kecil-kecilan utk beberapa product baby.

knp baby? sbb i am a mommy-to-be? hehe.. not exactly.. tahu kah anda bahawa anything that got to do with kids adalah menguntungkan? tp depend jgak la. insyallah dgn barangan yg berkualiti, harga yg berpatutan n service yang bagus, mungkin akan sampai ke tahap itu.

baikkkk... without further a do.. memperkenalkan business saya yg terbaru (ewah)

jemput tekan gambar utk direct ke fb page kami n jgn lupe like ye. fyi, m&b republic ni blom register lagi dgn SSM but insyallah i'll do that as soon as i got the time. teringin sgt nk bergiat serius n ada side source of income. be my own boss, ohhh.. heaven! dh lama sgt berangan. tp bile tetibe ternampak satu quote yg sgt inspiring, baru la nk make a move.

at this moment, kami (eceh, ayat kami xbole bla) menjual pelbagai barangan daripada jenama avent, autumnz, GUGU n byk lagi. i try utk dpt kan brg direct dr company tu sendiri to make sure the quality adalah yg asli but harga still affordable.

skrg most of the items masih lagi on pre-order basis. maklum la, masih baru. im still surveying the market n demand from consumers. so kire2 skrg ni masih lagi ditahap soft-opening la. antara barang2 yg jual adalah seperti berikut :

avent airflex PES bottle (twin pack)

swaddle pod by GUGU

bras from autumnz

Fisher Price rockers

and many more.. insyallah more items to come n kalau korg support i, bertambah2 lagi la semangat i.. mungkin ini juga sempena membuka dana utk membeli playpen esprit anak? hahaha.. we'll see. hopefully bile semua dh stable n if rezeki is on my side, bole i buat bnde ni full time n xcurik2 gune pc opis lagi. lagi best kalau dpt bukak kedai n ade staff sendiri (huiii... jauh nau berangan nye)

anyway, just to share the special quote that inspire to be at this far ,

"a goal without a plan is just a dream"

smpai beberapa tahap i mmg rase nk give up (dgn fb like yg mase tu cume baru ade 4-5likes). tp kenang blk quote tu, i semangat blk. so now, i slow2 kayuh blk. insyallah..

so, to m2b yg bace blog ni, sila la drop by to our fb page n kalau2 ade yg mencari sesuatu, sila2 la share dgn i mane tau i ade supply tp xmasuk kt fb page lagi. for a start ni, i plan nk bagi special offer. tp xdecide lagi ape. tunggu la nnt bile dh bole buat grand opening, i announce ape offer tu. tp yg pasti, followers n readers FRZM. INSIDE will get to enjoy a very special discount. jadi, bawak2 la mention FRZM.INSIDE kalau2 nk place order nnt ye?

do spread the love, guys.. =D

ps. perasan xayat i skema utk entry ni? ada mcm business woman x?

Friday, June 15, 2012

saturday blues

selamat hari sabtu.. its a blues for me sbb skrg i dkt office. seriously, nk runtuh tulang2 ni akbat.. errr.. saya tatau akibat ape. smlm meeting setengah hari. now i know, kalau exco meeting, bontot xkematu, mmg xsah. perhaps, thats the reason why knp tulang temulang ni sume sengal2.

friday was so-so saje semlm. sampai rumah from work about 9pm n pstu ajak azam carik dominos. bkn nak makan sgt pun tp mengenangkan laki yg sedang sakit perut xdi-isi dinner so i guess dominos it is. 

hari ni masuk opis lambat. dgn harapan, "kalau xpayah masuk office terus kan best". so sudahnya, now i am, at the office, alone, tired n boring.

this is my office. lame kan.. sgt! paper yg bertindan tu semua sepatutnya dikerja kan. but, nahhhhh.. xde mood utk itu. xkan pernah ade mood utk itu. di office, saya seorg. jarang2 sekali ditemani boss. tp kadang2 rase seronok lagi sorg dari beramai2.

errr.. ape message yg cuba disampaikan sebenarnye hari ni? entah.. eden pun tatau.. 


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

not so wordless wednesday

nope, my wednesday is not wordless. cuma ia adalah plain boring. sebenar nye i ade kerja penting yg harus disiapkan. tp, apalah daya kalau kerja2 tu hanya boleh disiapkan apabila mereka yang berkenaan sudah menghantar dokumen masing2. skrg i tatau ape nk buat. nk pura2 sibuk atau act biase seperti xde ape2.

xpela, mari saje i kongsi kan sedikit gambar yang menarik (tp resolusi gambarnye xmenarik) utk tatapan.

1st purchase for the baby!!!

am extremely overwhelmed with this.. its sooo cute!!! beli last weekend mase penang trip with the persatuan. seriously, kami mmg destinasi bajet mase tu. i dont even get anything for myself apa tah lagi azam. tp budak dlm perut ni dpt. tu pun selepas mak die muncung cover2 dgn bapak die kt rock shop hard rock hotel tu.

dinner durian by the road side

ye, kami mkn durian tepi jln je. dh lame sgt teringin. akhirnya azam layan kan jugak. 3biji rm10. xpuas tp bole la (kalo nk ikut puas tekak gua bg 10biji pun blom tentu puas). durian sedap2. xpayah nk musang king sgt. but alhamdulillah. dh pesan kat anak jgn mkn durian byk2. zat2 durian tinggal kan utk mak. awak amik zat yg mak mkn lain je. hehehe..

sekian saje nukilan hari rabu. sehingga berjumpa lagi. bye2..

Sunday, June 10, 2012

my 2nd check up story n yes, i dah minum air gula..

happy monday..

visited by boss this morning n his schedule for today is full until late. so itu maknanye, im free!!!! now i have lots of time to blog, blogwalking n do whatever research necessary for my little baby.

anyway, utk entry ni i nk cerita pasal my experience on my 2nd check up at the hospital i plan to give birth at (insyallah) and at klinik kerajaan for the very first time.

masih ingat betapa lah klinik ajwa telah menhampakan i n hubby bile bermacam2 alasan diberi utk memostponed appointment kami bersama "baby"? so we then made our appointment at DEMC n last week, on 7th June 2012 azam n i sgt excited nk bgn pagi untuk tgk progress anak kami. 

appointment was at 9.45am n we arrived there on time. sampai2 je amik berat n disuruh buat urine test. thanks to the nice environment, hati pun girang menjalankan procedure. xlama lepas semua dh siap, number kami keluar. oh yeah!!!

for the very first time, we met our gynae, dr. mazita. a very soft spoken lady yg bercakap quiet fast (according to azam) n she briefed us particularly about stuffs. untuk perception pertama, we think we love her. rase sgt calm n relax saje. from now on, she'll be one of the person i'll be very look forward to see. 

alhamdulillah, baby semua sihat n uri sume ditempat yg btol. according to the doctor, at this moment baby nampak mcm girl. hurmmm.. kami dh ready nk tukar mind set kami in case baby mmg girl. hohoho.. sebenarnye azam mengharapkan baby boy but he's fine with girl. risau xde back up la tu. but like the doctor's said, its still too early too tell. 

next month, bakal berjumpe doctor lagi on the 5th of july. based on previous scan, baby kami active. hohoho.. mcm xpercaya je yg ade bende gerak2 dlm perut. patut la kadang2 terase, rupe2 nye tgn2 die n kepala die active goyang2 n kuis2. good girl/boy.. dok main kat dlm diam2 ye.

hasil kutipan,

ubat tu standard la kan. tp bile 1st time dpt baby stuff, i mcm teruja. dlm mummy's tummy bag tu i dapat sample susu anmum dgn ape tah lagi satu n sample pack from pureen. yg pureen tu, plg excited sbb dpt pampers. hehehe.. nnt dh kne kumpul collection pampers plak.

hati seronok bebenor bile blk dr demc. about pkul 11 i dh smpai rumah. 

memandangkan ramai yg kate yg kite patut buat buku pink kt KK maka i pun ajak la mak i gi teman i gi KK kt area rumah tu. mujur la dekat. about lepas zohor kami ke sana.

keadaan seperti diduga, malah lebih teruk. org ramai i bole terima lagi memandangkan i pun mmg xkejar ape2 pun. tp environment nye yg bising sgt!!!! org sakit confirm bertambah sakit. serious i ade rase mcm nk test je kaki kt budak2 yg berlari2 sambil menjerit.

kepayahan nye, xperlu la nk dipanjangkan. mmg kite tau standard KK kne pgi dari satu tempat ke satu tempat semua sendiri. agak nye sampai satu masa kalo dh canggih sgt nnt, mungkin kite kne cucuk tgn sendiri utk amik darah sendiri. mungkin?

sementara menunggu turn utk amik bp

last procedure adalah utk check breast. i xsempat jumpe doctor hari tu sbb klinik dh nk tutup. bile ditanye tentang family history, of cz la i ngaku sbb my dad mmg ade diabetes n darah tinggi. skali tetibe nurse tu suh dtg blk esok utk jumpe doctor n minum air gula. gulp... baru first time pgi KK. dh kne minum air gula? mcm ni korg sambut aku ye?

but to take it from the bright side, i gi jgak minum. iskkk.. tabah kan. bgn pagi2 semata2 nk minum air gula. mule2 tu i xtakut. tp bile dh dpt air tu.. hurm.. kembung perut je la yg xbest nye. the rest i rase ok saje. i xtau la yg lain, but to me rasenye seperti cotton candy. but at least cotton candy bole kemam. but this one, kne telan terus. yucks.. 

mase hari minum air gula, 2kali kne amik darah. sakit gak la tgn. tp xla serik. hopefully lps kne minum air gula kt sini, xpayah dh minum air gula kat mane2. not even demc. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

bila mak buyong dh start berangan utk anak nya

*xpasti samada mak buyong berangan utk anak atau untuk dirinya sendiri*

its since this week yg i start haru google sana sini online shops yg jual playpen esprit. so its since this week jgak i tgk itu ini tentang furniture keperluan baby. we've (i je actually) specified a space in our room utk letak semua brg baby. his playpen, his little white cupboard, the sofa for me to breastfeed him (cececey) n many more. 

fine, u know what i want for the playpen. but the cupboard? xde idea lagi. anything yg tinggi n kurus i rase. space kami xbyk. but preferably, white.. even drawers pun will be good enough for me..

asked for hubby's permission to paint some part of the room but azam kate xpayah. just decor gune wall sticker je. i was like.. ehhh??? mcm xcantik je. but we'll see. 

apart from those baby stuff, hehehe... ini jgak termasuk dlm angan2 i. sila layan gambar dibawah..

for the baby..

the dream playpen


matching cupboard


ikea's wall lamp


matching rug


for the rest of our room

matching n calm color curtain


new LED tv on the wall. =P


mini bar supaya senang mak die ni nk letak susu

berangan mmg gampang. kalo ade semua atas, our room will be complete. its our home sweet home. mcm ni la kalo org xde rumah tp nk berangan. nasib baik xbole letak dapur, meja mkn sume. but insyallah, we'll work hard for all these.

anyway, i ingat nk buat projek tilam kekabu. nampak sgt empuk dan selesa. tp tatau la mampu or terdaya ke xuntuk i buat. was inspired by those at little diva boutique. nak beli xmampu. =P

owh.. alangkah indah nye rase kalo baby nyenyak tidur di hasil tgn mak nye sendiri. lagi2 bile ia dihias cantik didalam playpen. *berangan*

ok, thats all for today. btw, smlm i dh "nampak" movement baby. i duduk bersandar dikatil sambil berwhatsapp bersama teman2. lepas tu i letak phone atas perut n guess what, phone bergerak mengikut rentak heart beat baby. seriously it wasnt me n its not my pulse or whatever. but correct me if im wrong sbb i rase mane ade nadi kt perut? perut i masih naik turun mengikut pernafasan seperti biase. hubby saw it too n he started to put his ear on my belly. hahaha.. so sweettt.. cant wait for his first kick.

to visit the gynae tomorrow to check on this little kid. hopefully he's doing ok. mak n abah cant wait to see u hunn.. 

ps. insyallah will start my weekend tomorrow. i'll be on leave just for the check up n friday, kerja mcm xkerja n then, whooooosh... we're off to penang!!! *can already smell the summer breaze! yeah oh yeah!*

Saturday, June 2, 2012

window shopping :: esprit's playpen n strollers

just got back from one utama n i really need to blog this ASAP.

it was our first window shopping moment for our baby n tell u what, its super fun (bukan super spontan). i cant believe that hubby is very excited too sampai even tho die complaint kaki die lenguh, tp bile nmpk stroller section die terus menonong ke arah stroller2 itu.

its started with a mission. mission nye, nk carik real life playpen by esprit. yes, kami berdua dh sgt berminat dgn Esprit Alu Travel playpen. i dh lame minat tp baru saje menarik minat azam dgn menonton ini.

setelah menonton video, kami dapati playpen ini sgt practical. lengkap dgn changing mat, mattress, tpt letak brg2 keperluan baby n of cz, teddy bear pusing sambil ada lagu utk kasi baby leka sampai tidur. besides semua tu, alu travel cot ni jugak senang nk dialih2 n dibawa kemana2. sesuai dgn name die. agak2 dh xnk gune, lipat je kecik2 n boleh la dilempor kan je dlm store. xpakai space byk pun.

comes in two colors only, the price is ranging from RM699-RM800. pengsan? not really.. i n hubby akan bergabung tenaga demi ini. chaiyok!

alu travel in navy

alu travel in brown

owh, btw.. hubby n i kalo bole xnak gune baby cot kayu sbb rase mcm xselamat. lepas tu ia juga xspace friendly bile dh xnk gune. buat kumpul habuk bawah die je. n atas sebab mengada2, i xbrape nk minat dgn playpen berwarna warni n berkatun2 (mcm la i yg tidur dlm tu nnt. but its going to be in my room so it must match!)

despite pencarian playpen esprit ni, i pun ajak jgak azam jln2 tgk stroller. n u know what, kalo bole stroller pun i nk esprit jgak. i ni xmemilih sgt. but as long as its nice, can be folded easily n can be use in long term but of cz cheap, i suke.. hehehe.. tp dlm pada xmemilih tu, ade hati nk pakai serba serbi esprit. mujur stroller nye xbrape mahal.. the cheapest is esprit sun 11 n it can be use dari new born sampai anak berat 15kg..



price? it can be as cheap as RM399! err.. xla murah sgt but xla mahal pun kan.. dekat bargain corner mom's care ade jual stroller ni skali dgn attachable car seat for infant.. harganya about RM7++. not bad actually..

sebelum smpai ke bargain corner mom's care, azam n i dh singgah isetan dulu. so sesampai nye kat isetan, kitorg mintak la adik tu demo cane nk lipat esprit sun 11 ni. owh.. mudah je rupenye. tp bile dah lipat die xauto lock so mcm kureng plak kat situ. cisssss..

apart from sun 11, other esprit's strollers available in malaysia adalah jet, vegas n viper. semua ni travel friendly n i dh berangan dh tunggu flight kt airport krabi bersama2 dgn stroller ini.. *pangg*

esprit jet

esprit vegas
(also comes in set)
from RM7++

esprit viper
(mahap, xjumpe harga)

setelah esprit sun dikantoikan oleh brader isetan yg xdpt nk lock stroller tu, azam pun jd cam xberkenan dgn stroller2 esprit. die kate kain nye terlalu nipis. pulok dohhhhh.. i dh ckp, die ade je jual stroller padding yg cantik bergaya. tp azam suh carik lagi yg lain. owhhh.. rupe2nye die minat yg tayar tiga. katenye tayar esprit sun tu kalo masuk lobang die xkonfiden. huk alohhhh.. kat airport mane ade lobang merbahaya (knp airport lg?). he prefer esprit vegas yg rupenye lebih bergaya. die blom tgk lg viper n kalo die tgk, msti die suke jgak.

but the thing is now, mereka berdua tu (vegas n viper) mahal bebenor.. udah ler playpen dh mahal. kalo bole xnk la smpai ribu riban sgt. we continued our journey by going to other shops that sell strollers. n owh, susah nk jumpe kedai yg jual playpen n most playpen that they have are from graco. tp kt OU td, kami missed jusco n toys r us. xlarat dh nk menapak kesana.

dlm pada kami plan xnk beli lagi stroller until the baby is born, i tetap nk convince azam utk beli stroller esprit jgak sbb.. nk matching kan dgn playpen. hehehe.. mau kne hangguk aku ni kalo bagi alasan semata2 tu. but honestly, i mmg suke stroller kurus. xcaya tanye linda (eh, linda plak terbabit). to me kalo stroller kurus, nmpk mcm simple je. xla mak datin sgt. sesuai dgn i (eh, tetibe). i pun xkuasa nk angkut stroller gabak2 ni. pedulik la.. quinny xquinny (ckp besor. cer bagi quinny free sebijik. kompom tolak sambil senyum).

rasenye mcm dh berkenan sgt la dgn (harga) esprit sun tu.. kalo stakat masalah lock, alaaa.. small matter je kut. bile lipat pun kcik n stakat kereta azam, humban je. sikit pun space xluak. kalo kereta kembara warisan zaman berzaman tu mungkin la luak skit. but what do u expect kan?

ok, cukup la dgn angan2 stroller di malam hari. pendek kate, we had alot of fun looking out stuff for our baby. walaupun xbeli ape2 lagi but its so much fun. n guess what, im so touched bile tgk azam berpuluh kali mengggodek ini..

hubby was super excited bile masuk area quiksilver kids. die punye teruja belek surf shorts smpai berkali2 die pegang n letak, pegang n letak. berangan pakai sedondon dgn anak lelaki la tu. well, berdoa je la anak dlm perut ni laki. kalo pompuan, simpan je hasrat tu..

but i guess, this is one of the best part about being married. moment watching ur husband being all overwhelmed mencari2 brg untuk anak sendiri adalah priceless. ngeeee.. 

well i guess.. itu saje utk mlm ini. begitu la keterujaan kami as first-time-parent-to-be smpai terus blog about this xbrape lame lepas berjalan. seriously, one day i'll be smiling teringat kan perkara ni. perhaps it'll be a bedtime story for our kid(s). 

do enjoy ur sunday too guys.. daaaa..